Monday, September 21, 2015

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Wanjiru GathuraIt is easy for people to convince themselves that they don't need to be likable. The difficult truth

Patrician personality based on these small things

From the moment you meet someone for the first time, you quickly want to assess who the person is

Very essential for men of all ages

Tareq Iqbal PiyalVarious archive and history are saying, a wallet is a small, flat case that can be used

Some manly skills every man should know

It's been fodder for many a heated debate among men for centuries. What skills should every man know? A

The minimalist guide to packing light

Packing light is an art form. How many times have you gone on a trip and realized you didn't

Trendy winter accessories for women

.Staying warm has never looked so cool! These 15 trendy winter accessories will keep you on trend and keep

Winter style practice &

Winter is here. The season of dry skin has set in again. Days will be shorter and nights will

Men's fashion tips

Fashion tips for boys are as important as in the case of girls. When boys reach a certain age,

It's your day!

Marriage is the most important event for every girl. That is why they do not leave any chances to

Girls fashion tips

Girls, you do not have to blindly follow the latest trends to stay ahead in fashion; you can just

Easy tips for dark-healthy hair

Every woman like lively Silky hair, by birth some buddy has such hair. And some have rough, dry

Men's shoe trends

Compared to fashion's normal spin cycle, shoe trends move on a geological scale. Bar the odd interloper -

How to wear men's blazer with anything

A men's blazer is what a dress is to a woman: A bedrock on which they build the rest

Preppy style fashions for women

If you love to rock a preppy look, you are not alone. These fashions can take a girl from

Winter colors in fashion

In nature, winter marks the absence of color - fiery fall leaves are replaced by bare trees and snow

What you like to wear

A new dimension in the fashion world is 3-d shoe. In the fashion world shoe is a mandatory thing.

Winter fashion tips for men: Secrets to looking dapper

When it's cold, you have multiple options and styles to wear. So in this video and the tips below,

The best jeans for men-II

Types of jeans: In addition to cut, one must consider the type of denim suited to you. From waxed

Homely tips to get side effect-less impressive skin

The brightness of the skin is lost due to pollution and fatigue.  So many people began to use skin

Skin and health tips in winter

Though the winter is a holiday season, but it takes its toll on your skin, hair and nails. The

Aloe vera gel for younger skin

We all want to look radiant and have youthful looking skin, and the big cosmetic brands out there are

The best jeans for men

A quality pair of jeans is one of those crucial wardrobe must-haves for every modern man: classic, effortless, eternally

Guide to men's buzz cuts

In a demanding world where a man's expected to manscape as well as meet his mortgage repayments, smash his

Keep your sensitive skin calm & beautiful

Many companies market products designed for oily or sensitive skin but how can you tell which products are right

Colors that look good on me

For help in choosing the most flattering clothes that will bring out your natural beauty, it helps if you

Craze in women's fashion

A new fashion trend has recently been introduced in our country. Nail furnishing is the latest fashion for fashion