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The original tanneries were concentrated at Narayanganj from British period. Pakistan government developed a planned tannery park at

Chinese science and the US-China tech war

The sharp deterioration of US-China relations raises a series of challenges for Chinese scientific development. US concerns over

Children need protection from war

War is brutal and does not discriminate. The vagaries of war and conflict do not only affect evil

Suu Kyi and the Rohingyas

David Cameron's memoirs bring out one more negative image of Aung San Suu Kyi. She once told the

Inhumanity, Chinese debt trap, controversies . . . and a world in deep crisis

The whole world is in a state of chaos and worry as there is increasingly less hope left

Why journalism matters

A prominent journalist in Tanzania was recently taken into custody by the police. Two years ago, another Tanzanian

Human liberation-from proletariat to "dignitariat"

Some days ago in a television talk-show, one of the participants of the show said that when the

Tough action against loan defaulters a necessity

That Bangladesh's banking sector has continued to suffer due to ballooning non-performing loans (NPL) is in no way

Impact of social media on young generation

Social media is an online service, platform or website, which is a network of people-to-people social relationships; where

All the Presidents we have known

When Mohammad Abdul Hamid was elected Bangladesh's twentieth president some years ago, the heart was made glad. Here

Recast and reshape the BRTC

The overall picture of the mass transport system in Bangladesh is not at all encouraging. Rampant chaos in

Ensure proper management of public funds

Iven though the economy of the country is looking good at the macro level, there are still some

Hindi as the uniting language of India!

Modi.2 has emerged as a very powerful Government. It has not only the numerical majority; it is also

Digital Dragons: The rise of Chinese tech titans

The digital era is all about free flow of information and matching the right idea that clicks the

A conversation on the constitution

It is time to go back to a conversation on the values which led to the emergence of

African nations lead escape from Chinese debt trap

For the past two years, I have been warning developing nations to exercise care before accepting Chinese Belt

The role of remittance in our economy

Bangladesh now has been graduated to a developing country. It is no more a least developed country. We

The crisis confronting journalism

The newspaper industry in Bangladesh is in crisis.The prevailing wisdom is that the print media, by

Tackle tobacco tax dodging

Bangladesh has been a classic example where good initiatives turn to be futile thanks to the negligence of

Blue economy potential should be tapped for progress

We know population of the world is more than seven billion. It is estimated that in the year

An insult to morality

Michael Prue is a Canadian politician who visited Bangladesh some years ago. On that trip he made it

Any stateless status in Assam would be a human tragedy

India has now generated debate and controversy through the publication of a list of those persons who constitute

Mahalaya binds the people of all religions and languages

Every year prior to the celebrations of Durga Puja Bengalis of both India and Bangladesh celebrate Mahalaya. It

Cameron and the beauty of democracy

Memoirs are often a purgation of emotions on the part of those who write them. It is an

Foreign tours, new cars and missing Tk. 57 crore

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Environment, Forest and Climate Change has acquainted citizens with yet one more instance

Repatriation of Rohingyas: Who's guarding Myanmar's back?

It's been two years since almost a million Rohingya people fled the Rakhine state of Myanmar to escape

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