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It's 2017 and the patriarchy's grip is as strong as ever." If, like many self-respecting bros, you are turned

Donald Trump, an AI president

It is hard to imagine a more scathing indictment of our ability to read another's thoughts and intentions than

Varieties of populist experience

Emmanuel Macron's decisive defeat of Marine Le Pen in the French presidential runoff was a major victory for liberal

Rabindranath, man of unmatched versatility

Tagore was born in 1861, a period during which the nationalist movement in India was crystallizing and gaining momentum.

Clear and present danger in Israel

Israel's greed goes further with more Arab Palestinian land stolen and towns and villages uprooted. The southern region of

Nations are political constructs

In your book Post-Demo-cracy you laid out your beliefs why the political order of Western countries is in decay.

President Donald Trump's King Lear moment

Donald Trump is looking a bit like King Lear these days. In the wake of reports that he shared

Was the Vietnam War winnable?

My interest in the Vietnam War began in the early 1990s, when I took a college course on the

When journalism comes stripped of ethics . . .

A well-known Bengali journalist stated a few days ago that General Ziaur Rahman wished to divorce his wife Khaleda

Valerie Taylor: A saint in our midst

I do not subscribe to the norm of showering people with pleasantries, praise, love, and admiration after they have

An unfeigned servant of mankind

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan is a blanked-out politician of perfect finesse of South East Asia. He was born on

Trump, Trump, yes, papa; hiding Russia? No, papa

Being afraid of being caught in the act of doing some ugly things, Donald J. Trump is trying to

Syria's salvation is its people

When the Syrian conflict began in 2011, I deleted my Facebook profile, thinking that real-life, face-to-face discussions counted for

Speak up for Europe and win

Emmanuel Macron won the French presidency last week with 66 percent of the popular vote, a reasonable voter turnout

Trump violated his oath of office

In what is perhaps the gravest accusation of presidential misconduct in a scandal-ridden four months, news outlets have reported

The culprits behind white flight

In Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient Express," the detective Hercule Poirot proposes an improbable theory to explain an

China's takeover of Pakistan

As per reports, China is expected to take over controlling stakes in strategic areas due to repayment issues on

Trump hurts the spying business

The man seated across from me had been a spy for the United States for several decades. Recruited by

Brexit spells end of British art

Before we vote in June's election we must consider what kind of culture we want to live in. I

Rabindranath and the Bengali experience

On 25 Baishakh, we celebrated Rabin-dranath, as we celebrate him every day of our lives.  There is the primordial

The fertile ground of French Communism

France's presidential election this year was exceptional: because of Emmanuel Macron's victory, because of the presence of a representative

Who will care for the childless?

Few of us are immune from the anxiety that can quickly set in when we contemplate our own ageing.

We must do more to stop cyber attack

The path to a global outbreak on Friday of a ransom-demanding computer software ("ransomware") that crippled hospitals in Britain

Is clash of civilizations real?

While there can be no defense for the terrorism and despicable brutalities perpetrated by the al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS

Clinton's time to move on

Hillary Clinton is back. Six months after her defeat, Clinton has waded into the middle of America's post-election battles

A real crisis for the West

After the cascading weirdness of recent western history, the results from France's presidential election were strangely - normal. All

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