Monday, September 21, 2015

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Darkness had descended. It was the end of a phase and the beginning of another. The terse, grim words

Bangladesh: Profile of a nation state

Bangladesh was born out of a war for freedom , democracy, social justice  and  self reliance,  what Andre Malraux

1971 rapes: Bangladesh cannot hide history

The post- Liberation War generation of Bangladesh know stories from 1971 all too well. Our families are framed and

Passion for the ’72 constitution

As month March appears every year, the happenings of '71 and aftermath come in our mind. It seems that

The less known history of 1971

Across South Asia, memories of 1971 remain vivid, though what happened has not received sufficient attention in the West.

1971 war: Witness to history

A visit to Dhaka can be an overwhelming experience - not just because of the traffic, pollution, congestion or

The birth of a nation

A nation takes birth in the collective human psyche which is the realm of consciousness and feelings, a deeper

See, I don't have any money…

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!Sounds of cannon shots. I thought the war was over. But what was going on outside? I

The spirit of the war for liberation of Bangladesh

A people's life dispossessed, plundered and brutalized by the neo-colonial state of Pakistan rekindled the spirit of liberation among

Bangabandhu and our liberation war

Under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the six point program launched by Bangabandhu in 1966 crystallized the

Declaration of Independence: Settling the dispute

The history of our Liberation War has undergone huge distortion at the hands of vested quarters and political governments.

Memories of 1971, of a war

Soon after the historic election of December 7, 1970, I along with three of my classmates from Rajshahi Cadet

The people at the epicenter of our struggle for independence

The celebration of this year's independence day as acuired special significance for two milestone events. One, the publication Bangabandhu's

Genocide Day: As it was in March 1971

The adoption of a resolution by parliament on the observance of 25 March as Genocide Day raises the very

Genocide Day: History speaks for itself

Rabindranath Tagore in one of his essays on 'Bharatbarsher Itihas' ( 'The History of India') asked a very pertinent

Genocide and response

Bangladesh Liberation War had the unique perspective of a long and consistent struggle for political, economic, cultural and other

What actually happened on 25th March, 1971?

We're pretty sure every one of us knows that tomorrow, March 26, is our Independence Day. Yet 25th March

Genocide Day - and what now must be done

As a foreigner living and working in Bangladesh for many years, I was honoured when I was invited to

Let us observe Genocide Day…

Bangladesh's parliamentarians and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina deserve our salute and support for declaring 25th March as Genocide Day

The 1971 East Pakistan Genocide: A realist perspective

The genocide in East Pakistan was perhaps among the few that did not come as a surprise, not least

Philosophical trait of Bangabandhu

Everybody is sent to this world with a mission. Bangabandhu was sent to give us a free nation. The

Bangabandhu was a natural...

Sometime in the later part of the 1950s, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, then a young, rising politician, threw a

Unfinished autobiography of a statesman

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the first ruler of Bangladesh, lived an event-filled life, not to speak of creating quite a

Sheikh Mujib's quality of leadership

Given the love that Bangabandhu had for the people of Bangladesh and they for him, it can be said

Recollecting Bangabandhu's aesthetic thinking

There came an ominous phase in our national life when we were facing a crisis of existence. To obviate

Bangabandhu: A poet of politics

We recall with highest regards the stormy days of our life in the month of March, 1971. And 7