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Empowering women is a widely used political agenda of most of the nations. There are plenty of studies that

Social media in social development

Modern society is changing fast with the advancement of science and technology. So it is high time for us

Media role in combating crime

In the post-truth age of politics across the world, where common people are fed up with barefaced untruths spouted

The motorbike mafia, again

Here is what you cannot fail to notice. Watch all those pavements all over this sprawling urban slum of

India and China seeking strategic gains in South Asia -- The Bangladesh context

The widely held perception that Asia's two powerhouses, India and China, are seeking strategic gains in South Asia have

Who is responsible for India's partition and Kashmir imbroglio?

Political tendencies not only distort and 'present the past' to suit their political agenda; they can go to any

Be proactive to check mosquito outbreak

That time of the year has arrived when the mosquito menace turns severe. The dwellers of Dhaka city have

Protect the environmental soundness of the city

That the regulating bodies and service providing organisations hardly live up to the expectations of their clientele who are

India's choice in the Maldives

The Maldives - that beautiful Indian Ocean country comprising more than 1,000 coral islands - is known the world

Guns, teachers and Trump

US President Donald Trump has once again come forth with proof of why he was never the man for

The liberty of mother language is the liberty of nation

21 February is now observed globally as the International Mother Language Day. The decision was proclaimed at the 30th

Let's talk books on TV

Now that the month-long Ekushey book fair is drawing to an end, one cannot but register one's appreciation of

International cooperation 2.0

After decades of serving as the backbone of a rules-based global order, the United States, under President Donald Trump,

Intruders at Dhaka airport

People in powerful positions or imagining they are powerful and so nothing can touch them have been trying to

Being between Scylla and Charybdis in reasoning the mystery of life and afterlife

Being living in the existing phenomenal world on planet Earth, humans have some empirical knowledge of life what it

Foreign journalists and airport immigration

Speaking of conditions at Dhaka airport, there is a huge need on our part to educate our immigration officials

India-Bangladesh bilateral relations _ the way forward

All deliberations on the state of the South Asian subcontinent must begin with a remembrance of history. In this

Let politics be clean

While addressing a rally not long ago, the ruling Awami League General Secretary noted that politicians had a hand

Stop fishing mother crabs and fries in Sundarbans

During this breeding season, catching of mother crabs and Parshe fish - two important cash crops for Bangladesh economy

A glimpse of Ekushey songs

I tried to catch a glimpse of the bright shimul tree at the crossroads of Tejgaon industrial area as

Corruption of language: Trends of hybridization in Bangla

Once a friend of Tagore's on his return from England came to see him. Most undesirably the new returnee

Fake bottled water business in Khulna

The illegal business of fake bottled water is flourishing in the south-western part of the country, including Khulna city,

Remembering the martyrs of 1952

We observe Ekushey once again, in all solemnity, in all honor for those who embraced martyrdom in defence of

Countdown to 21 February

Ratan Lal Chakrabarty has done truly commendable scholarly work on the language movement, per courtesy of course of Bangla

Policeman intruder at airport raises questions

This police officer, Sub Inspector Ashiqur Rahman, must be made an example of by the law. He had the

Why are mass shootings the new normal in the USA?

When a mass shooting takes place in any part of the USA, all stripes of people begin to mourn

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