Monday, September 21, 2015



It is always a delight to see "Made in Bangladesh" when one goes shopping in the UK, Europe

Global taxation for the Digital Age

The question of how to tax increasingly globalized and digitized businesses is vital to the future health of

Shaping an opposition in Jatiya Sangsad

A leading figure of the Jatiya Party has urged those members of the Grand Alliance who have not

The imperatives before the Prime Minister

Now that she is in her fourth term as the nation's leader, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina certainly has

Reservation for economically backward: Another jumla!

Indian caste system has been a big obstacle to the journey towards equality. With Independence and the Indian

New VAT law and woe of SMEs

Small and cottage enterprises (SME) constitute some 90 percent of all businesses and play an important role in

Homage to Shaheed Asad

We observe today the anniversary of the martyrdom of Asaduzzaman, a student activist who laid down his life

The onerous task before Dipu Moni

Education Minister Dipu Moni has informed the country that more teachers will be recruited in order to further

Disaster management and community participation

Disaster management is concerned with preparing for ameliorating the impact and reducing the risk of disasters. It involves

Protect mother crabs and fries in Sundarbans

During this breeding season, catching of mother crabs and Parshe fish - two important cash crops for Bangladesh's

Run down the Brexit clock

The overwhelming defeat that Britain's Parliament inflicted upon Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plan was fresh confirmation that

Dhaka's pollution menace needs efficient tackling

The rapid deterioration of liveability in of our beloved capital Dhaka --- a home to more than 20

The myth of Press Freedom (Last Part)

Even if the privileged and predominantly white, male, privately educated, Oxbridge graduates wanted to, (cannot truly) understand, let

China, India embrace signals bright prospects

To some observers, the India-China bonhomie may come as a surprise premised as it is on a rocky

Opposition factor in the new JS

It is indeed a conundrum for the government. Having returned to office with 257 seats on its own,

The weight on May's shoulders

Britain's Conservative government certainly heaved a sigh of relief when it survived a no-confidence motion in the House

Let law crack down hard on rapists

Sexual violence on women and children across Bangladesh has been rising diabolically. According to police headquarters, during the

Myth of the free press! (Part-I)

It is a mere fact that many among us, do not trust journalists. Yet, most of us have

The dilemma for Theresa May

British politics enters an unpredictable phase following the massive defeat suffered by Prime Minister Theresa May in parliament

Culture of disrespect

Modern politics is considered to be not only an exercise in the formulation and presentation to the public

When democracy goes wrong

Democracy, we are repeatedly being told and quite properly too, is a reflection of people's ideas about how

Bangladesh Liberation War in global context

The Bangladesh Liberation War was territorially a small one confined as it did to about fifty- six thousand

Hefazat chief's comments call for action

Dr Kamal Hossain speaks for everyone who believes in the secular spirit of the nation's history. His call

Problems and prospects of Bangladeshi migrant workers

Migration is one of the significant instruments for globalization. Over the last decade, migration of labor has seen

Republicans play 'Israel card' and fail

As this past week began, with the shutdown of parts of the United States government entering its third

Rohingyas and security in camp areas

We have already expressed our deep concern over the destruction having been made on regular basis by the

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