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Stuck in his personal prison, Saddam Hussein seemed a benign presence to his 12-man band of U.S. guards who

The poet discovers glory even in the hollow hole

Sudhir Koiborta offered the Bengali poetry readers his new book 'Biborey Bibhuti'. The book's inner cover discloses that his

Homage to a great visionary statesman

While talking about the history of Bangladesh or in a wider sense referring to the significant flyspecks dotting the

A tale of crime and punishment

The Scarlet Letter is considered as a masterwork by the American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne. In the novel, Hawthorne has

The truth of loving wife is beauty personified

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the love. In the context of romantic love

A glaring chapter of BRAC-to prevent diarrhea

A book of 124 pages published by Panjeree Publications captivates the initial history of a brighter chapter of BRAC

Shadows of the Soul

Ishrat Binte Aftab analyzes Emran's poesy endeavor of imagination  and reality. Poetry is immaculate beauty. They are like Pablo

A commendable poetical endeavor

Liton Chakraborty Mithun elaborates the inward  aphorisms that have been expressed by the rhymer.In recent times, a batch of

The poet is clear and honest in expression

Main Uddin Ahmed is  surprised by the penchant, luster, attachment and competency of the  versifierQuazi Rosy is the winner

Arundhati Roy's second novel after 20 years

Arundhati Roy's eagerly-awaited second novel goes on sale Tuesday, two decades after

Beauty in words

Ishrat Binte Aftab is amazed by the relentless trochaic rhythm and stanzas that poet has used to portray the

Ronthon Shambar (Cuisine Culture) teaches us how to prepare delicious Bengali foods

Masum Billah narrates the significance of Bangladeshi traditional  food items as depicted by the writerThe  Book 'Ronthon Shambar

Life tales of the great artists

Shyamoli Das explores the deeper thoughts of life depicted by the writerDeshsera Jagatsera by Rafiqun Nabi, published in 2016,

Golden mistakes of life

Ishrat Binte Aftab is enthralled by the writer's way of expressing life-scribbles along with a diverse percipience towards

Bengal's bridgework with Persia through Tagore

Mahfuz Ul Hasib Chowdhury unfolds the most spectacular angles of Tagore's trip to Persia. Rabindranath Tagore visited Iran during

'Realizing Potentials' promises contribution to strategic education design

Masum Billah explores the inner significance of the book.'Realizing Potentials' attempts to capture the vast initiatives in education made

Isolating authenticity from errors

Mahfuz Ul Hasib Chowdhury  evaluates the views and analysis  of an esteemed theologianRecently a lot of analysis, discussions and

The book that begins with eulogy to Father of the Nation

Main Uddin Ahmed portrays the essence deciphers by the writerThe book is a poetry compilation of Shamsul Alam Belal,

Rediscovering the voice…

Tusar Talukder analyses Tagorean oratoryLast year I was taking an interview of Syed Manzoorul Islam, a prolific litterateur of

You were played

Shubhodeep Pal rummages the questions and answers between CIA and The Paris Review that depicted by the writer.On

Ekattor O Anyanya Golpo: A fictional record of factual life

Liton Chakraborty Mithun focuses dark side of the  society: outrage, indignation, fury that revealed by the writer through

An enlightener's insightful perceptions

Mahfuz Ul Hasib Chowdhury portrays the luminous glimpsesof a versatile life.Syedur Rahman (1909-1987) was an educationist, an enlightened philosopher

Those were the days, my friend

Sumana Roy portrays the nub as the historical novel describes"The genre of the novel, for me, wasn't a

A Golden Age: A war novel

Monisha Biswas utters the essence of Bangladesh’s Liberation War that depicted by the writer  Bangladesh-born British writer Tahmima

Blues, bad news and trouble

Sanjay Sipahimalani explores questions of authenticity and cultural appropriation as illustrated in the novelGuglielmo Marconi, inventor of the

Morguer Neel Pakhi A novel of social document

Masum Billah explores the inner words of the writerThe very title of the novel drew my attention and received

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