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 Over four lakh expatriate Bangladeshis have come back home from different countries leaving or losing their jobs amid

Online business thrives during Covid 19 pandemic

 The ongoing pandemic has locked the entire world inside homes but that does not mean the demands have

COVID-19 Pandemic increasing Challenges of Child Labor

 According to the latest figures from the ILO, about 168 million children in the world today are selling

Heroism of William A.S. Ouderland in 1971

 Today I remember the story of a hero who risked his life to liberate the country in the

Global powers should come up urgently to resolve Israel-Palestine dispute

 The sudden resurge of the Israel-Palestine clashes, and the bloodshed that followed, is a striking reminder of the

Holiday returnees and tackling the spread of Covid-19

 As Eid holidays are over, now thousands of holidaymakers from different districts overcrowded the ferry terminals and transport

PM Sheikh Hasina Keeps the Steering of Bangladesh Energetic and Dynamic

 17th May 2021 is the 41stHomecoming Day of Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. On this

This is my country - This is not my country

 The triumph of all Pakistan based National Election in 1970 for Awami League under the leadership of Bangabandhu

Chinese envoy violates Vienna Convention

The warning by the Chinese envoy in Dhaka against Bangladesh joining a grouping led by the USA is not

The worries over COVID-19 vaccine

There is an increasing worry over shortage of COVID-19 vaccine, especially those who are yet get the first

Public Access to Information Community Radios playing a significant role in tackling COVID-19 in Rural Bangladesh

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) has recognized as a Champion in the prestigious UN World

Muslims navigate curbs during another pandemic Ramadan and Eid

Muslims around the world will be celebrating Ramadan in the midst of a pandemic for the second year

Mother - the icon of selfless love

 Thos who have their mother with them and celebrated the Mothers' Day are the luckiest in the world.

PM's plea and the exodus from Dhaka

 Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has repeatedly alerted the people of the country about the dangers of COVID-19, especially

Bangladesh lags behind in bringing remittance compared to peer economies

 Bangladesh is largely foreign remittance-dependent country next to export earnings. Since 1976, Bangladesh had continuously been sending migrant

China's chesty bossing over Taiwan

Part-IILong before, Taiwanese nationals seek employment or reach the age to vote, the United Front already has their

The weeping felled trees of Suhrawardy Uddyan

 The felling of the trees at Suhrawardy Uddyan is sad as it takes years to grow into a

Bad media more destructive than atomic bomb

 During the Second World War scientists developed the atomic bomb, which had the power to destroy the whole

Unending Afghan tragedy

 In the latest act of militant attack in the Afghan capital Kabul, a blast close to a secondary

China's chesty bossing-over Taiwan

 When Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping visited a military base in Southeast China, he told members

Mamata's letter --- Let words turn into reality

Bangladesh and India are "tested true friends" and it is a must to sort out any outstanding issue that

Remembering Rabindranath Tagore

The world celebrated the 160th birthday of Noble Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, the author of Bangladesh's national anthem "Amar Sonat

No to Life, Yes to Eid!

In the latest move to contain the spread of COVID-19, the government has stopped the operation of all

Ethics of oligopoly in Vaccine market

Vaccines have been a major force in reducing the occurrence of infectious diseases worldwide. However, many ethical issues

Crowded buses are scary

A photograph carried by the Asian Age in its city page on Friday is scary to say the least.

Overhead electricity cables to go in Dhaka

One of capital Dhaka's eyesores is the decades old overhead electricity cables which are also responsible for accidents during

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