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As I strode down the road in my favourite black, high-heeled ankle boots, I

Dietary supplement to prevent miscarriages, birth defects discovered

The world has made immense progress where the field

Why yoga is the key to a better memory

Yoga could prevent you from losing your memory as you get older, if new research

'Vitamin breakthrough to cut miscarriages, birth defects'

Taking a common vitamin supplement could significantly reduce the number of

Marijuana raises risk of blood pressure death: Study

People who smoke marijuana have a three times greater risk of dying from hypertension,

A good night's sleep helps your baby learn to speak

Why: A nap gives the brain time to give meanings to words

Struggle to sleep muscle could be to blame

A protein in the muscle can lessen the negative effects of sleep loss, new research has

Dhaka wants to fight against AIDS together in SE Asia

Health Minister Mohammad Nasim on Wednesday stressed the need for strengthening regional cooperation to fight against HIV/AIDS together in the

9 Things new moms need to know about breastfeeding

While a lot of new mothers out there may be wondering how their diets affect their

Interrupted sleep may lead to Alzheimer’s

Getting a solid night’s sleep is crucial not only for feeling good the

Learn To Control Diabetes In Just 5 Days

If you are someone who was diagnosed with diabetes, you know that

'Bring children vaccination center with full stomach'

Vitamin A 'capsules will be provided to children across the country on Saturday. Health Minister Zahid Malek said,

World Breastfeeding Week 2017: Five foods to increase breast milk

Every year, the first week of August is observed as the World

Global blindness set to 'triple by 2050'

The number of blind people across the world is set to triple within the next

Human embryos edited to stop disease

Scientists have, for the first time, successfully freed embryos of a piece of faulty DNA

Nutritional benefits of apples

Packed with vitamins, antioxidants and fibre, apples are one of our favourite healthy fruits.

Experts against physiotherapy in chikungunya

An expert committee under the government’s disease monitoring agency, IEDCR, has advised patients suffering from chikungunya not to take physiotherapy

One in four Indians dies from heart disease

A cardiologist from a top ranked US hospital recently visited India to meet with the country's leading doctors to discuss

Sperm count drop 'could make humans extinct'

Humans could become extinct if sperm counts in men continue to fall

President's daughter sparks breastfeeding debate with photo

A picture of the Kyrgyz president's youngest daughter feeding her baby dressed in her

What are the empty spaces in a medicinal tablet for?

Ever wondered what are the empty spaces in a medicinal tablet for? Well, you

Plumbing the depths of Chinese traditional medicine

Though most people think of modern medicine and pill-popping as salvation against ailments and disease, China

Lack of sleep could be expanding your waistline

Lack of sleep could be expanding your waistline, new research suggests.

Caffeine is harmless, myth busting review

It's blamed for sleeplessness, anxiety, frequent toilet trips and worse - but caffeine is harmless, a

Foods to treat stomach ulcers

Stomach ulcers — the most visible signs of peptic ulcer disease — are painful sores found in the lining of

Enlarged adenoids in children

Like the tonsils in the throat, the adenoids are responsible for protecting the body against

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