Monday, September 21, 2015



There are many striking parallels between the "Arab Spring" that began in 2010 and the United Kingdom's Brexit referendum,

How can we lead a good life

It is innate human nature to have an intention to lead a good or peaceful life together with other

The case for waste water recycling

United Nations World Water Development Report 2017 says, Bangladesh is among the countries with the lowest level of wastewater

Human rights are nothing abstract

Across the world, American diplomats champion, and sometimes fund, nongovernment organizations that fight for human rights, often in authoritarian

Independence Day pledges

The nation celebrates the 47th Independence Day today amid festivities and a renewed pledge to achieve the ideals and

Independence Day-A day of introspection

March 26 is a Red Letter Day in the blood stained history of Bangladesh. On this memorable 26 March,

Promote interactive notebook for students

Bangladesh Book Publishers and Sellers Associa-tion are in movement to press the government to accept their demand for legalizing

China's signal for deepening ties with West Asia

By hosting the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Israel, the two heavyweights in West Asia that do not have

Combating the common enemy

Unless the issue of growing terror by Islamists is addressed jointly by India and Bangladesh in a professional and

Genocide in Bangladesh, 1971

The mass killings in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) in 1971 vie with the annihilation of the Soviet POWs, the

The Genocide Day

The nation observes Genocide Day today for the first time to recall the unprecedented military action on unarmed civilians

Despicable act of terror jolts London

After a long pause of twelve years since the 7/7 transit bombings of 2005 - London has once again

Significance of the month of March in our History

The month of March is endowed with significant efforts in our history. This month carries the historical birth of

Nationalists and globalists

The Dutch election was the first bright spot in a while for people in Europe and the United States

Cry for justice in some high profile cases

Considerable stepped up judicial activism on the whole and some proactive moves on the part of the High Court

Unreliable claims unhelpful to Trump's credibility

The first open hearing into the alleged links between the campaign of Donald Trump and unnamed parties associated with

On 23 March 1971, Bangladesh flags fluttered everywhere

President Yahya Khan, accompanied by a powerful team of generals, economists and lawyers, arrived in Dhaka on 15 March

The avoidable landslide deaths in hills

Loss of lives and properties caused due to landslide and hill-collapse is not a new phenomenon in Bangladesh, and

Meltdown of England's national identity

Scotland can, should and hopefully will leave the United Kingdom. The question for non-Scottish Brits now is, if they

Independent agencies under Trump's whim

Shortly after Inauguration Day, the Trump camp indicated it had no immediate plan to fire Richard Cordray, the Obama-appointed

From water consumers to water conservers

Somewhere in a mountain village in the Himalaya, a woman folds a taro leaf into a cone, fills it

Ensuring cyber security of the banks

Last Wednesday, a group of tech-savvy radicals have hacked the official homepage of the country's largest state-owned public bank

Why some drug prices should be high

US President Donald Trump recently told the US Congress that Americans must "work to bring down the artificially high

Dealing with cholera epidemic in Haiti

Today's lesson in evading moral responsibility comes to us from the United Nations. The organization says it is terribly

The revolution in work calls for an evolution in living

Poverty blights the lives of billions of people throughout the world: in developing countries, where it is acute, and

Democracy in Turkey

I have read an article titled "Democracy's disintegration in Turkey" published in your esteemed newspaper on 22 February last.