Published:  12:47 AM, 09 August 2017

Social media awakening mass conscience

The world has reached peak of advancement thanks to the technological innovation especially the information technology. People from every corner of the globe can communicate with each other with the twinkling of eyes. They can exchange information within moments. With the advancement of information technology, the world has turned into a global village. Social media such as facebook, twitter etc is an invaluable gift of the modern science and technology. Through this media, people interact with each other in a lively manner. They share everything good or bad in this platform. Social media have become part and parcel of their daily life.

When the video of brutalities inflicted on Rajan, a Sylhet boy, surfaced on facebook in July 2015, people at home and abroad burst into outrage. Indignations poured in against such senseless violence of killing a tender-aged boy over a trifling matter of allegedly stealing a mobile set and the exemplary punishment of the culprits were demanded in a chorus. Consequently, the government as well as the authorities concerned took the matter in a serious manner. Rapid steps were taken in this connection and the perpetrators were brought under the ambit of justice and handed down them due punishment.

Where the father of the victim was denied to lodge a complaint with the police station, the trial of the sensational case was concluded in a short period in the speedy trial tribunal in face of widespread protest. This trial has set an example in the history of judiciary of the country.

After the brutal death of Rajan, some incidents of such cruelty occurred in the country. A 12-year-old boy named Rakib Hawlader was brutally killed in Tutpara area of Khulna city on August 3, 2015 as he had left employment at the garage and taken up a job elsewhere. The former employer of Rakib pumped air through his rectum after stripping him naked. After the atrocious incident surfaced on facebook, people from all walks of life throughout the country got outraged and vented their anger on the social media particularly facebook demanding the exemplary punishment to the culprits. As a result, the authorities concerned took immediate steps to bring the perpetrators under trial. Ultimately, offenders were arrested and sent to jail.

The sensational rape incident occurred few months back at a Banani hotel in the capital created an outcry across the country. Two private university girls were violated by the son from a wealthy family in the name of inviting them in a birthday party. People in general across the country got agitated in demand of the punishment of the rapists. The medium of demonstrating their outrage was the facebook. Amid strong protest of aggrieved people throughout the country, the government and authorities concerned took rapid action against the offenders.

Nowadays, when any wrongdoing occurs in any corner of the world, the conscious people raise their voice against it. They note their protest on the social media especially facebook. Consequently, facebook has virtually become a medium to make people conscious about injustices prevailing in the society. People get united against any injustice thanks to social media. Such barbaric occurrences also took place in the country in the past. But as the common people had no way to know, most of the incidents would remain unnoticed. The culprits would manage to come out of the ambit of law through its loopholes. But in present time, any kind of crime occurred anywhere of the country is instantly spread through the social media. Speaking in a word, the social media is awakening the sleeping conscience of mass people.

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