Published:  01:10 AM, 17 July 2017

Kim's annihilation thoughts

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has threatened to annihilate the United States if sanctions are imposed on his country. That is indeed a dangerous statement to make, considering the Cold War nature of it. Already the nuclear program set in motion by Pyongyang has upset sensibilities around the world. In recent months, North Korea's missile program has only aggravated the concerns of the international community, to a point where the fear has grown that Kim could act unilaterally and rashly and so push the world into unprecedented danger.

The problem is a delicate one which needs careful handling and resolution. It is important that North Korea be contained, but at the same time there must be efforts on the part of other nations, particularly the US and European countries, towards ensuring that the crisis is not exacerbated by statements and actions that can only inflame passions further. In simple terms, Pyongyang must be brought into a situation where it can engage in serious negotiations with other governments. Indeed, confidence-building measures are an important part of global relations in our times, which is why it is not proper that a Cold War mentality come into the perspectives of the present.

There is no question that the moves made by Pyongyang are worrying. It is in the larger interest of the global community, therefore, to ensure that the threats coming from the North Korean leader are diplomatically and strategically tackled. The question of annihilation of a country by another is simply outrageous. Likewise, efforts by other nations to squeeze another through well-organized isolation are undesirable.

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