Published:  02:37 AM, 12 August 2017

Tripura people for visa-free movement thru' Bangladesh

The governor of Indian state of Tripura Tathagata Roy has demanded the opportunity of people's movement from one region to another of India through Bangladeshi territory without visas.  He wrote to Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj requesting her to talk with the government of Bangladesh in this regard.

Tathagata Roy thinks that the Indian people who move from one city to another should have this opportunity. In support of his logic, he said if one wants to go to Kaliningrad from a part of Russia, he or she has to go through Belarus and Lithuania, the countries which became independent after the collapse of Soviet Union. But no visa is required to travel from one Russian city to another through these countries.

Before the annexation of two Germanys, one could travel from two territories affixing on travelers' tickets. There are such  multiple examples why people can't move from one part to another of undivided India without visa, he questioned.  One had to travel 1600 km from Agartala to Kolkata by road. But now one can reach Kolkata from Agartala traveling around 500 km through Bangladesh. Bus service between two states through Bangladesh was introduced on June 6, 2015. Prime Ministers of both countries inaugurated the service waving respective flags.

The Agartala-bound buses go through no man's land of the border of Akhaura land port. There was a lack of adequate passengers many days due to security reasons. Besides, the passengers have to wait long for visa checking and ancillary works at check posts. Allegations are raised that the fare of buses isn't less than the airfare from Kolkata to Agartala.

Tathagata Roy wrote a letter to Sushma Swaraj about the Tentulia corridor near Islampur-Chopra of North Dinajpur in India. If, at the request of India, the government of Bangladesh constructs a bridge, the distance  between West Bengal to Tripura in that region will reduce about 80 km. If the project is implemented, people of vast areas of north-eastern India will be benefitted, said Tathagata Roy.

-AA News Desk

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