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Samuel Richardson's (1689 - 1761) literary eminence rests on his first two novels Pamela (1740) and Clarissa (1748) that

Facts about Hans Holbein's 'The Ambassadors'

Long before wearing 3D glasses or looking for Easter eggs became popular, Renaissance painters figured out to get their

Dan Brown: A craftsman of masterful thrillers

When I first read the amazing novel The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown a few years ago, I

Things you might not know about 'Whistler's Mother'

It was painted on a whim: In 1871, the Massachusetts-born painter had received a commission from a Member of

Jacob Polley: 'I'm a fool as a writer - you have to take risks'

Jackself and Jeremy Wren are setting / nightlines in the kidney-coloured pool.' From the first line of what would

Haruki Murakami: 'I'm an outcast of the Japanese literary world'

"Strange things happen in this world," Haruki Murakami says. "You don't know why, but they happen." It could be

Jon Fosse: 'The idea of writing another play doesn't give me pleasure'

Jon Fosse meets me in the foyer of my Oslo hotel. He takes me by the elbow over to

Facts about 'Portraits of the Duke and Duchess of Urbino'

Painted between 1465 and 1472, Portraits of the Duke and Duchess of Urbino is both one of Piero della

How Orhan Pamuk's postmodern fictions fall short

In one way or another, the fiction of Orhan Pamuk is usually referred to as postmodern. A 2006 New

Facts about Vincent Van Gogh's 'Café Terrace at Night'

This famous painting also known as 'The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum', is an oil painting executed

Self-annihilation: Ultimate halt of dismayed poets

This article highlights two highly celebrated poets of Russia-Vladimir Mayakovsky and Sergei Yesenin. The suicidal propensity of these poets

A valentine card: May Morris sent to George Bernard Shaw

On 14 February 1886, George Bernard Shaw wrote in his diary: "Got a handsome Valentine." The hand-painted card he

Things you should know about Henri Rousseau's 'Tiger In A Tropical Storm'

Looking at the vibrant and surreal Tiger in a Tropical Storm, it's easy to get lost in its visual

Alexey Karenin or Count Vronsky?

In the immortal masterpiece Anna Karenina (1888) by Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910), the central protagonist Anna Karenina forced herself to

The sigh of a hapless soul

Two hours have passed since I got out of the brothel. I am now having a puff of the

Flash fiction individualized

Lydia Davis, an American author, principally known for her striking and rather exceptional short stories in terms of their

When it's too late to stop fascism: Stefan Zweig

The Austrian émigré writer Stefan Zweig composed the first draft of his memoir, "The World of Yesterday," in a

Angel Clair or Alec D'Urbervilles?

Tess of the D'Urbervilles (1891) is one of the masterpieces by Thomas Hardy (1840 - 1928) in the history

Things you might not know about ‘The Blue Boy’

The Blue Boy has been using his defiant stare and unique fashion sense to transfix viewers for centuries. But

That sad young man

All was quiet on the Riviera, and then the Fitzgeralds arrived, Scott and Zelda and Scotty. The summer season

Monumental facts about the Abraham Lincoln (1920 statue)

Seated proudly at the west end of Washington, D.C.'s National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial is one of the most

Chillingworth or Dimmesdale?

The Scarlet Letter (1850) by Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864) is one of the remarkable novels in the history of American

Arundhati Roy & Noam Chomsky

Arundhati Roy conquered the hearts of millions of readers with her outstanding literary creations particularly her masterpiece The God

What caused the tragedy for Thomas Sutpen: Racism or Libido?

Absalom, Absalom (1936) is one of the greatest masterpieces of William Faulkner (1897-1962), one of the Nobel-Laureate (1949) novelists

A dulating their satirical art

This article evaluates the satirical excellence found in the works of the Spanish novelist Miguel De Cervantes and English

Literature addressing ecological countenance

Natural environment and climatic issues have been highlighted by a large number of authors, poets and playwrights belonging to