Monday, September 21, 2015



Sher-e-Bangla Abul Kashem Fazlul Huq died on this day, 27 April, in 1962. Fifty five years after his passing,

Learning to enjoy eating

As you read this I'm probably tucking into my third chocolate bunny, with a side of hot cross bun.

16 years of war has not stabilized Afghanistan

The attack on a military base in Afghanistan on 21 April by Taliban fighters speaks volumes about the state

UN boss shakes world body's ME stance

Right now, there are 6,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. Of those, 500 are on rolling administrative orders. For

Promoting tourism in Bangladesh

The World Economic Forum has carried out an in-depth analysis of the Travel and Tourism competitiveness of 136 economies

Making Internet services more affordable

The Internet Service Providers Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB) have urged the government to withdraw existing 22.16% Value Added Tax

Asia's American menace

US President Donald Trump's approach to foreign policy - based on tactics and transactions, rather than strategic vision -

Shall French voters back strong EU

The French follow their hearts in the first round, and their heads in the run-off - or so goes

Bangladesh and its elusive education

Education never measures humans according to social class systems but by lack of opportunities. A large number of people

Remembering a friend

Xulhaz Mannan worked at the US Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh for nearly a decade.  He was killed on April

Dangers of groundwater over exploitation

Experts have revealed at a seminar-- sometime ago-- that underground water level in 192 upazilas of 41 districts, comprising

US turns focus on Iran

The Trump administration has amplified its condemnation of Iran's malevolent activities in the Arab world. US President Donald Trump

Rana Plaza tragedy: Vulnerability assessment of the victim children

April 24, 2013, a black day in the history of Bangladesh, to be specific, in the history of the

Embracing conflict in workplace

Conflict means disagreement that is rampant in our familial, social, professional and citizen life. Conflict exists in any situation

Help Haor farmers recover from flood losses

Torrential rains swelling river flows at upstream and causing flash floods have suddenly played havoc with the Haor regions. 

UAE continues to be top FDI destination

A new report shows that the UAE's efforts to diversify its economy are being recognized on a global level.

Nimtoli, Tazreen, Rana Plaza tragedy and so on

A recent Interna-tional Labour Organization  (ILO) report estimated that over the 2.3 million fatalities that take place annually, over

UK's most important poll is France's

Britain's political class has a long and damaging record of not taking politics in continental Europe seriously. A collective

Banking sector needs govt's urgent attention

The macroeconomic stability of the country is still holding, no doubt. But for how long is the gnawing question

French elections: At the crossroads

French voters have defied predictions time and again. In 1995, Jacques Chirac, a Gaullist conservative who had been trailing

Lenin necessary for understanding today's politics

The 16th day of April is famous for various events in world history. Of many important events some are:

Too close to call

Voters go to the polls on Sunday in the first phase of what is termed as the most consequential

The Teesta accord must not be on hold

The Indian Central Minister for Water Resources stated recently   that her government was determined not to allow water to

Indian SC revives an old case

A nearly moribund prosecution has been given a new lease of life by the Indian  Supreme Court. By ordering

Why Islamic parties are earning importance

Recently Islamist parties are becoming very important to the government. This phenomenon has come up following a meeting between

The coming crisis with Iran

President Trump has flip-flopped many times during his first months in office. But none may be as consequential as