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The home of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at Road 32 Dhanmondi was in the 1960s and till the

Times Higher Education rankings and our universities

A recent ranking of colleges and universities in Asia by Times Higher Education, a reputed journal dealing in

The global consequences of a Sino-American cold war

A few years ago, as part of a Western delegation to China, I met President Xi Jinping in

Conscience is We, the forgotten ones....

A half century ago, the people of my country had lived on the edge of life's crevasse. This

Libya's sorrow

Rebel forces led by Khalifa Haftar, who styles himself as a field marshal, have cut off water supplies

Tackling corruption must not be selective

Former health minister Mohammad Nasim has demanded that death sentences be served on those who adulterate food. His

The beauty of gluttony

There is huge pleasure in eating. Never mind that your doctor tells you of all the dangers that

When exit polls have been wrong

While anchors and political commentators on various Indian television channels are busy discussing and debating the exit polls,

The game of hormones

I know the title might seem a bit unorthodox; but this- the very words have been my catchphrase

How the BJP is changing India

If the exit polls turn out to be true, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party of Prime Minister Narendra

Why a nuclear war is still very possible

One of the most striking facts of today's world is that young people do not seem to worry

Reflections of a citizen

The first time many of us came to know of Sheikh Hasina was on the day after Bangabandhu

Profiteering is no part of faith

The holy month of Ramadan is underway. Ramadan is a season when all Muslims must ask themselves whether

The departure of leaders

British Prime Minister Theresa May will soon be out of office. Having waged a brave struggle on Brexit,

Is the BJP making a case for president's rule in West Bengal!

The poll time violence in West Bengal, relentlessly covered in television networks and debated over special programs that

The policemen and the eggs

Six policemen have been 'closed' in Boraigram upazila of Natore for causing 35,000 eggs to be destroyed when

Bangladesh can learn strategy of FDI from China

The foreign direct investment (FDI) is considered as one of the major sources of employment generation, technology transfer,

India's election should strengthen democracy

India goes to its final phase of elections today. It is the expectation of its people and of

Indian Election 2019: Will Narendra Modi return to power?

All eyes are on as the election process is ongoing in the world's largest democracy. Across the globe

The imminent clash of civilizations!

Yesterday's news headlines, somberly delivered to us, what we had dreaded most. I could see the silhouettes of

Make roads safe for women

That our womenfolk undergo multifarious sufferings and harassment in public transports and on streets is all too well-known.

Launch journey should be safe this Eid

Bangladesh, almost every year in the past few decades, went through a number of marine accidents. Several thousand

Terror attacks in a posh Gwadar hotel

Terror strikes every now and then have become a routine than exception amid contradictory reports of ISIS collapsing

Silencing a people's hero, Julian Assange

Julian Assange is a people's hero in the 21st century world, which is becoming more and more like

Of language and laughter

A truck capsizes on the road. So what's so new? Nothing, really. Until it occurs to you that

Preserving the countryside

The most alarming news for Bangladesh is the brisk disappearance of its arable lands. Noticeably, growing industrialisation, rapid

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