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The Living City


The Mujibnagar government is recognized as the first official government of Bangladesh. Now, the place is considered as one

A structural nicety of old Dhaka

The historical site of city Star Mosque also known as Tara Masjid, is a mosque located in Armanitola area,

Fastest growing plants

Eichhornia crassipes, commonly known as water hyacinth, is one of the fastest growing plants known. Its primary means of

Bajra Shahi Mosque

Bajra Shahi Mosque is an elegant historic mosque (18th-century mosque) located in the village of Bazra under Sonaimuri Upazila

Species of tropical plants Hoya

Pargacha or Hoyas are evergreen perennial creepers or vines or rarely, shrubs. They often grow epiphytically on trees; some

Hajiganj Fort is a place of ancient time

Hajiganj Fort also known as Khizrpur Fort is situated at Hajiganj locality of Narayanganj on the western bank of

A philanthropic and social welfare organization in Bangladesh

The Gandhi Ashram Trust (GAT), also called the Ambika-Kaliganga Charitable Trust, is a philanthropic and development organization working in

An ancient holy place of Kishoregonj

Dhola Bhuiyan Bari Boro Jame Mosque is located in Tarail in Kishoregonj district. It has been described as the

Natural places in Bandarban

Nafakhum is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bangladesh and an excellent place to travel. It is among

Amazing mordern architecture in Bangladesh

Bangabandhu International Conference Center is the largest international standard conference center of Bangladesh. It is located at Agargaon in

Monu Mia Zamindar House

Monu Mia Zamindar House, a massive Palace with two conjunctive complex located very near to the Ghorashal Bus-stand of

Murapara Jomidarbari

The Murapara Jomidarbari or Palace was established by the founder of the Murapara Raj family named Ramratan Banerjee in

A famous wild flower

Dantranga is a tender plant of small size with spread-out branches. Its green leaves look somewhat like Cassia leaves

Balapur Zamindar Bari

In the different location of Narsingdi district there are a number of Archaeological sites which attract traveler and

Bhai Girish Chandra's home in decay

Girish Chandra Sen was born in the village of Panchdona in Narsingdi district. Sen (1835-1910) was a Bengali

Amazing wild flower

It is a plant of creeper type and has two varieties, one white and the other red. Scientific

The ornamental flower

Kochuripana plant can be unwanted and exasperating to people, but when the flower blooms, it just looks spectacular. This

A little pantanal in Bangladesh

Ratargul Swamp Forest is an evergreen forest. It is one of the best freshwater swamp forests in this world.

The historical place at Gopalganj

During 1850, the greater Gopalganj area was ruled by the Zamindar. At that time, they made hundreds of buildings

Natural beauties of Bangladesh

Nafakhum waterfall is the biggest and most attractive waterfall in Bangladesh. It can be treated as "Niagara Falls" of

The early Muslim architecture of Bangladesh

The Nine Dome Mosque is a historic mosque in Bagerhat, Bangladesh. This Nine dome mosque is locally known as

The beauty of rainy season

Kadam is one of the finest and most attractive flowers during the rainy season. This flower is endemic to

Wonderful morning flower

Blue daze a different type of small morning glory flower. This flower is native to Brazil and Paraguay, but

The largest manmade lake in Dinajpur

Ramsagar is a largest manmade lake of Bangladesh situated in the village Tejpur eight kilometer south of the Dinajpur

Vorot Rajar Deul: An archaeological site in Jessore

Vorot Vaynais an archaeological site that is still less known to us. In fact, we even don't know much

The wonderful sanctuary

Baikka beel is another bird sanctuary of this region. It is in the eastern part of the Hail haor.

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