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It is a disease characterized by rigidity of muscles, tremor of hands and some other significant symptoms. Among others,

Eid-ul- Fitr: History and importance

Eid is a message of happiness . It is one of the most important and biggest  muslim festival of

The essence and teaching of Eid-Ul-Fitr

The word Eid comes from Arabic; which means frequent coming. Again Eid denotes happiness, joy and pleasure. Again the

Many perils of enticing immigrants

When the migrant crisis started spinning out of control in the summer of 2015, a deep fracture appeared inside

Dalit versus Dalit in Indian Presidential race

Despite the numbers in the electoral college being heavily stacked in favour of the BJP-led NDA Alliance candidate Ram

Do not misread Arab Gulf policies

In a June 13, 2017, essay posted online at Politico, the Baker Fellow and director of the Gulf and

Democracy must prevail

Diversity is desirable in human affairs, as in nature. Most countries strive toward economic and political diversification. Economic diversification

Sitara Parvin . . . in the stars

My friend Sitara Parvin passed from the light of life to the darkness of death eleven years ago. In

Force-feeding children with too many books in schools

Children are abused in many ways in our country. They are tortured to death, punished in workplaces, harassed at

The concept of modern society

The world is changing very rapidly with time and technology. But the major challenge is adaptation to the change.

What was Gandhi's caste and what did Congress represent?

Volumes have been written on Gandhi and Indian National Congress. There are diverse views about both. The views on

When virtues arise from within

Highlighting the immense benefits of ancient Indian culture of yoga, a laudable proposal was floated by the Honorable Indian

Flashback to the taste of winter's delight

After the rains, after the heat envelopes me once more in the month of Jaistha, I sit in my

How about a branch of CMC hospital in Dhaka?

It was a midnight of January. I was sitting on the balcony of Hotel Solai at the heart of

People of Bangladesh deserve better

Bangladesh's impressive run in the Champions Trophy, though terminated by a thrashing from India in the semi-final last week,

Old Europe is new again

The contrast could not be more stark. Theresa May, the British prime minister, presides over a hung Parliament and

Pakistan does complete a 'demolition job' over India

Seldom did an international cricket tournament witness such a turnaround, as Pakistan, coming into the 8th edition of the

Can the world hold Duterte to account?

Against the illegal drugs trade in his country, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has let slip the dogs of war-and

Idle thoughts on a rainy day

Rainy days are all set in, with the skies overcast, thickly eclipsing the blazing sun. Rumble of clouds shakes

Landslides in hill districts: Who takes responsibility?

No words can take the edge off grieves and pains that the hillside people are now going through after

Bangladesh-India relationship: A remarkable era

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recently visited India and signed 35 agreements and MoUs on nuclear co-operation, cyber security, trade,

Chinese loans may put Bangladesh in debt trap

Lanka's estimated national debt is $64.9 billion, of which $8 billion is owed to China.  China is arm-twisting Bangladesh

London fire and western democracy

In case you didn't notice, Britain just held an election and the ruling Conservative Party, which had expected to

2019 calculations may decide BJP's choices for President, Vice President

The unexpected is widely expected. The Modi government likes to surprise, keeping its cards close to its chest until

Questions looming over London tower fire

How soon is too soon to raise difficult, politically charged questions about a tragedy that has cost lives? It's

Brotherhood's role in Middle East

Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East is committed to achieving an Islamic system of government through, for the most

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