Monday, September 21, 2015

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"Zoe loves the movies. So I knew if I was going to propose, it had to involve the

Worldwide waffling (19.10.2017)

After the Canadians arrived in San Jose Sunday afternoon, Gallagher went to a barber and had his head

What Dhaka is talking about (19.10.2017)

A photo featuring some rural boys playing carrom made on soil ground was added to post on the

From crab cakes to commercial roof design

"I couldn't stand the thought of slinging one more crab cake or spending one more day smelling of

Worldwide waffling (18.10.2017)

John Dunsworth, known for his portrayal of Jim Lahey in the comedy series Trailer Park Boys and revered

What Dhaka is talking about (18.10.2017)

Fb user Azad AK added a photo to a post about some decaying game in rural Bengal. The

Diner Sheshe (18.10.2017)

"I've been here, in Dharavi all my life. We've seen some tough times, but my biggest motivation is

7 tips for handlings kids on long flights

Having recently travelled between Canada and India, with two toddlers, here's seven my tips to keep your kids entertained

Worldwide waffling (17.10.2017)

Ireland is bracing itself for the tropical storm Ophelia with a red weather warning issued for the Republic

What Dhaka is talking about (17.10.2017)

Fb user Madhushudon Mihir Chakravarty posted about Bangladeshi new thriller drama film Dhaka Attack. It is produced by

Drive safe for yourself

'Road safety' I feel has become an issue to take up on education. Most of us are driven

Diner Sheshe (17.10.2017)

"I don't know how old I exactly am, but 20 years ago when I got my cataract surgery,

Worldwide waffling (16.10.2017)

The organization behind the Oscars has expelled American film producer and former film studio director Harvey Weinstein over

What Dhaka is talking about (16.10.2017)

Prominent Bangladeshi film actor and television personality Arifin Shuvoo posted some photos on Facebook. The photos feature Shuvoo

Diner Sheshe (16.10.2017)

"Some of my sweetest memories have been with my father-- Simple things like him taking me out for

Ducks in the park on a cold day

It was the day after the snow storm. A few friends and I were taking a photography workshop,

Worldwide waffling (15.10.2017)

Scottish FA performance director Malky Mackay is to take interim charge of the Scotland team, following Gordon Strachan's

What Dhaka is talking about (15.10.2017)

On Facebook, popular Bangladeshi actress, model and painter Bipasha Hayat posted a photo featuring prominent Bangladeshi actress, director

Diner Sheshe (15.10.2017)

"I come from a lower middle class family with limited luxuries, which made me work really hard in

The embarkment

From today I will stop mentioning how I've completely failed to maintain this blog, how I think every

Worldwide waffling (13.10.2017)

American actress, director, producer, and singer Rose McGowan, one of the accusers of disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein,

What Dhaka is talking about

A photo featuring popular Bangladeshi television and film comedy actor Afzal Sharif and his son was posted on

Worldwide waffling (13.10.2017)

Japan's Kobe Steel Ltd (5406.T) plunged deeper into crisis on Wednesday as fresh revelations showed data fabrication at the

Worldwide waffling 13.10.2017

Jodrell Bank Observatory has been selected as the latest UK candidate for World Heritage status. The site, in

Diner Sheshe

"We've been family friends for years before we properly even met. We reconnected at a wedding, clicked and

Starting for Dhaka trip (13.10.2017)'s me I can't even imagine that I was looking so bad, so tiring. Even though I had

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