Monday, September 21, 2015



The burning of fossil fuels has caused a grave threat to loom large over the ecosystem,

Natural gas can't help curb climate change: Report

France pledges $34m for foreign climate experts

France on Saturday made good on its promise to invite foreign climate

Ways to improve air quality at home

Our house serves as a sanctuary where we relax and spend a lot of time

When animals are socially aware

There’s a strong theme in many human conversations that animals are better than us because

Tiger count in Assam's Kaziranga rising

Population of tiger in the Kaziranga National Park and Burachapori in Assam has been found

Apple issues $1 billion green bond

Apple Inc offered a $1 billion bond dedicated to financing clean energy

Coffee-drinking habit may harm wildlife

As per a new study conducted in the US, caffeine gets expelled with our urine

Earth will be much rainier than scientists previously expected

As our planet continues to warm, the amount of rain that will

China's Yangtze most polluting river; Ganga second in the list

Ganga, the sacred river to Hindus, has been found to be the second-most polluting river

This 'tree' has the environmental benefits of a forest

Air pollution is one of the world's invisible

Industrial waste destroying Narsingdi rivers

Industrial chemicals and wastes have destroyed most of the rivers including Shitalakhkha, Brahmaputra and Harikhola

World Environment Day being observed

The World Environment Day is being observed in the country as elsewhere around the world

More needed to save Great barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is facing a number of threats, including poor

Antarctic ice crack takes major turn

There has been an important development in the big crack cutting across the Larsen C Ice

Climate deal is essential: UN chief

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said it is "absolutely essential" that the world unite

Researchers test self-destructing moth pest in cabbage patch

Researchers in a New York cabbage patch are planning the first release on American soil of insects genetically engineered to

NASA's Juno probe forces 'rethink' on Jupiter

Eco-friendly bioplastics bag in Japan

Businesses and local authorities in Japan are turning to environmentally friendly bioplastics for shopping and

Mumbai's 'dirtiest' beach is finally clean

[WATCH] 'World's best-preserved' dinosaur fossil unveiled

The fossil of the armoured dinosaur species called a nodosaur is revealed at a museum

Inside the Bermuda Triangle’s eerie, deadly history

Even Christopher Columbus was creeped out by the Bermuda Triangle.While sailing through the mysterious stretch of the Atlantic Ocean between

Rare porpoise faces 'imminent extinction'

An immediate extension of a fishing ban is desperately needed to save the world's most endangered marine species.Campaigners say there

Scientists find 38m pieces of trash on Pacific island

Entrepreneur's selling fresh air in bottle

Whether enveloped by the thick smog from factories or choked with invisible poisons from vehicle exhausts,

Earth had barren, underwater landscape 4.4 bn years ago: Study

The Earth's landscape was most likely to have been barren, mountainless and mostly underwater 4.4 billion

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