Monday, September 21, 2015

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We are blessed with many brothers. They come in different sizes, shapes, forms and statures. Among all, the Arabs

Lives of tea pickers in Bangladesh

Poor sanitation meant Surma valley workers and their families were often sick, but a hygiene project  has brought them

World can't afford the price of deforestation

Humankind has always had a tricky relationship with forests. We depend on them to regulate the climate and rainfall,

There's no progress if women lag behind

The fight to change mindsets must happen every day, and not be a show of tokenism one day in


The family was seated around a table at the dining veranda of the Baguio Country Club, waiting for our

Making solar big enough to matter

Solar energy has become big business. Over the past decade it has plummeted in cost, surged in volume, and,

Why I disagree with censorship of social media, imposition of hijab

Pakistani representatives seem to be getting their ankle-length trousers into quite a few unseemly knots these days over unprecedented

Where is home?

Home is much more than a physical construct; it is where and when you feel most comfortable being yourself!

Child workers producing 'Bengali black' leather exposed to cocktail of toxic chemicals

Children as young as eight, working in the tanneries of Bangladesh producing leather that is in demand across Europe

CM Adityanath: The Yogi of UP's new mantra

Yogi Adityanath, for a number of interesting and intriguing reasons, is not like any other chief minister in this

Being friends with your ex

People often wonder how I maintain such a wonderful rapport with my ex-boyfriends. I meet them for dinners, party

A new breed of sovereign wealth fund-without the wealth

Once the preserve of rich oilexporters or nations with trade surpluses, like Norway,  Kuwaitand Singapore, an unlikely new breed

Hindu-Muslim divide

There was politics even during the period when I was in college before partition. But it was not on

The Vision 2030 document should formulate a disability-inclusive development agenda

The National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) is formulating a Vision 2030 document. This document is coterminous with

Gujarat model: The real story

A scholarly, well-researched book shows that the much-vaunted "growth" in Gujarat in the last decade has benefited big capital

Topics: Be strong

Today you woke up in a magical morning. So, now just take a moment to love and accept yourself.

Blasphemous content on Facebook infuriates me! But blocking it is not the solution

Curious as usual to find out who has commented on my latest Facebook post, I opened my account on

How Europe can stop Turkey's political neurosis from spreading

Protesters shout slogans and wave Turkish national flags in front of the Dutch Consulate in Istanbul on March 12.

Marry at 16, get drafted at 18, drink at 21 ... Who counts as an adult?

The legislature in my home state of Connecticut is considering a bill that would raise the age of legal

That one phone call

When the phone rings, it could mean many things for a journalist. At best, a story; at worst, a

Beauty and the Beast Controversy: 'Lots of gay sex in this cartoon,' jokes Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor thinks the controversy surrounding Disney's first "exclusively gay moment" is a little silly. He stopped by the

Alluring Kashmir: Paradise not all lost

Amid the myriad discordant voices on Kashmir, just when it seemed there is no end to the ongoing madness,

Catalysts for change

Provincial governments in Pakistan have made efforts to put girls' education on their agendas; parental attitudes towards girls' education

Gender disparity at UN: Three out of 71, zero out of nine

The United Nations has frequently been accused of vociferously preaching gender empowerment and women's rights to the outside world

Can electronic voting machines be tampered with? 5 points you must know

Days after Bahujan Samajwadi Party chief Mayawati, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has raised doubts over the safety of

Lessons in disaster: Children taught to prepare for Bangladesh's killer quakes

As soon as the school bell rang, Lucky Akhter, 15, dropped down on her knees and took cover under