Monday, September 21, 2015



First daughter Ivanka Trump has found herself the target of Twitter trolling

[WATCH] Step mom wrote vows specially for step kid

[WATCH] Man posting his insane inventions on YouTube for 10 years

Colin Furze has come a long way from his first videos, posted

How 50m times published magical monkey selfie has ruined photographer's life

Award-winning wildlife photographer Dave Slater was battling 45-degree heat in a national park in northernmost ­Indonesia, just 50 miles from

First step to finding a new friend is to look at their shoes

If you're in the hunt for a new best friend, scientists say

Prince George's 4th Birthday, pic you can't miss

Prince George is all of four-years-old today and an all new photo has been released by

India musician plays guitar during brain surgery

An Indian musician played the guitar on the operating table to help

[WATCH] Boy finds 1.2m-yr-old fossil while playing outside

A piece of history has been found thanks to a boy stumbling

Chinese mahjong lovers take to the river to beat the heat

Mahjong lovers in China have found a unique way to deal with

Neil Armstrong moon bag on sale for up to $4 million

Once nearly thrown out with the trash, a bag that Neil Armstrong

First woman math genius dies after long battle with cancer

In 2014, the Iran native and a Stanford University professor became the

[WATCH] Women brutally beaten for giving birth to a girl

Video footage

Hate crime on frightening rise, we stand against it

Hate crimes have been on a frightening rise in all over the World. People, particularly those who belong to minority

[WATCH] 52-year-old sets world record for most pushups in an hour

A 52-year-old man has set a world record after doing over 2,500 pushups in one hour

Disney gathers princesses to showcase animation slate

Disney staged the largest gathering of its princesses in history on Friday

[WATCH] 70-year-old YouTuber redefining beauty in S Korea

One of South Korea's hottest YouTube

Color-changing tattoos might become big boon for diabetics

Love getting inked? With time we have come across various tattoo trends,

[WATCH]: First gay Muslim marriage in Britain

'Oh my God, it is Obama'

An Alaska mother is cherishing cellphone photos she snapped of her wide-eyed

[WATCH] World's most expensive cake costs $25000 in Dubai

A bakery in Dubai has claimed to have made the world's most

Malala's 'Hi' draws over 350K followers in 14 hours on Twitter

Justin, Emmanuel's bromance has the internet thrilled

First, there was Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Now, the Internet has

Why children should not be selfie stars

Parents should not encourage selfies due to the risk that children fail to 'experience anything, except

[WATCH] Robot saves a girl from being crushed

This is

The Scream on cream

South Korean barista Lee Kang-bin is taking coffee art to the next

Woman ‘pierces’ baby daughter’s cheek angers the internet

“I can’t believe how many people actually believe my photo is real,” Vance tells Yahoo Beauty.

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