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Michiko Kakutani reveals the inner scenario as depicted by the writerIn his dynamic new novel, Colson Whitehead takes the

Morguer Neel Pakhi A novel of social document

Masum Billah explores the inner words of the writerThe very title of the novel drew my attention and received

Reality bites

Devapriya Roy deciphers the dissertations and mottos of some clandestine operations as presented in the novelIn his fifth novel,

A compelling story set against the war in Syria

Steve Donoghue elaborates the essence deciphers by the writerDuring an evening soiree in Washington, DC, at the turn of

How far they travelled

Coomi Kapoor explores the story of the unlikely romance between Mohammed Ali Jinnah and the young Parsi heiress, Ruttie

Poetry of Walcott 1948-2013

Fiona Sampson reminds a sharp  texture of a Nobel laureate's  celebratory worksAt more than 600 pages, this new selection

Flattery- a clever art to gain ends illegally

Masum Billah reveals a cagey role and its deceptive  movements as depicted by the writerFlattery is an art used

An everlasting creative legacy

Mahfuz Ul Hasib Chowdhury deciphers the focal  figures that presented in the bookBooks are written to preserve history, art,

Beauty and beast of life

Ishrat Binte Aftab has amazed by the forfeiting intellect of the writer that prompts a well-pictured analogy of our

Machiavelli runs up against the Borgias

Jay Parini explores the clear and sharp steps of a politician-diplomat-philosopher, which have uncovered in the novelIn her latest

Here lies Bairam Khan

Irfan Habib elaborates a rich detailed reconstruction of the lives of two Mughal nobles illuminates much about the empire

The colors of revolution

Pinaki Bhattacharya elaborates the facts, which separates successive generations of Maoist movements in India, as depicted by the writerManoranjan

Mementos of glowing innocence and blissful dreams

Mahfuz Ul Hasib Chowdhury commemorates with honor and melancholy one of the victims of Holey Artisan tragedyAbinta Kabir's smiling

The writer and the written

NS Madhavan deciphers the paradoxical status of women in Tamil society, as revealed in the novel.When I was reading

The cosmic window to the life beyond Earth

 Brian Allan elaborates inquisitive impulses of the writerTwo of the most enthralling questions we often ask ourselves are either

Looking at life paradoxically

Mahfuz Ul Hasib Chowdhury reveals the penchant,  luster, attachment and competency of the versifierPoet Rafiq Hasan's verses always give

Moonlight: A rummage for identity

A. S. M. Yiahia explores some interpretations of the movie The audio was started with the track by Boris

Intelligence, failure and success

Sushant Singh scrutinizes the hitherto shady world of Pakistan's secret service, defines by the writerFrom the circulation of fake

A sonata-structured novel of muted desire

Michael Pye explores the passionate love of childhood  friendship as it is lost, transformed, and regained  over a lifetime,

New books published in Ekushey Book Fair

'Shamprotik Folklore Vabna' by Shamsuzzaman Khan. Right now he is on the chair of Director General of Bangla Academy.

The grateful dead

Sanjay Sipahimalani illustrates the strange long journey of a realm to find their redemption as defines by the novelIn

A novelist scours the Honduran jungle for pre-columbian ruins

Brendan I. Koerner rummages the evocations and challenges relates by the writerThe year may still be young, but I

The land of desire

Pratap Bhanu Mehta reveals the inner motives both from Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and the writers to congregate such

Thoughts on political vices and gambits

Sabbir Khan's latest book appears to be hot and steamy like cakes just out of the oven having been

A marketplace for ideas

Ashwini Deshpande deciphers an enterprising glimpse into the fascinating world of economic thoughts by the writerTo (poorly) paraphrase the

'The Underground Railroad' is more than a metaphor

Juan Gabriel Vásquez explores the bare horrors of slavery and its toxic legacy as appears in the novelColson Whitehead's