Published:  12:49 AM, 15 November 2017

Need to document history

A new book on Bangabandhu's 7 March 1971 address, a seminal oration in defence of Bengali national liberty, was unveiled by the Prime Minister on Monday. The work, an analysis of the various aspects of the speech by noted writers and political columnists of the country, will surely go a long way toward deepening our sense of history. It will especially be the generations born in the last nearly half century since the end of the War of Liberation who will stand to gain from studying the intellectual aspects of Bangabandhu's speech.

The struggle for political rights by the Bengali political leadership, first resolutely articulated through the Six Points presented by Bangabandhu in February 1966, led within a space of five years to an armed struggle for national freedom. In light of such a historical background, it is essential that efforts now be undertaken to have other important aspects of the struggle, notably the speeches delivered by the leaders of the Mujibnagar government in the course of the war, be collected, collated and presented through works of the kind that has just been unveiled vis-à-vis Bangabandhu's address.

For future researchers and students of history, it is of the utmost importance that a comprehensive set of documents be prepared under government auspices in order for our history to be preserved in its completeness. We have already gone through twenty one years, between 1975 and 1996, of organized historical distortion. That situation must not recur.

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