Published:  12:00 AM, 10 January 2017

Promoting innovative skills

This paper reported on 4th January that a space explorer robot of a kind, designed by a group of students at Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET), has been registered for participating in the prestigious University Rover Challenge 2017 of the Mars Society in the United States. Two students of RUET have invented the robot which is responsive to sound. They say the robot named 'Agradut' will be able to conduct an explorations on Mars in adverse situations. If one follows up the career path of the two young inventors, it is likely that the two may be found in a developed country, the USA in particular, selling their talents to a foreign employer. They may say that they chose such a course on finding  no encouragement or no suitable employment opportunities in their own country. Thus, they may not be blamed for their escapism. Looking around, we see intermittently news of young talents proving their potentials in diverse fields.

Also on 4th January another news item of the achievement of another RUET student was published. He and his other RUET associates have built an engine driven 'quad bike'with a single seater which can travel in rugged or hilly or mountainous terrain at a speed of 60km per hour. In the first week of August he is planning to take part in a quad bike competition in Germany with his newly invented bike. The competition is regarded as a world cup type of contest in squad biking. They previously participated in a similar competition in New Delhi and won the top position. They are hopeful of winning the competition in Germany provided they get some funds and sponsorship from any quarter to be able to further upgrade the bike and join the contest.   A news report in Daily Ittefaq on 6th January highlighted that one of our young inventors, a 10th grader in a school of Dhaka city, has invented a device which can play a big role in preventing car accidents. The device can be inexpensively attached to a car. It can give signal to the driver about a probable accident and even automatically stop the car to prevent an

The teenage inventor has also made a computer, which is distinct from other computers; different hardware in a computer can be operated in his computer with hand signaling only. This special computer can also give signal before an earthquake strikes; it can provide security to different objects of value placed before it and send mobile signals and calls to the owners as warnings if attempts are made to steal them. Another device developed by this juvenile inventor can be used to turn on and off lights, fans, skype and other electrical appliances at home while the user remains far away from his house. Such a device can be also used to warn the user about a fire incident at his or her home and even to help douse the same with water. He has also made a miniature spy car that can help defense personnel know the location of the enemy and their armaments. Given the conducive environment and needed encouragement such creative initiatives may be channeled to productive uses.

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