Monday, September 21, 2015

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The first time the sugar industry felt compelled to "knock down reports that sugar is fattening," as this newspaper

Without Obamacare, I Will Get Sicker, Faster, Until I Die

On March 18, 1991, my life changed. I was an 18-year-old student at a community college in southwestern Virginia,

Shush up woman! There's no space for you on social media

Why on earth do you require more space when you have already got plenty in beauty parlors, kitchens, bedrooms

The real problem with Hypocrisy

Jillian Jordan, Roseanna Sommers and David Rand What, exactly, is the problem with hypocrisy? When someone condemns

Lessons From Russia

The year was 2006. A reporter for an independent Moscow newspaper who had uncommonly good access to President Vladimir

Relationship repairing with son

Is it too late to tell my 77-year-old brother to smarten up and to get in touch with his

Stop banning plastic bag bans

Last year, California became the first state in the nation to ban single-use plastic bags when voters passed Proposition

Multi-generational holidays: The new trend

Summer holidays are a chance to get away from it all, but for a rapidly rising number of Australians

The noose and the internet

IT was winter break at the University of Sindh, Jams-horo. The campus was largely empty, devoid of the usual

The dangerous myth of the 'missing black father'

Mychal Denzel SmithGrowing up, the lesson was everywhere: Every major problem in black America can be solved if we

When women eat last

Diane CoffeyIn households with a limited food budget, or where there is no refrigerator to store leftover food, the

Understanding my identity at Northwestern

Nadine Daher"Sometimes I forget you're an international student. I just see you as an American."I've been told this by

A call to reframe how we discuss mental health

Alana Farkas A friend notices a suspicious lump on their body, and altho-ugh they fear the diagnosis, they consult with

We can all be smarter around the water

As Australians we love to promote our outdoor lifestyle, the long hot summers and living on a continent fringed

The fight for health care has begun

David LeonhardtWhen House Republicans abandoned their plan to gut an independent ethics office last

Iran's Rafsanjani: A legacy of terrorism and repression behind a facade of moderation

Shortly before his death, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Iran's former president and clerical major domo,

Sister Mary Emily

Zubeida MustafaIT was 1957 and we had returned to college after a restful summer vacation. We

Philosophy can teach children what Google can't

At the controls of driverless cars, on the end of the telephone when you call your bank or favourite

Harassment and worse in the air

Last month, a male passenger on an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Burbank called out "ooh sexy" while

Where was Meryl Streep when Obama was prosecuting whistleblowers & bombing weddings?

Okay, first let's get one thing out of the way: I adore Meryl Streep. Judge all you want, but

Neither snow nor rain nor sleet nor hail can end California's drought? Really?

OK, so let's get this straight: California is soaked, Los Angeles had its wettest December in six years, the

Impact of globalization on performing art

Globalization has an indirect and highly effective long lasting  impact on our   regional  languages. And this language is the 

How we fool ourselves on Russia

In the quarter-century since the end of the Cold War, profound grievances, misperceptions and disappointments have often defined the

Barack Obama forever changed black America

Black America's conception of ourselves was forever changed by Barack Obama's presidency. For African Americans, the first family helped

Identification of women in our society

While living in a patriarchal society the identification of women is questionable. No justice can be found regarding gender

'Tree man' Abul regains hands after groundbreaking surgery

A Bangladeshi father dubbed the "tree man" because of the bark-like warts that once covered his body will soon