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Coronavirus is like a storm about to hit. No one knows how bad it is going to get

Media, translated words and Covid-19

Jannatul Ferdous IvyFighting against Covid 19 is the global top priority in media coverage at this

The media in a shaping of global perspectives

We need to explore the role that the media in our times play in a shaping, or reshaping,

Some philosophical aspects of corona crisis

Sudden outbreak of deadly corona virus as global pandemic and our consequential confinement in doors has tremendously upset

COVID-19 and quarantine: Personal liberty vs public good

The outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is having serious impacts in every spare of our life across the

All those lost alleys and streets

Dhaka is difficult terrain for many of us. Over the last three decades and more it has mutated

How to manage and reduce risk factors of COVID-19?

The people of Bangladesh have learned to live with disaster. Disasters have taken highest toll on the people.

Abnormal is the present normal

Ruhi Kabir A new world order has emerged. Life as we knew it has stopped, has

The distortion of language

A tendency to pronounce Bangla words and sentences with a pronounced English or western accent is doing much

Why cartoons matter in journalism

Cartoons are one of the most effective ways of ensuring the working of a free press in a

Now that April is here ...

There is a spring in our steps. There is April once again in our courtyards. And there is

Engaging local governments to fight covid-19 pandemic

Mohammad Jahangir Hossain Mojumder & Pranab Kumar PandayIn unprecedented times of pandemic, like COVID-19, an integrated

Those lost black-and-white days

Time was when we used to write letters. It was an era when people made contact with one

Of manpower skills and education

We cannot but be concerned about the fact that one-third of the youth having education of secondary level

Responsible use of freedom of expression

In the recent past we have experienced controversy and debate as to whether citizens in general and those

Social responsibility on earth

Being socially responsible shows both social awareness and self-management skills for it. We must have the awareness of

Water issues in Dhaka

Safe and pure drinking water remains a matter of deep concern for the inhabitants of Dhaka. Of the

The importance of social business

The essence of social business is what ought not to be missed, though there all the questions related

Is world heading for a bio-warfare?

The present spread of novel Corona virus across the globe have infected thousands and sent many of them

Does religion matter?

The carnage or to put it more precisely the anti-Muslim violence in Delhi (February-March 2020) has shaken us

Violence against children must end

The alarming rise in violence against children in recent times has sparked socio-economic and political flashpoints in the

It's coronavirus time, but don't forget about dengue

While the country is practically at war against the coronavirus pandemic, time is getting closer to get ready

Terror strikes in Kabul Gurudwara

When the whole world is fighting the pandemic arising out of deadly virus menace the Covid-19, capital of

Empowering people, developing societies

There are politicians who believe politics is the highest art of compromise. And because it is, it ought

Urban poor get poor attention

A study of World Bank estimates of the urban-rural breakdown of poverty for the developing world, drawing on

South China Sea: Sino-US competition

On 10 March 2020, the guided-missile destroyer USS McCampbell steamed through disputed waters in the South China Sea

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