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Francis Spufford (born: 1964) is an English author. He is the author of five highly-praised books of non-fiction, the

Sreekail College: An abode of academic heritage

My visit to Sreekail College was not a planned trip. I was preparing to visit one of my closest

Narcopolis is a love letter to Bombay: Jeet Thayil

Jeet Thayil is an Indian poet,  novelist, librettist and musician. He is best known as a poet and is

History of rollerblades

Believe it or not, the idea for roller blades came before roller skates. In-line skates were created in the

A great contributor to the Bengali literature

Ramendra Sundar Trivedi (1864-1919) was a renowned Bengali author. In professional life, he was a teacher and later, the

The first woman honors graduate in British India

Kamini Roy was a leading Bengali poet, social worker and feminist in British India. She was the first woman

Who is Agapito Flores?

The Agapito Flores controversy continues - Agapito Flores has been acclaimed by some as being the inventor of the

Tragic ending of a legend

Chester Charles Bennington was an American singer and songwriter best known as the frontman for the rock band 'Linkin

Dread in the city: The zero sum

The day those terrorists spilled blood in the name of religion, everyone that incident, the whole city went outraged,

A pioneer of Bengali printing industry

Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury was a famous Bengali writer, violin player and composer, technologist, entrepreneur and a pioneer of Bengali

Peacock Throne of India

The Peacock Throne was a wonder to behold - a gilded platform, canopied in silk and encrusted in precious

An interview with Dubravka Ugresic

Dubravka Ugresic is the 2016 winner of "America's Nobel," the Neustadt International Prize for Literature. Born and raised in

Second female director to win at Cannes film festival

Sofia Coppola is an American screenwriter, director, producer and actress. She is the daughter of director, producer and

A star in early modern Bengali literature

Dwijendralal Ray also known as D. L. Ray was a Bengali poet, playwright, and musician. He was known

Two virgin sea beaches in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is blessed with many sea beaches including the longest sea beach in the world. The sandy sea beach

Ramadan then and now

Every year with the advent of Ramadan, the country wears a festive look and I look back to the

A poet's ideas on Female Power

Dr Kajal Bandyopadhyay, Professor of English, University of Dhaka, is at the same time a poet and prose-writer.

The first biophysicist proved plants have life

Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose popularly called as J.C. Bose was an Indian physicist, biologist, botanist, archaeologist, and also author

The invention of Chess

Picture a chess grand master in your mind.  Was your mental image of a skinny guy or girl in

Ruben Östlund: Director of the newly-crowned Palme D'Or winner, 'The Square'

Ruben Östlund is a Swedish film director. His films Force Majeure (2014) and The Square (2017) won honors

A grand poet of English Romantic era

Keats was born in London in 1795. His father was the stable keeper for John Jennings, a fairly prosperous

Media today: Not communicating reality but propagating ideology

Romila Thapar is an Indian historian whose principal area of study is ancient India. She is the author of

Mahanaikya: Roma to Suchitra Sen

My mother, Rokeya Begum was in her early teens and studying in a high school in the mid-50s. She

The first translator of the Quran into Bangla

Girish Chandra Sen (1835-1910) was a Bengali religious scholar and translator. He was a Brahmo Samaj missionary and known

A brief history of Wristwatch

Europeans were starting to wear bracelets with clocks on them. Time had migrated to the human wrist, and the

n conversation with Jim Crace

Jim Crace is an award-winning English writer. His novels include 'Quarantine', which was judged Whitbread Novel of 1998,

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