Published:  12:00 AM, 12 October 2015

Men’s erratic hairstyle trends

Every day new hairstyles and cool haircuts for
men are popping up. Never before has there
been so much creativity in the world of barbering.
It's amazing! Barbers are mashing up different
styles and producing
some really cool looks.
There are some classic cuts,
fades, and side part commoves
but a lot of the latest
trends are showing off
longer natural hair on top
with short sides.
We're always on the lookout
for new and upcoming
hair trends. From celebrities,
models and just talking
to average guys we can get a
good idea of what kind of
haircut people are moving
The trend for men's haircuts
are all about keeping
some length to work with on
top and styling the hair with
a blow dryer to give it a nice natural wavy look.
It is totally possible to work a lot of movement
and life into the hair without using a tone of
2015 brought some interesting hairstyles,
we're seeing a great resurgence of classic old
school men's haircuts but at the same time
they're not the neat and tidy glued down type of
hairstyle we would expect from a 1950's cut.
Instead o f rapidly fading away, the man bun
trend just continues to grow. The latest version
is not a new style but a very old one. Inspired by
the long coiffed hairstyles of samurai warriors,
the current man bun is hair worn up high like a
top knot. The undercut is a great choice for guys
with wavy and curly hair, especially with longer
locks. Close cut sides make
bedhead look great as well
as more groomed styles.
An undercut can be one
length all over or fade from
short hair to shorter or all
the way down to the skin.
Keep hair extra short at the
top to keep it from sticking
up or long enough for product
to weight it down.
The undercut with long
hair for men from every
angle is nice. This angled cut
is longest at the front and
only a few inches long at the
back for the look of long hair
with easier styling.
Classic men's haircuts and
fades have been dominating
the scene for men's hairstyles in 2015, but many
men are still having fun with the undercut. The
hairstyle has evolved into a longer length worn
loose or slicked back.

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