Monday, September 21, 2015


[WATCH]Panda mom puts an end to baby being bullied

Sure you've heard of tiger moms, but have you heard of

'My dog ate my passport' player ahead of international tour

Mr Boots, a seven-month-old cocker spaniel from Cornwall, is definitely in the dog house. Why? He

Pope to Melania: What are you feeding Trump?

Pope Francis and First Lady Melania Trump appeared to mock President Trump’s weight on Wednesday — giggling over the portly

Penguin head over flippers in love with a cut out

He's head over flippers! Penguin who was 'dumped' by his girlfriend at the zoo falls in

[WATCH] Melania caught on camera swatting away Trump's hand

First Lady Melania Trump slapped away her husband’s hand after they landed Monday at Ben

Hot bodyguards stealing limelight from celebrities

The new South Korean President, Mr Moon Jae In, has been a

Trump compliments Egyptian president’s ‘nice shoes’

President Trump praised Egypt’s president as “my friend” and took special notice of his footwear.

[WATCH]Sea lion grabs girl off dock,pulls her into harbor

A young girl feeding a sea lion on a dock in Steveston Harbour

Flamboyant frog knows to get snapped in Saturday Night Fever pose

“Night fever, night fever, he knows how to do it!”This flamboyant frog was captured channelling his inner John Travolta

[WATCH]Gordon Ramsay comment about Priyanka's cooking

It's well-known that celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay loves roasting - meat and people, both. His, well,

Couple on honeymoon for months!

Sarah and Dimitri, from Belgium, set off to explore South America in

Girlfriend's revenge is hilarious

Guy Oversleeps And Fails To Keep His Promise To His Girlfriend, And Her Revenge Is Hilarious

Woman makes dress from Starburst candy wrappers

A Pennsylvania woman has made a dress from more than 10,000 Starburst candy wrappers given to

[WATCH]Dad fails catching daughter off slide

Sometimes it is the simplest of things which end up as epic fails. Case in point,

Woman kidnaps ex-lover from his wedding at gunpoint

She could not see her lover tie the knot with someone else. So, on the day

UK envoy's 'bruising' encounter with Austrian boar

Diplomats are used to finding themselves in tricky situations.

Pope kissing Trump mural appears in Rome

A mural signed by 'TV Boy' and depicting Pope Francis and US President Donald Trump kissing,

[WATCH]Hungry pilot lands helicopter at Mcdonalds

When hunger strikes, what better way to satiate it than with some fast food? That's clearly

Couple wed after losing 600 pounds together


'Waste food' feast in Los Angeles

Thousands of people in downtown Los Angeles enjoy a free outdoor feast made entirely

Student taken to a police station because he looks like Messi

An Iranian student had to be taken to a police station at the

[WATCH]: Minister throws up during wedding vows

At any wedding, the most romantic and moving moment usually is when the bride and

'One in 10 travelers has sex in an airport'

One in ten passengers has had sex in an airport before they even get

Signs you would rather eat than go on a date

Romantic love is such an overrated scenario in life, sure you have

Kenya's last northern white rhino joins Tinder

Like many guys using the Tinder dating app, Sudan loves the outdoors

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