Monday, September 21, 2015

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The latest research in neurobiology shows that emotional safety is one of the most important aspects of a

Get that perfect tri-colored make-up look

Match your eye-makeup with the mood of your social program on or around Independence Day on August 15.

Easy homely face packs for beauty conscious personality

Tired of the sticky, tanned and greasy looking skin in summers? Along with sweat and dehydrated body, summers

Men's guide to monsoon fashion

We city dwellers are rarely seen using umbrellas to shield ourselves from these eagerly awaited downpours. Umbrellas and

Essentials of happy and healthy relationships

Relationships really are what make the world go 'round. Good, positive, healthy, meaningful relationships provide us with the

Take care of cloths stains

Though the rainy days are going on and being at the tropical condition we are now facing it.

Ways to cover gray hair without hair dyes

Graying of hair is a natural process that starts soon after the age of 30. This is due

Tips for contact lens wearers

Have you been recently detected with a vision prescription and are now worried about applying make-up? Or are

Pair the right eyewear with right attire

The right kind of eyewear can make or break your entire look. While black rimmed glasses are for

Stock five essential oils in your beauty cabinet

From lavender oil, rosemary oil to neroli oil, add essential oils to your daily skin care routine for

Preserve your sarees for a long time

To preserve sarees for a long time, you need to pay some attention. You spend so much of

How to build good relationships

Achieving genuine success is not a solo effort. You simply can't be successful by yourself. With that in

Style and fashion with sarees in monsoon

After the hard heated shiny days - rainy moments bring cool and smooth induction to the nature, which

Pick fragrances according to your personality

Have a hyper personality? Go for woody notes. The introvert ones can pick out fragrances like Fijian water

4 important truths of lasting relationships

Some days it feels like we're in constant communication, flooded by a nonstop stream of status updates and

History of Anarkali suits

Tell me what is common between all the Bollywood divas like Deepika Padukone, Madhuri Dixit, Vidya Balan, Zareen

What you should be wearing for a monsoon party

Fitted bodycon dresses, high hemlines and metallic colours are some of the

Eye care for computer users

In the office who regularly works on computers for a long time - they are in a serious

Take care of frizzy hair in simple steps

Humidity is a major contributing factor during the monsoon season and that can lead to frizzy hair for

How to renew relationship after a breakup

Relationships are extremely fragile and can break due to unrealistic expectations, simple misunderstandings and minor issues. Once relationships

Wonders of jojoba oil for skin and hair

From treating burns to moisturizing the scalp and strands - there are a lot of skin care and

Feet during monsoon

Monsoon can lead to smelly feet, fungal infections and allergies. These problems can easily be dealt by following

More awareness needed

Most of the studies are saying that the word 'Chikungunya' stands with the meaning "that which bends up",

Be careful of your camera in rainy day

Often the best photography happens in the worst weather, but if you do not protect your camera from

How to resolve trust issues in a relationship

A loving relationship can be a beautiful union of two people. To achieve this goal, there are several

Dos and don'ts for group messaging

The era of connectivity is going on. Through Internet and social medias everything is just within the grip

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