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French President-elect Emmanuel Macron is a passionate man. In high school, he told his literature teacher he would

Indian parliamentary elections 2019 and their aftermath

It is more than a month or so verdict of India's 17th parliamentary elections was announced. On account

Prime Minister on planned industrialisation

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's statement on planned industrialization is welcome. Her assertion that only because people have money

The racism in Trump

Donald Trump's racism is a throwback to the 1950s, when Rosa Parks became the earliest voice for civil

Relations between Dhaka and Beijing gain momentum

The dynamics of ties between Bangladesh and China have intensified in its diversity through greater connectivity within the

The importance of the media

All too often, everyone urges the mass media in the country to play an objective role in presenting

An episode comes to a closure

I interviewed former President Hussain Muhammad Ershad in The Asian Age office in December 2016. I talked to

All those history deniers

There are people around us happy forgetting history or deliberately pushing it under the rug. Deliberate amnesia is

The Ershad years . . . and the denouement

Lt. Gen. Hussein Muhammad Ershad has died at the age of eighty nine in Dhaka. It

Loving the state of conscious denial!

Why have Ameri-cans apparently remained in their state of conscious denial, oblivious of what their country has done,

The passing of General Ershad

General Hussein Muhammad Ershad's death at the age of eighty nine brings to a close a rather exciting

Moment of truth for US-Turkey relations

For roughly two years, the United States has been warning the Turkish government against receiving a huge Russian

After the rains

It is the norm in our part of the world, in Bangladesh to be precise, for rains to

Re-introduction of Wage Earners' scheme

Bangladesh is a country that is running in trade deficit, i.e, the import payment is higher than export

Ministerial advice to the media

Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun has been proffering advice to the media. He has told journalists to

Concern over gas price hike

In Bangladesh, new gas price hike by 32.80 percent as per announcement of the government came into effect

Make roads safe for women

That our womenfolk undergo multifarious sufferings and harassment in public transports and on streets is all too well-known.

Irregularities in nursing and midwifery department

Nurses are entitled to independently assess and monitor patients. They provide care, and also alert doctors about the

Shrinking water bodies in Dhaka

It goes without saying a brisk and an unremitting decline of water bodies and swamps around the capital

Governance discourse in a comparative historical perspective-Last Part

But the Governance of England possessed in some respects greater historical interest. It was Fortescue's last work, written

Issues of health care

There is no denying we have achieved remarkable success in various indexes of healthcare services, keeping pace with

India must do more for its friendly neighbor

As a big country and economy, India has always had an unfair advantage over its neighbouring countries which

A question of diplomacy

Diplomacy gets to be a pool of stagnant water as long as it does not constantly get replenished

Writing to a long dead Fatima Jinnah

Some years ago, the authorities in the Pakistani city of Karachi served notice on Fatima Jinnah, sister of

Governance discourse in a comparative historical perspective -- I

The article is the first segment of the keynote paper presented at the International Conference on "Governance in

The cruel face of child labour

Child labour in Bangladesh is rampant.Growing marginal people - due to an uneven economic development across the regions

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