Monday, September 21, 2015

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It is May Day today. It is a celebration of those who possess the earth and yet are not

How May Day became a holiday for workers

Celebrations on May 1 have long had two, seemingly contradictory meanings. On one hand, May Day is known for

The red flower of May

Every year May makes its recurrence with a red flower, which bloomed out of the blood of repressed working

The significance of May Day

On May 1, 1886, approximately 35,000 workers walked off their jobs, demanding the standardization of eight-hour workdays. Many labor

May Day in our present context

The First May is marked as the May Day across the world. It is recognized as "The International Labor

Labor Day: A celebration of workers

Even as the nation takes this long weekend to celebrate the American workforce, the rights and bargaining power of

The real promise of May Day!

A couple of years have passed since the fateful day in April 2013 when the world had witnessed one

Is it the final apocalypse for human race?

The ongoing geopolitical circumstances across the world are generating echoes of the Third World War. The idea of Third

Welcome Baishakh

Baishakh is the first month of the Bangla New Year which was initiated by Emperor Akbar to facilitate collection

The splendour that is Baishakh

This morning, on Pahela Baishakh, we celebrate our heritage. By doing so, we celebrate ourselves. In Baishakh, it is

Mangal Shobhajatra now part of global cultural legacy

The pride of Bangladeshi culture has been bolstered after Lalon and Jamdani, in the form of Mangal Shobhajatra, the

Pahela Baishakh

Nababarsha, the first day of the Bangla Shaal, is a momentous occasion in the life of each and every

Ode to Baishakh

My sojourn began at Ramna Park, where along with the sea of faces and to the tune of esho

Reviving our patriotic values on Pahela Baishakh

Pahela Baishakh, the first day of Bengali New Year has been a special attraction for me since my boyhood.

'Naba Barsho' celebrations

The Bengali New Year celebration is popularly known as Poila Baisakh (Bengali poila = first, Baisakh = the first

Pohela Baishakh: The nucleus of Bangalee cultural consciousness

Pahela Baishakh (1stBaishakh) is a red letter day in the national cultural history of Bangladesh. The day that opens

Forbidden openings

 "Son of a pig!" Kanto Kundu bellows."Yessir," replies Brindaban-Brinda-Benda, absent-minded."Sisterfucker!" Kanto Kundu bellows again, harsher this time."Yes, sir, what

Boi-Sa-Bi: A festival of spirit and harmony

When I mention the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), the first thing your mind might turn to are the steep

Bangla New Year

Pohela Baishakh is one of the most joyous occasions for the Bangladeshi people. This is one of those rare

The great Bengali culture with secular spirit

Pahela Baishakh is the symbol of unification for the Bengali population. It is the common thread by means of

Bangladesh: Profile of a nation state

Bangladesh was born out of a war for freedom , democracy, social justice  and  self reliance,  what Andre Malraux

1971 rapes: Bangladesh cannot hide history

The post- Liberation War generation of Bangladesh know stories from 1971 all too well. Our families are framed and

Passion for the ’72 constitution

As month March appears every year, the happenings of '71 and aftermath come in our mind. It seems that

The less known history of 1971

Across South Asia, memories of 1971 remain vivid, though what happened has not received sufficient attention in the West.

1971 war: Witness to history

A visit to Dhaka can be an overwhelming experience - not just because of the traffic, pollution, congestion or

The birth of a nation

A nation takes birth in the collective human psyche which is the realm of consciousness and feelings, a deeper

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