Monday, September 21, 2015



Three Britons have been sentenced to jail and caning in Singapore for having sex with a drunk and unconscious

Nigeria suicide bombers kill 27

Three female suicide bombers have carried out an attack that has killed at least

Ecuador detains Chinese 'shark boat'

Authorities in Ecuador have detained the crew of a Chinese fishing boat suspected

Hundreds missing in Sierra Leone mudslide

At least 600 people are still missing following a mudslide and flooding that devastated

Both sides to blame in Virginia - Trump

President Donald Trump insisted on Tuesday that left- and right-wing extremists became violent

CEOs turn against Donald Trump

The election of a businessman to the White House fueled a wave of optimism among America's CEOs. Now some

Desperate dig for Freetown survivors

The desperate dig for survivors is resuming in Sierra Leone's capital, after mudslides and floods claimed the lives of

Maduro calls for military drills after Trump threat

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Monday called for military exercises after US President Donald Trump's threat of a possible

Attack on UN missions kills 8

A total of eight people were killed Monday in two separate attacks on the United Nations mission in Mali,

Tropical storm to ravage Britain

A tropical storm could scupper the chance of warmer weather in the UK instead forcing more rain and cooler

Aussie deputy PM drops Kiwi citizenship

Australia's "accidental Kiwi" deputy prime minister renounced his New Zealand citizenship Tuesday amid sheep jokes, Hollywood taunts and conspiracy

Labour MPs speak out against party's EU stance

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn faces mounting pressure, as Labour MPs have raised concerns over how the party will be

Protesters boo Merkel as she tries to win votes

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel was booed and jeered as she took to the stage in Gelnhausen, Germany, today to

Australia, Solomon Islands sign security deal

Australia and the Solomon Islands have signed a deal allowing Canberra to deploy security forces to its Pacific neighbor

Sierra Leone plea for mudslide

Sierra Leone needs "urgent support" now for thousands of people hit by mudslides and massive flooding in the capital, the

Falling tree kills 11 on Portuguese island of Madeira

A falling tree has killed at least 11 people and injured dozens more at a religious ceremony on the Portuguese

3,000 firefighters in Portugal combat raging wildfire

Around 3,000 firefighters in Portugal were struggling to put out more than 150 wildfires raging across the country Tuesday, as

270 bodies recovered from Sierra Leone mudslide

Rescue workers have recovered 270 bodies so far from a mudslide in the outskirts of Sierra Leone's capital Freetown, the

First-ever Freedom Run marks India's 70th Independence Day in London

Hundreds of members of the Indian diaspora in the

Guam officials 'ecstatic' as North Korea holds off attack

Guam officials were "ecstatic" Tuesday as North Korea appeared

Iran can quit nuclear deal if US keeps adding sanctions: Rouhani

President Hassan Rouhani warned on Tuesday that Iran could

Both Korean leaders, US signal turn to diplomacy amid crisis

Even as North Korea presented leader Kim

China warns it 'won't sit idle' if US harms trade ties

China warned on Tuesday that it "will not sit

Maduro orders Venezuela military drill after Trump threat

Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro on Monday ordered his armed

Deadliest African floods over past two decades

The massive flooding in the Sierra Leone capital of

Car ramming east of Paris kills girl, terrorism ruled out

A car smashed into a pizza restaurant east of

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