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 Nothing seems to have worked with the capital's traffic signal system even after spending Tk 119 crore over

Fresh Look at Indo-BD Relations

 India and Bangladesh are steadily forging ahead with warm relations and one such instance was noticed in the

Government should work for boosting exports to other countries

 Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that Bangladesh government has been taking required measures to leverage the potential

Financial Crisis and Ways to Forward: Bangladesh Perspective

  M A Yousuf Ali & Md ObaidullahA financial crisis is characterized by a

Defiling environment must be stopped

 A recently published global report on air pollution has revealed that the average life expectancy of a Bangladeshi

Ordinary masses are having a hard time due to price hike

 It is most unfortunate that the rising prices of daily essentials are forcing the middle- and low-income people

Maternity Leave Practices around the World and in Bangladesh

 Taslim AhammadEmployees who become pregnant are eligible to maternity leave, regardless of how long

Bangla in West Africa

 Nikhil BiswasYes, you heard it right. Bangla language is spoken in West Africa and unlike

Both men and women contribute to socio-economic progress

 The law minister's statement that the government is going to introduce legislation removing two questionable sections of the colonial-era

We need both local and foreign investments

  The news comes as a breath of fresh air that the second largest seaport of Bangladesh, the

Song on Ekushey February: Some Remembrances

 Every year I have to answer questions on how and where I wrote the song on Ekushey February

Alternative Thinking of Social Entrepreneurship Business in Bangladesh

 Mahiul KadirNowadays almost everyone thinks NGO and social entrepreneurship are the same and a new

Authorities should ensure proper facilities for city dwellers

 As buildings soar higher and higher, traffic congestions get worse, air more suffocating, and public amenities spread thinner

Women deserve social and physical safety both

 If a group of unruly men were to swoop down on students demanding justice for the gang rape

Sri Lankan Economic Crisis Inflicted By Self-Serving Elite

 Anis Chowdhury & Jomo Kwame SundaramOnce deemed a basic human needs success story, Sri

Motorcycles Are the Death Cycles of the Young Generation

 Farhana YasminMotorcycles are two-wheeled fast-moving vehicles. Motorcycles are very useful for working people to reach

reedom of speech and good governance required to ensure economic growth

 Since its enactment in 2018, the Digital Security Act (DSA) has been repeatedly used to target critical voices.

Traffic Congestion in Dhaka City

  Traffic congestion is a condition in transport that is characterised by slower speeds, longer trip times, and

Human rights must be promoted and safeguarded for democratic advancement

 It is disturbing to learn that a human rights worker is under investigation after he filed a Right

Cumilla City Corporation Election: Challenges for Election Commission

 Krishna Kumar Saha & Md Moin Uddin ErfanAlthough the constitution of Bangladesh has directed

Rising prices intensify people's hardship

 It's alarming that amid skyrocketing prices of daily essentials, yet another problem—a crisis of edible oil, particularly soybean

Traffic rules should be equally applied to everyone

 Recent data from the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) has laid bare, once again, just how unsafe our

How Sri Lanka: A Precious Pearl in the Indian Ocean Sinks in the Morass of Stagnation!

 A model island country in South Asia with an optimum size of 22 million population with high literacy

Sri Lanka's Financial Services Paralyzed the Economy

  Sri Lanka had bad situation turned worse with two economic shocks in 2019. First, there was a

Playgrounds Are Essential For the Physical and Mental Development of Children

 In a city where a child is safe, everyone is safe, including women, men, the elderly, and the

Family Ties Are Vital For Sound Social Nourishment

 May 15 is celebrated as International Family Day every year to raise awareness and importance towards family. In

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