Monday, September 21, 2015


[WATCH] Hilarious moment toddler interrupt tv interview

A TV debate surrounding

Owner gives bright pink vests to hens for road safety

A Scottish restaurant owner has come up with a

[WATCH] The bold and the big baby

A bridge crossing in

[WATCH] baby finds an unlikely hairdresser cat

An adorable baby looked

Being married means "Inheriting a whole new family to avoid'

For most, getting married means making a life-long commitment to the person you love.

[WATCH] BBC accidentally broadcast porn video on News at Ten

BBC viewers experienced an uncomfortable moment after the channel

[WATCH] bodyboarder thinks he’s about to be attacked by a giant shark

Hilarious footage

[WATCH] Baby elephant throws tantrum but his parents just ignore him

This is the adorable moment a

[WATCH] Adorable video how bad the golden retriever is at catching food

Fritz the

[WATCH] Bar where served by cute monkey and paid in bananas

The Kayabukiya Tavern looks like any

[WATCH] Woman cracks phone screen trying to capture bottle opening hack

A woman

5 reasons why reading to your child will benefit their development

From classic rhymes by Dr. Seuss to the magical world of Harry Potter, books are a

Man appeared on tv without pants son made him viral

A behind-the-scenes peek at a man's unusual sartorial choice while he

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