Monday, September 21, 2015

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Wearing MAKE UP is 'better than using sunscreen alone' in reducing risk of skin cancer, research

How to instantly make bath time way more fun

Summer opens up doors to all kinds of outdoor fun – which also means kids often

8 body language tips that will make you more likeable

Body language is extremely important when it comes to making good first impressions. It's always helpful

Top 5 fat burning foods

Losing weight is much more than just consuming fewer calories to bring about a drop on

4 amazing benefits of sleeping on the left side

You may have heard this advice before and not paid too much

Things every strong relationship has in common

Nothing can bring  more joy to life than beautifully fulfilling relationships- Jim RohnThey say the perfect relationship doesn't exist,

Perfume: Essential for everyone

Perfume is a very essential daily use item for every conscious personality. Yes this is 2017, and we are

Facial care tips for men

Gone are the days when being unkempt was a sign of masculinity. Women desire a well-kept and groomed man,

Turn your hair into a dazzling canvas!

Millennial pink — that trendy shade of soft warm rose — is

Things you shouldn't do to your skin this summer

Hot ShowersEven in the middle of a sticky

6 lipstick shades you must try this summer

Summers are back and the temperature is soaring across the country. As

Protect yourself from sunburn this summer

As we move into the warmer weather and start thinking about summer, it's also time to

10 best tips for long hair

How you wear your hair is a matter of choice and convenience. You have got to

How to keep spotless ankle, knee and elbow

Often for rubbing, pressure or some other reasons elbow, knee and ankle got some definite black spots. These happen

Habits of couples in strong relationship

What makes for a healthy romantic relationship differs from couple to couple. Forming a trusting and positive partnership takes

Fragrance for summer

Go for floral, citrus or aquatic fragrances in summer, suggest experts. Rohit Kumar Agrawal, Founder of, and Shikhee

Quick fashion tips for men

For many, dressing yourself can be a challenge, you don't know what to wear, what's appropriate, which trends are

Must pick summer fragrances for men and women

Go for floral, citrus or aquatic fragrances in summer, suggest experts.

10 easy ways to look younger

No matter how comfortable we are with aging, most of us don't

Reasons you should date a girl who knows fashion

We don't mean well-dressed when we say this. We don't even mean just fashionable here.

6 things to do for your best friend when she is sad

When your friend is sad, it makes you

Relationship tips you may follow

Here are the seven regulations we've chalked out for you which one ought to abide by when in a

How to soothe sunburn

Even if you take precautions, excessive exposure to sun can leave your skin with a burn, A cool shower

Natural tips to prevent hair loss

Can't afford expensive hair fall treatment but worried about your excessive hair loss? Shedding hair can be one of

Sweat sensations

Here's how to avoid getting sweat patches on your favorite clothes - Fact: Everyone sweats. So, everyone gets those

Tips for style and comfort while travelling

Be it a day-trip or a week's travel holiday, each one of us faces a fashion dilemma. These dilemmas

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