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The Living City


The beauty of rainy season

Kadam is one of the finest and most attractive flowers during the rainy season. This flower is endemic to

Natural beauties of Bangladesh

Nafakhum waterfall is the biggest and most attractive waterfall in Bangladesh. It can be treated as "Niagara Falls" of

The early Muslim architecture of Bangladesh

The Nine Dome Mosque is a historic mosque in Bagerhat, Bangladesh. This Nine dome mosque is locally known as

Wonderful morning flower

Blue daze a different type of small morning glory flower. This flower is native to Brazil and Paraguay, but

The largest manmade lake in Dinajpur

Ramsagar is a largest manmade lake of Bangladesh situated in the village Tejpur eight kilometer south of the Dinajpur

Vorot Rajar Deul: An archaeological site in Jessore

Vorot Vaynais an archaeological site that is still less known to us. In fact, we even don't know much

The wonderful sanctuary

Baikka beel is another bird sanctuary of this region. It is in the eastern part of the Hail haor.

Butter Tree

There are small mahua tress as well as large ones. The mahua  tree has widely spread out branches. In

Iron House: Alexander Castle in Mymensingh

Alexander Castle is one of the most amazing and renowned structures in Mymensingh District. It was built by Maharaja

Historical Hardinge Bridge of Bangladesh

Hardinge Bridge is a steel railway bridge over the river Padma located at Paksey in western Bangladesh. It is

Awesome flower of fire

Krishna Chura is a strikingly red flowering tree. This is known as Flame tree, Royal Poinciana, Gulmohor, etc. The

The amazing Upendra Sorobor at Tangail

Upendra Sorobor is a rectangular shaped large pond that is located at the Nagarpur of Tangail District. In English,

The amazing plant

Basak is a creeper type of plant. One finds it, more or less, in all parts of     Bangladesh. However,

The ancient temple in Sirajganj

Noborotno Temple is located at the Noborotno Para village of Hatikumrul Union of Ullapara Upozila of Sirajganj district of

The natural beauty at Habiganj

Satchari national park is a natural park of Bangladesh. After the 1974 Wild Life Preservation Act, in 2005 Satchari

Empire of S. M. Sultan at Narail

S. M. Sultan was one of the greatest personalities in this district. His full name is Sheikh Mohammed Sultan

Enjoy the biodiversity at Tanguar Haor

Tanguar haor is located in the Dharmapasha and Tahirpur upazilas of Sunamganj District in Bangladesh, is a unique wetland

Prickly Pear

It is a plant with several widely stems from the same root. It has no leaves. It'ss trunk is

[WATCH]: Beautiful Bangladesh in drone video

  Beautiful Bangladesh, drone video.

Vimruli Bazar: Floating Market in Barisal

The southern region of Bangladesh is famous for guavas, more popularly known in Bangladesh as 'Bengal's Apple'. Especially in

Tulsi: The amazing medicinal plant

Tulsi is a bushy fragrant plant with spread out branches. In English, it is called Holy Basil. It grows

Shila Devir Ghat: The archaeological spot in Bogra

Shila Devir Ghat is an archaeological spot which is situated at the Mahasthangarh of Shibganj from Bogra district. This

Venice bans takeout joints to preserve heritage and beauty

Venice is hailed as one of the most beautiful cities in the

The largest mosque outside of Saudi Arabia will open this year

Nearly a decade ago, Algeria set out a proposal to build a mega-mosque, which

Visiting Palli kabi Jasimuddin's house

Jasimuddin, the famous poet from Bangladesh, specially for his dedication to write poems about the folklore culture. He is

Feel the nature at Akashi Haor

Akashi Haor is a small one, but extraordinarily beautiful. The word Akashi means sky blue color and the word

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