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The Living City


Tanguar haor located in the Dharmapasha and Tahirpur upazilas of Sunamganj District in Bangladesh.  In 2000, the Tanguar

Nine-Dome Mosque in Bagerhat

The Nine Dome Mosque is a remarkable mosque in Bagerhat of Bangladesh. It is located at Bagerhat Sadar,

Clerodendrum fragrans

The plant called Hazar Beli or Kanchonbhat grows to a height of 5 to 7 feet. It has

Worldwide waffling (14.11.2017)

Australian politician Jacqui Lambie has been foreshadowing her departure from federal politics, telling Senate colleagues she is scrambling

What Dhaka is talking about (14.11.2017)

Six new photos were posted on the Fb page Barsha. The photos feature the younger son of Bangladeshi

Diner Sheshe (14.11.2017)

"I used to be very skinny as a child. It got worse when I got Dengue and I

Passage to me

A whirlwind trip it was. First to India. Bombay. Land of rickety "volvo" buses, rustic rest stops, deep

Nymphoides indicum/ Menyanthaceae

Chadmala blossoms during the rains in small rivers, marshland and long pools of water side by side with

Natore Rajbari of Rani Bhabani

Natore Rajbari (also known as Pagla Raja's Palace) was a prominent royal palace in Natore, Bangladesh. It was

Faridpur: Jagadbandhu Angan

Jagadbandhu Sree Angan or Sreedham Sree Angan is an Ashram set up by Prabhu Jagadbandhu of the Mahanam

When dreams come true for travelettes

Travelettes of Bangladesh, a platform that aims to promote the female travelers all over the country where girls

Rivina humilis

Marcha is seen everywhere in Bangladesh. Usually it is seen on elevated ground. It cannot survive in flood

Magisterial Palace of Mymensingh

Shoshi Lodge is located at the center of Mymensingh city which is also known as the Presidential Palace

Modhu Polli of Poet Michael Madhusudan Dutt

Michael Madhusudan Dutt is a legendary poet in Bengali literature and considered as the father of Bengali Sonnet.

Indian Beech

A plant of small size with spredout branches. It has green leaves and tiny flowers of light pink

Pabna: Hardinge Bridge over river Padma

The 1.8- kilometers long Hardinge Bridge, one of the country's historical attractions, stands still and steady over the

Renowned mosque of Barisal

Baitul aman jame-masjid or Guthia mosque is a famous mosque in Barisal. This is probably the largest mosque

Tangail: Pakutia Zamidar Bari

Pakutia Zomidar Bari is located at Pakutia, Nagarpur, Tangail. Besides this landmark, there are eight more landmarks listed

Trendy tree of Bangladesh

Swarnalata is a leafless, creeper type, parasite plant. With yellow colored tender branches it grows and lives beautifully

Indian Laburnum tree

Neither very large, nor very small, Sonalu with its spread out branches and little green leaves is a

Dinajpur: Shopnopuri Park

Shopnopuri artificial amusement park is an artificial spot for tourist situated in Dinajpur district of Rangpur division in

A fort of Maharajas

Dighapatia Rajbari is generally known as Uttara Gonobhaban of Natore in North Bengal. Dighapatia Rajbari Natore is a

Evergreen Climber Plant

Hargoja flowers blossom in the coastal area of Bangladesh. They can be seen blossoming in close clusters in

Unique and historic landmark of Faridpur

Mathurapur Deul (high mound) is an archeological heritage, a unique vestige of the Bara-Bhuiyans reign in Faridpur. Like

Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf

Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf, the one & only five star resort in the Sylhet region of

Species of flowering shrubs

Karamcha is a bushy type thorny plant. It has a number of spices. Some are creepers, some are

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