Monday, September 21, 2015

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Red and pink clash: Somewhere along the way, these two shades got a bad reputation, but when paired purposefully,

Essential tips for doing your own prom makeup

We get it-prom preparations are not cheap. But DIY prom makeup can totally help cut costs. After buying your

Style rules that muscular men should follow

Most men are not built like Tom Hardy. But clothing brands design their clothes to fit most men. Ergo,

Popular summer style

The romance of spring is about to over. Summer is going to handcuff you with its wrathful heat. Even

Smart tips to improve your summer fashion

In addition to rising temperatures and weekend trips, summer brings with it a hard-to-shake urge to shop. Maybe it's

Things no one ever tells you about mascara

If we had to pick one item in our makeup bag that we couldn't live without, it would definitely

Guide to gorgeous spring-hair

Have you been walking around tempted to pull out your static electricity hair before it drives you nuts? The

Men's sunglasses for your face shape

No matter if you're taking a walk on the beach, in the park or if you're on your way

Be an interesting person

Are You an Interesting Person? In our culture today much emphasis is placed on looks, sex appeal and being

Tips to find perfect gift for your loved one

First and generally speaking girls like anything pretty, all manner of spoiling face creams (watch out for antiwrinkle, it

Change up your skin care routine for spring

As winter gets further and further in our rear view mirror, it becomes necessary to go through a bit

How to be a better friend: 10 simple ways

Are you doing everything you can to prevent friendships from growing apart or are you the one responsible? Here's

7 secrets to stylishly stand out

Dress according to your message:  It's always good before choosing what to wear for the day to think "What

Skin care with new products

You wouldn't willingly smear (and spend the money on) a mask that causes you to break out in hives

How important is honesty in a relationship?

To deepen the love bond with your partner and stay more connected to each other you need to be

Spring style fashion tips for men

This is a bit of an odd one to write from a lady (dare I call myself that? Answers

Be the color of Spring!

If there's a beauty contest between all the seasons, which one's going to win? If a poet is made

Qualities to find Mr. Right

Knowing what to look for in a man can be difficult, especially if your past relationships are confusing you

Spring fashion do’s and don'ts

As the old saying goes, "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb." And this

How to create eyeliner styles

Experimenting with various eyeliner styles gives women plenty of options when it comes to playing with makeup. You can

Ways to enjoy life and let love find you

Love is the best thing in the world. It makes literally everything better. Food tastes better, the sun shines

Requisite for fashion & feel fit

Historians and expertise have described belt as 'A strip of leather or other material worn, typically round the waist,

Common relationship issues

Relationship difficulties aren't something uncommon. They are faced by each one of us at some point in life and

How to stay beautiful when makeup is melting

In summer, we want to wear makeup and achieve great coverage-without our faces resembling an ice cream sundae! Here's

Three steps to build individual style

Every man is unique, and every man has his own individual style. I say this to every one

Easy ways to surprise your girlfriend

You may love your girl from the core of your heart and in the most sincere way possible but