Monday, September 21, 2015


A new approach to MENA's refugee crisis

The human toll from violence in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has reached historic proportions. Since

The Carlile affair

The British parliamentarian and lawyer Lord Carlile has not been allowed entry into India. As news reports would

Our secular republic

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made it known that no one can defy the religion of Islam in

International Civil Service Day - perspective Bangladesh

Public service means rendering services, fixed and given from the government side, to the people of a particular

Seclusion and other inhospitable attributes

Isolation has become another name for life in the postmodern world. We all have been leading a more

Demonized politics

We are passing through a critical time in politics. To what extent we are a democratic dispensation is

Thai cave rescue

The anxious world heaved a great sigh of relief after the successful completion of reportedly the largest, most

Don't fail to read a logical movement

Let me first make my stand clear on

Reading the signs of the times

Comparing today's demagogues with Adolf Hitler is almost

The professor and his party

Professor Emajuddin Ahmed, a former vice chancellor of

Ugly politics

Politics can often be reduced into an ugly

Nawaz Sharif's exit- A bad omen for India?

One year ago, Pakistan's Supreme Court had disqualified Nawaz Sharif, the sitting Prime Minister of the country. This

NATO facing deep dilemmas

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was one of the most successful and effective international institutions of the 20th

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