Published:  02:14 AM, 14 September 2017

Experts for refugee camps along border

The influx of Rohingya refugees has been burgeoning day by day as the atrocities by Myanmar army across Rakhine province cannot be halted. Millions of people belonging to the Rohingya community have over last several years fled away from Myanmar's Rakhine province and most of them have entered Bangladesh territory to take shelter.

These refugees have been placed inside thousands of camps in different parts of Cox's Bazar on humanitarian grounds. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has already visited the Rohingyas accommodated inside refugee camps and she has also called upon the Myanmar government to stop violence and to rehabilitate the displaced Rohingyas back in their own country.

Amid rising concern over the ongoing turbulence in Myanmar's Rakhine province, people are also worried about the likely consequences of Rohingyas' exodus into Bangladesh.

As the Rohingya refugee camps have been installed on the mainland of Bangladesh, in Cox's Bazar to be more precise, there is strong likelihood that some of these Rohingyas may get involved in crimes, militancy and other illegal rackets.

At the same time it would be highly difficult for Bangladesh to allow all these Rohingyas to stay inside the country too long. For this reason social scientists and foreign affairs analysts have suggested to shift the

Rohingyas refugee camps close to Myanmar's borders.
Setting up the refugee camps along Myanmar borders will keep the Rohingyas away from associating with the local people of Cox's Bazar. Besides, relocating refugee camps along Myanmar borders will put further pressure on Myanmar government to resolve the Rohingya issue with rapid initiatives, according to experts.
Professor Dr. Delwar Hossain, Department of International Relations, Dhaka University said to The Asian Age, There is certainly some risk under the ongoing circumstances while a great number of Rohingyas are getting into Bangladesh everyday. Bangladesh government should take adequate security measures to restrain Rohingyas from getting involved in unlawful activities inside Bangladesh by mixing with local citizens.
On the other hand, Professor Dr. Syed Anwar Hussain, Department of History, Dhaka University told The Asian Age, Bangladesh government has already started working for consolidating the security issues related to Rohingya crisis. Allegations have meanwhile indicated that some Rohingyas are linked with illegal drugs and smuggling. However, the humanitarian angle of the phenomenon should be addressed too. Local administrative units of those areas require to be more vigilant.

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