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Women’s Eid trend 2017

Eid brings new trend and fashion every year. Fashion and trends start

Men’s Eid Fashion 2017

Eid is the celebration to welcome new trend and fashion every year. In this festive season

'I find my pleasure through an all-embracing Eid'

Bonna Mirza is a popular and well known actress of Bangladesh. She has given her brilliant performance in theater,

'I enjoy every chand raat of Eid-ul-Fitr'

Sharmin Lucky is a very popular television presenter and model of Bangladesh. She is well known to all for

'Salami is a special attraction of Eid'

To say something about song, it can be said that song can bring peace into mind easily. It is

Beautiful Mehndi designs to celebrate Chand Raat

Chand Raat is celebrated before one night of blissful holy Eid festival. This is more joyful & delightful because

Greatest gifts for your beloved one

We often think of gifts as material goods, and we often demonstrate our love for those who are close

‘Eid is more enjoyable when I'm among the people’

Neerob Khan is known all over Bangladesh as the famous radio presenter. His most popular FM radio program was

‘I am still missing those Eid days’

Hridoy Khan, the youngest singer and composer of Bangladesh at present. His popularity is beyond question. It doesn't require

How you are beautiful in saree

Saree is one dress which is loved by all women and we literally mean that. But there are a

Tips to get rid of mosquito rumble

Chikungunya is now known to all as the dark fear and worry. Records are saying that in 1952 it

5 ways to keep your hair healthy and shiny

Hair is a part of your beauty and taking care is in your hands. Take a

Model Melanie Gaydos is breaking all fashion stereotypes

Very few have the courage to challenge societal norms and model Melanie

'Childhood Eid days are unforgettable'

Holy Ramadan is going on and day by day happy Eid is approaching. People are busy to celebrate it

'Chand Raat was special for us'

Holy Ramadan is going on and day by day happy Eid is approaching. People are busy to celebrate it

Part and parcel of Ramadan

Month of Ramadan is the name of a direct blessing from the Almighty Allah. Complying Muslims are taking Sehri

Stay fashionable with khadi in summer

From spaghetti tops, denims, shorts to dresses, go for khadi fabric to beat the heat in summer, say experts.

Trendy fruit prints to create refreshing look in this summer

The fruit print trend has made a delicious comeback this summer. Cheery,

6 ways to lead an acne free life

Acne is a very common problem especially amongst the teens and millennials due to imbalanced hormonal

How to remove skin tan

We love to soak in the sun but don't realise that in the process we also

Why dating in the social media age is terrible

True romances start with stolen glances, and stifled smiles; very rarely do they start with an

Basic skincare rules to follow

Above all, basic rules to a clean and good looking skin are as follows-*    Water: Have 10-12 glasses of

Life in the month of Ramadan

The holy Ramadan has come. It is the most deserving month of prayer for the Muslims. Most of the

Use honey to treat hair dullness

In today's fast pace, in order to be at the top of the ladder, we often tend to ignore

To find the right person, be the right one

It is impossible to find real love, true love, real friendship, and true friendship until we love ourselves and

Wearing make up is better than using sunscreen alone

Wearing MAKE UP is 'better than using sunscreen alone' in reducing risk of skin cancer, research

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