Monday, September 21, 2015

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It was the early 1990s. I was prime minister of Sweden and near Chri-stmas I was visiting our soldiers

Litmus test awaits the Gandhis in Amethi

Alitmus test awaits the Gandhis in their bastion Amethi, which votes on Monday in the fifth of the seven-phased

Docs hint Germany spied on foreign journalists

Arnaud Zajtman, 44, is not exactly the kind of person you would mistake for a terrorist, weapons trader or

Gwadar: From sleepy village to China's new Silk Road

Dostain Jamaldini leans forward, once again, and interrupts the briefing. He's not angry but excited, desperately wanting me to

Faith and rationality

Many Muslims today might be offended by the statement that the Quran wants people to use their powers of

Sahrawi women take to the streets

Ten women are gathered to discuss how to transmit Sahrawi culture and tradition to the younger generations. As usual,

Did a Canadian court really call BNP a 'terrorist organisation'?

In short, the answer is yes. It happened recently in a Canadian Federal Court case Gazi v. Canada (Citizenship

Mussolini: A fierce dictator's sadistic romance

The deadly role played by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini during World War II is known to almost everyone. But

Political settlement: Nepal Army's role

In the late medieval period, the colonial powers like Britain invaded South Asia. After the 17th century, when many

The 'We' in 'We the People'

I've have often wrestled with the question: What does it mean to be an American? An illuminating answer to

How Sri Lanka victimized in China's debt-trap diplomacy

If there is one thing at which China's leaders truly excel, it is the use of economic tools to

Injury prevention: National priority issue

Injuries are a neglected epidemic in developing countries, causing more than five million deaths each year, roughly equal to

The ecological balance sheet

Greater focus is required to reverse both inadequate budgetary allocation for the Ministry of Environment and its under-utilisation The

Welcome to the new dark ages, where only the wealthy can retire

It's almost too easy to imagine the scenario. After spending most of our adult life in paid employment, the

A Raqqa plan in the making

The new U.S. President Donald Trump is the last unwanted man in the West. It has been only a

A childhood bugbear overcome

I was heading the industrial relations division of a large manufacturing company in Chennai during the period 1971-77. My

Links in the modern media chain of responsibility

If we look at the driving forces in media, there is no doubt that news agencies are pretty high

Don't enforce patriotism, let edu be the anthem in schools

Enforced patriotism has many pitfalls as we have seen with the national anthem being made mandatory in movie halls.

For more of us, a home will be rented, not owned

Linda lives in a rental property in Thornbury with her partner and two kids. She has a good job

Why I cannot continue studying in China

After three years of excitement, fun and mind blowing experiences I finally decided that I cannot stay and study

Democracy's disintegration in Turkey

If there was any doubt about why the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seized the newspaper Zaman last

Preserving native languages: No time to waste

When I was a little girl, my mother taught my sister and me the words and phrases that are

When it's time to blow the whistle

"The spotlight has finally been put on the lowlife leakers! They will be caught!" So tweeted President Trump on

As winter gives way, it's time to savor bitterness of spring

Winter is giving way to early spring. For tofu makers, the end of a harsh winter spells deliverance from

An elegy for the Library

It's an unseasonably hot winter day in this southern city, and the midmorning sun is turning the crumbling yellow

Churchill's scientific papers reveal a greater politician than we thought

Surprising stories about Winston Churchill just keep on coming. He has long been praised for his courage, wisdom, eloquence