Monday, September 21, 2015

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Pamper your skin with fresh fruits which are toxin free and ditch

How to get the right brows for you

Over the past six years, brows have really come into their own. Last year, market research

Types of makeup brushes and their correct uses

Using makeup the right way is not a child's play, you need to master the art

5 ways to keep your skin hydrated

Summer season brings with it so many skin problems including rashes, tanning,

Summer trends: Wear cool natural fabrics

Summer style is incomplete without chinos and denim shorts. It's best to wear natural fabrics to beat the heat

Try to believe yourself too

This is how my journey started. When I shifted from a developing country to a developed one to complete

Stop to improve your personal relationships

Psychology studies show that, in the long term, the most important thing in your life is your personal relationships.

Puri: Offbeat destination for a serene holiday

Travelling to Puri is an experience in itself as you rekindle your faith and set off on a journey

6 Beauty mistakes that make you look older

What is it about makeup that can completely warp our perception of age? When you

How to curl your hair with a flat iron

WHAT YOU NEED1. Salt spray

9 tips to get rid of under eye puffiness

Do you feel old and tired because of your eyes?

Pink - the new uber color!

Think pink and you think of girlie girls and Barbies and if you are a

Germany welcomes spring with scented Magnolia

Spring has finally arrived in Germany with temperatures rising.After a long winter it is spring in Germany Blooming Magnolias

Homemade face packs for summer

Tired of the sticky, tanned and greasy looking skin in summers? Along with sweat and dehydrated body, summers bring

Add some flower touch in your summer wardrobe

Pack away the warm hues of winter and say hello to lively corals and florals because it's time to

Want spark back in your relationship? Be positive

Engaging in positivity may help individuals notice and appreciate the qualities in their partner rather than taking them for

Wilderness in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh boasts of some of the best hill stations of India. The region is blessed with pure mountain

5 DIY that will make you snub your cosmetics

Who says only cosmetic products can fix skin problems! Whether it's acne,

10 ways to look 5 years younger

BE CAREFUL WITH COLORLeave the hair extremes

Bengali New Year style and tradition

We are Bangladeshi, have some own traditions full of significance. Bengali New Year or Pohela Boishakh celebration is one

How to maintain shine of jewelery

Avoid wearing jewelery to shower, in the pool or during any activity in contact with water, and also keep

Acne-causing habits you should stop

Not washing your face with proper cleansers or consuming too much of dairy products? Quit these and more to

Summer fashion tips for men

Summer is always a major issue for men. Women have the option of wearing shorts, dresses and skirts, but

Rampuria Havelis of Bikaner: A stunning photo-story from Rajasthan

Built over a period of a few hundred years, Rampuria Havelis of Bikaner are not just a visual delight,

Beauty tips for your best summer yet

There are some beauty staples you can transition seamlessly from season to season-a red lip, a cat-eye, a layer

DIY facial care tips for men this Summer

Practicing good facial care is as important for men as it is for women. Try the lemon and aloe