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It was a rattled General Yahya Khan who on March 3, 1971 called a round table conference of

The dream of Father of the Nation materialized by his daughter PM Sheikh Hasina

Bangladesh has stepped into a new journey as it qualified to graduate into a developing nation from a

A brief look at Bengal's history

History has been an integral part of Bengali life, on both sides of the political and geographical divide. Therefore,

Biden’s airstrikes on Syria: The blatant violation of International Laws

The united states launched airstrikes in Syria on 25 February last targeting facilities near the Iraqi border used

The commandeering of power . . . a brief history

In a democracy, in proper governance, it is the primacy of civilian elected government that matters. But then there

Fresh thaw in Indo-Pak relations?

The recent back channel diplomacy between two top  key functionaries from India and Pakistan dealing with respective national

Yahya Khan postpones National Assembly session

On this day, March 1 in 1971, the Bengali nation reached a decisive phase in its march to

Will Pakistan grant independence to POK?

With an eye towards the United States, where Joe Biden has officially taken over as the President, Pakistan's

Remembering March, remembering the Leader

It is 1 March today, a day which takes us back fifty years. In this year of 2021, we

Cost of Water and cost of Garment

It is said that Textile industries has legs and walk to low cost production area of the world.

Vicious BNP-Jamaat connivance jeopardizes secular politics

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has tarred its political image by packing hands with extremist political front Jamaat-E-Islam. Jamaat-E-Islam

Remembering those black and white times

One gets the sense these days that people are increasingly turning into a society of rude people. It was

Detoxification of politics for stability, peace, and sustainable development

Politics is more a matter of arts than science for the saying goes that politics is the art

China's stringent purification of teaching environment in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a city where its education system maintained an independent and progressive tradition of giving freedom to

Opening up ideas, not closing windows, is the need

Intellect should not be banned. The mind should not be clamped with backward thoughts. Banning books or movies or

The imperfect queen … under Myanmar's military dictatorship

Aung San Suu Kyi, 75, spent nearly 15 years under house arrest by Myanmar's military rulers until her

Those lost Big Media Men

Journalism is not for the faint-hearted. It is not for those who stand ready to genuflect before power, not

Jahangirnagar University: The place I call home

Thanks to the tropical depression over the Bay of Bengal, resulting in mild cyclone Nada, Dhaka, as well

My friend . . . the scholar-soldier

Our first meeting was in the compound of St. Francis Grammar School, Quetta, where students could drink water

A reflection on the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Japan

On the literary side the leading translator from Bangla is Professor Kyoko Niwa. Besides writing a biography of

BDR carnage: the massacre, the moving on and the indifference!

The 12th anniversary of the atrocious carnage at Pilkhana BDR Headquarters in the capital is being observed today.

A tribute to the martyrs - The horror of BDR carnage

Howard Zinn competently said, "There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people."

We have not forgotten the carnage at BDR

It is a day when we mourn the untimely passing of a good number of our compatriots. They were

Hamid Ansari's woes: Plight of pluralism in India

 India began as a plural democracy; respect for diversity was the core value. The provisions of safeguards for

Prof Anisuzzaman . . . the voice of conscience we miss

 The birth anniversary of National Professor Anisuzzaman was observed a few days ago. It breaks the heart to

Sri Lanka punishes the punishers

 Corporal punishment has been kicked about and given another well-deserved beating. This time it was put

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