Published:  12:42 AM, 18 July 2017

Quader for removing intra-party feud before next national polls

The Road Transport and Bridge Minister and General Secretary of ruling Awami League Obaidul Quader MP warned the activists of AL about the consequence if they fail in the next general elections.  Urging them to be united Quader said, "If the leaders and activists fail to be united before the next national polls, the situation will be worse than that of after the national poll in 2001."

If BNP wins the next national polls, the situation like August 21 will be created again. "If BNP comes back again, Awami League must suffer, but, the situation of the country will be the worst again."

Addressing the worker's conference of Chittagong South District Awami League titled 'Oikko Sommilon (United Conference)' held a community center at Bohhaddarhat area on Sunday evening as chief guest, Obaidul Quader also fears that if BNP comes back to power again, 21,000 Awami League leaders and activists would be killed like in 2001.

He alerted the AL workers and activist about intra party feud before the next general polls. "If AL leaders and activists always locked in intra-party feud, the party will be weak and we will lose the national polls."

He observed that the country was in dark during the regime of BNP from 2001 to 2006. "Bangladesh can not go back to the dark. We are on the road of development.  So, Awami League leaders and activists should be united for winning the next national polls."

He also asked them not to be rival each other. Local leaders are engaged in grouping by getting blessings from some leaders. Maximum leaders of Awami League are saying in the root level that this Bhai told me to be advanced. They are advancing individually creating rivalry among each others. As a result, the party is being destroyed for rampant grouping. He requested and directed all to refrain from this. 

"Work for party, work for country. If you work for yourself, the party will be damaged. And, at that time, you will also be damaged. Your individual activities for getting nomination or benefit will go in vain,"  he added. Criticizing the local leaders, he regretted that as no root level leader got a chance to address the conference. As a result, he could not hear the allegation and sufferings of the dedicated activists who are the real force of the party.

He directed the leaders of Chittagong South District Awami League to arrange another conference soon where root level leaders and activists would be allowed to deliver speeches.

He earnestly urged the workers to work together to win the next national polls. "Please go to the people and ensure the services for them. Be friend of people and work for them."

General Secretary of ruling Awami League Obaidul Quader expressed dissatisfaction over the organizational disputes and rivalry among top leaders and said, "If we are divided in the party and create rivalry among us, the opposition will take the opportunity." 

He vowed to solve all crisis prevailing in the party all over the country and restore discipline in the party.  Obaidul Quader directed the BCL leaders not to involve with and tendarism and terrorism and said, "We do not want to see the name of BCL or its leaders in any headlines of bad news in the newspapers.

If anybody comes to headline of bad news, he will be suspended. If the name of anybody comes for occupying of tenders in future, he will be suspended. The party will take organizational decision in this regard."  The conference was chaired by the president of Chittagong South District Awami League Moslem Uddin Ahamod.

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