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Sher-e-Bangla Abul Kashem Fazlul Huq died on this day, 27 April, in 1962.Fifty six years after his passing, the

Is just garlanding of portraits is honoring Ambedkar?

This 14th April the 127th birth anniversary of Bhimrao Ambedkar was marked by a heightened celebrations of the occasion

In Washington, Macron is the voice of sanity

French President Emmanuel Macron has in a very large sense been speaking for the world on his recent visit

Sher-e-Bangla matters in history

It is a day to remember a giant in the politics of our part of the world. On this

Solution in which way

Bangladesh has laid importance on taking big countries and important international organizations on board to solve the Rohingya crisis.

Why is Bangladesh booming?

Bangladesh has become one of Asia's most remarkable and unexpected success stories in recent years. Once one of the

The police must obey the law

The Dhaka Metropolitan Police Commissioner has held out the assurance to the journalists' community that action will be taken

Mexico's worry

Jaime Rodriguez is a candidate at the forthcoming presidential election in Mexico. That is not why his name is

How to negotiate with North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un seems to be setting the stage for an historic deal with US President

A question of passports

We need to talk about passports, specifically in relation to the controversy which now appears to swirl around

When 'development' threatens our villages . . .

Bangladesh's villages need to be saved from 'development'. There must be laws, those which civilized societies observe everywhere,

The passing of a poet

The death of a poet is always a grievous blow to poetry. That is the lesson which has

Project delayed project denied

The above title resembles the saying - justice delayed justice denied. We all know the very meaning of

Mr Commerce Minister, US will go back to TPP

Sad news has been announced by the spokesperson of US White House for Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed. President

Pakistan's army and Geo TV

Pakistan's popular television channel Geo is back in operation after having been off the air for over two

BNP mob parades in London

The circus put up by the UK branch of the BNP during the Prime Minister's recent visit to

The world of William Shakespeare

There is something of Shakespeare you will spot everywhere. The universality is what you cannot miss, for there

Dissolving Parliament and upholding democracy

Much talk has been going on, and quite naturally too, about the forthcoming general election in the country.

Fake or wrong news --- A danger between the lines

The story of used the word "embarrass" from an unidentified PMO official. My learning in journalism after

America's rich political tradition

Despite Donald Trump, American democracy maintains its rich heritage, one that has resonance in large parts of the

Movement for just cause or vandalism?

Once dubbed Oxford of the East, once regarded as the powerhouse of all movements of just causes and

Social media: A blessing or a curse?

Various forms of social media are widely used all across the globe at the present time. The objective

Disturbing doings at DU Sufia Kamal Hall

The authorities of Begum Sufia Kamal Hall of Dhaka University have a lot of explaining to do about

Yashwant Sinha's worries must not be ignored

The resignation of Yashwant Sinha from the ruling BJP in India sends out a strong signal about the

Rajib slaps the society down

'Who is Rajib? Rajib is killed'. This is perhaps the last faint voice of Rajib Hossain at his death

Unblock PPP bottlenecks

Public Private Partnership (PPP) in development is a concept quite well-known in the developed capitalist societies, where it is

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