Monday, September 21, 2015



British police said Friday they had made further "significant" arrests over the Islamist-inspired terror attack on parliament, as they

Malaria kills 150 in Zimbabwe

At least 150 people have died

Australian residents begin evacuating ahead of cyclone

Thousands of people began evacuating low-lying areas of Australia's tropical northeast on Monday as a powerful

Russian opposition leader arrested

Russia's main opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, has been arrested at an anti-corruption protest he

Saudi embassy confirms UK attacker been in KSA

The man who killed four people outside Britain's Parliament was in Saudi Arabia three times and taught English there,

Putin meets Le Pen

Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed the "great importance" of ties between his country and France as he met French

EU leaders meet for Rome aniv

Leaders of 27 European Union countries, not including the UK, are meeting in the Italian capital to celebrate 60

Singaporean blogger Amos gets US asylum

A US immigration judge in Chicago on Friday granted asylum to a Singaporean blogger, saying he was persecuted for

Trump defiant after healthcare failure

US President Donald Trump has blamed Democrats for the failure of his healthcare bill. Both houses of Congress are

Tillerson to attend NATO meeting

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will attend a NATO summit on March 31, according to a State Department

'Link seen between Russia, Libyan commander'

The head of US forces in Africa told reporters on Friday there was an "undeniable" link between Russia and

Google to teach black students to code

Google is ramping up efforts to promote diversity in Silicon Valley by launching a programme to

Schoolboy, two others wounded in France shooting

At least three people, including a schoolboy, have been injured when a

Republicans pull healthcare legislation plan in major blow to Trump

Republican leaders of the House of

‘Fillon lacks dignity after smear charge’

French President Francois Hollande said Friday rightwing presidential candidate Francois Fillon had exceeded the bounds of dignity and responsibility

Donald Trump sets ultimatum

US President Donald Trump has demanded a make-or-break vote in the House of Representatives on Friday on his troubled

Greek PM presses EU on labor rights

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Friday called on EU leaders, who are among his country's creditors, to protect

US shootings kill four

Four people including a police officer were killed in a series of shootings Wednesday in Marathon County, northern Wisconsin

Britain's Labour gets historic win in City of London

Britain's Labour Party has won five seats at elections in the City of London, the heart of the country's

I'm President, you're not, Trump tells Time journo

US President Donald Trump has defended some of the most controversial claims of his young political career in a

Russia denies supplying Taliban after NATO claim

Russia on Friday denied allegations by the commander of NATO that Moscow may be assisting the Taliban as the

Six Russian troops died as rebels attack

Six Russian troops died in the early hours of Friday when a group of insurgents attacked their base in

Nancy Pelosi on health care fight

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was asked by CNN's Anderson Cooper on Tuesday whom she considers the current

Israel, US conclude talks without settlement agreement

Israel and the United States concluded talks in Washington on advancing peace with the Palestinians, without agreeing on one

US sanctions 30 firms, individuals for aiding Iran, N. Korea arms programs

The United States has imposed sanctions

Rise of superbug TB hampers global control efforts

Rising rates of superbug tuberculosis (TB)