Monday, September 21, 2015



We all love us some dad jokes, but this dad's tweet could go down in history

[WATCH] 'Breakdancing' gorilla shows off his stellar moves

Gorillas are a talented species and we often get to see that

Pentagon's nuke-proof 'Doomsday' planes damaged by tornado

Two of the Pentagon's specially reinforced "Doomsday" planes, designed to withstand the heat from a nuclear

[WATCH] Toddler learns lesson after running into a wall of glass

A painful

[WATCH] Worlds dumbest criminal

Sometimes people make things more difficult

[WATCH] Funny video of fan stealing from Ellen show

An audience

[WATCH] Toddler, delights fans with new tirade about airport security

She became an internet sensation when

[WATCH] Kids surprise their father's at some inconvenient time

Some kids

[WATCH] Driver suffers instant karma after trying to skip traffic jam

[WATCH] Guilty dog smiles at owner when caught eating sandwich

This is

[WATCH] Toddler, dog team up to raid fridge in viral video

What are friends

[WATCH] Hilarious video of woman picking up a snake

The future of facials, virtual reality in the spa

Lying back on an ultra-comfortable facialist’s couch, I stare in fascination at

iPhone is the reason I’m divorced: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is widely seen as a modern-day hero responsible for changing the world by leading Apple’s creation of the

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