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Bangladesh has made immense socio-economic progress since becoming independent back in 1971 under the blazing leadership of Father of

Interpersonal bonds in society are declining fast

Isolation has become another name for life in the postmodern world. We all have been leading a more or

Unseen Economic Contributions: Women’s Unpaid Labor in Bangladesh

    Md. Shawkat Alam FaisalIn Bangladesh's booming economy, bustling markets and expanding industries

Malfeasance in State-Run Offices Obscures Ruling Authorities’ Popularity

 Class discrimination, price hike, corruption and extreme lack of good governance in the banking arena, financial activities and

It is alarming when depositors lose confidence on banking system

 Bangladesh's banking and financial sectors have been going through unabated turmoil, anarchy, absolute noncompliance, severe corruption, bulldozing interventions, incompetence

Amazing Amazon: A Traveller’s Tale

 Syed Abdallah Alman AhmadThe Amazon rainforest, also known as ‘the lung of the world’,

We Need Smart & Competent Cyber Authorities to Deal With Undesirable Content on Social Media

 Freedom to spread racial hatred on social media is not freedom of expression by any means. Recently in

Democracy means equal rights and justice, not exclusive privileges to a certain class

 In simple terms, democracy means the rule of the people. If there is a massive disparity with regards to

Water-logging hazard has once again glared up in Dhaka city

 A couple of days of rain in July reminded us, once again, that the decades old water-logging problem is

Democracy and Human Rights Are Inevitably Bonded Together

 Writing about democratic characters is no doubt an interesting experience to me. Like me there are many other

Artificial intelligence and block-chain technology should be introduced in textbooks

 The fourth industrial revolution is literally turning the world into a global village. Incomprehensibly advanced technological dependence is being

NATO Top Officials Concerned Over Increasing Threat from Russia and China

 In a recent interview with The Telegraph, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg emphasized the increasing threat from Russia and

Strong steps are essential to fight syndicators and monopolists

 Bangladesh is self-sufficient in the agricultural sector which is why food shortage has not yet hit Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina

People’s access to information should never be obstructed

 Newspapers, magazines, television channels and other forms of media outlets have been undergoing challenges and crisis for last several

A New Start of BBIN Connectivity

  Sanjay DebnathAfter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s bilateral visit to India last month, the much-debated

The Bridgework Between Dreams and Reality

 Rifat Rafique BadhanHenry David Thoreau, a leading author of the American Age of Enlightenment

Strong initiatives are going on to reach Smart Bangladesh goal

 More than 16,000 entrepreneurs are currently working in around 8,800 digital centers across the country to deliver services to

Literature can work as a tool to bring about necessary social reforms

 Literature with subaltern underpinnings has close interrelations with postcolonial thoughts and views because social perils like slavery, racism, discrimination

India-Bangladesh Bonhomie

 Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s second visit to India in less than a fortnight (earlier, she was present

Bangabandhu Means Bangladesh and Vice Versa

 Bangladesh and Bangabandhu are synonymous entities. One cannot be imagined without the other. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is

True progress cannot be acquired if we fail to stop bribery and corruption

Solid and sustainable development cannot be acquired without eliminating class discrepancies, bribery and corruption. Bribery is also known

Like Digital Bangladesh, Vision 2041 Is Also Coming True

 Bangladesh is committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 and becoming a developed and smart

Bureaucratic knots and tangles should be simplified for faster services to people

 The increase in the executive and authoritative power of the bureaucrats further escalates their demand for greater numbers which

Many Banks Don’t Comply With Regulatory Codes

 A broad number of state-owned and private banks in Bangladesh have been plunged into an unfathomable abyss because

Prevalence of human rights should be developed into a culture

 Human rights are the birthright of every human being. People will enjoy and exercise these rights—that is natural. Human

India-Bangladesh Alliance Remains Cordial and Will Become More Consolidated in Future

 India Bangladesh relations always remain pleasant and cordial till date. It dates back to around 53 years of

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