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Since August 2017 more than 700,000 Rohingya refugees were forced to flee Mayanmar and take shelter in Teknaf and

The beauty of ageing

Growing old is a beautiful experience. There are reasons. People begin to give you the respect you always thought

Climate change, disaster management and human rights

In September, 2019, a UN panel of scientists associated with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)   issued a

Observance of Shaheed Noor Hossain Day

The nation observed Shaheed Noor Hossain Day on Sunday in a befitting manner. The day is observed every year

Default loan write-off and star borrower

As per Banking law and particularly loan recovery law, bankers in Bangladesh are most fortunate bankers in the

Why are onion prices high in India?

The prices of onions in some states have risen to as much as Rs 100 per kg, forcing

Our expectations from our doctors

Political leaders in the country down the years have always urged doctors in the country to ensure proper

It's education, only education

Notwithstanding that all of us, including the government, acknowledge that only a purposeful and adequate investment in the

'No RCEP' does not mean an end to India's Act East Policy

India has refused to be a part of the mega trading bloc Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) in

Remembering a great patriot

The birth anniversary of Dhirendranath Dutta was observed a few days ago, on 2 November. We remember him

Arab protests a call for social justice

The images streaming from cities in three countries in our region - countries that, tellingly, had sat out

The politics and death of Col Taher

Colonel Abu Taher was sent to the gallows by the military regime of General Ziaur Rahman on 21

The missing chord

Last week, while teaching my students how to develop descriptive writing, I asked for a few topic suggestions

Of the absurd and the laughable

Absurdities sometimes add spice to life, especially ours here in this unfortunate country. In the world of politics,

Stand by India in fight against terrorism for peace, democracy and progress

Terming  Article 370 an internal issue of India, EU parliamentarians visited Jammu and Kashmir and said they stand

7 November and the murder of freedom fighters

It is 7 November, a day etched in infamy in the history of this country. On this day,

Global terror unabated post-Baghdadi killing

A large section of the International community had heaved a sigh of relief when ISIS Chief, Abu Al

The power of oratory

Oratory has since the beginning of civilised existence kept people in thrall. Shakespeare provided a clue to the

Cooperative movement will carry forward Vision-2021, Vision-2041: An analysis

Cooperative is a kind of social enterprise, which is defined as an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily

For a society free of drug abuse

In today's context, drug abuse has emerged as a major social scourge in Bangladesh. The intensity of the

Why Asia needs to rethink the 'sharing economy'

Once celebrated as exemplars of the 'sharing economy', China's bike-sharing companies rapidly filled Chinese cities with bikes. But

Interrelated matrix of economic power and security

One is tempted always to analyze the use of power in the context of acknowledged super-powers- the USA

The legacy of Deshbandhu

We observe the birth anniversary of Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das today. Ninety four years after his passing in 1925,

Coastal radar surveillance for security and progress

Bangladesh has been putting intuitional focus on harnessing blue economy which has led to significant growth in the

Traffic control: Go digital

Dhaka has traffic lights installed on almost every intersection of its roads. But vehicles do not rely on

Bengal and the Bengalees

Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das --- man of letters, political leader, spokesman for nationalism --- was born on 5 November 1870

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