Monday, September 21, 2015



The aura of solidarity after General Qasem Soleimani's assassina-tion temporarily created across Iran soon gave way to hostility

Loan default: Public banks on top, private banks follow

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal has disclosed a list of 8,238 loan defaulters. There are not only individuals

The journalists we miss

There is a certain sort of pleasure in meeting the mediocre and the snobbish. No, there is no reason

Recalling Mass Upsurge Day

Mass Upsurge Day falls on 24 January. It came about five decades ago in Bangladesh on 24 January

Sycophancy in action: Comparing Modi to Shivaji

Shivaji is a great icon in Maharashtra. Different sections of society have given him very high status, though

The enrichment or otherwise of politics

Politics everywhere is being stood on its head. The decline of politicians has been conspicuous. And

The Bengali and his ilish . . .

Not many of us are quite familiar with the reality, which is that diplomacy is often dependent on

Bernie for peace, prosperity and progress

The Twitter-in-Chief President Donald Trump killed a top Iranian military commander Qassem Suleimani with several of his companions

Revisiting a seminal moment in history

In Mujib Year, it is time to go back to history.The case was officially known as

When Pakistan's army lost an election

Much conversa-tion and a load of arguments have been going on around the recent spell of elections in

The Economy of Tomorrow and Bangladesh

In the face of economic, political, and ecological challenges, different kinds of visionary plans are evolving in the

The need to prioritise diplomacy

The country has a new foreign secretary. That is certainly good news, for nothing is more important for

Hostages of history

During the recent flare-up between the United States and Iran, US President Donald Trump tweeted that he was

Trump and threats to global stability in 2020 US election year

The year 2020 will be particularly important not only because it will see the next US Presidential election

Protect the child from predators

There are reasons for alarm when children become targets of predatory attacks by people for whom perversion is

Up against English!

There is a certain need for absurdity in life. You can't go on being serious at every turn,

Asad: The making of a martyr

Today we remem-ber a patriot who sacrificed his future through his unambiguous demonstration of courage in his present.

Managerial lapses are challenges of national life

The general people consider manage-ment as a part of the Institute of Business Adminis-tration. Others consider it as

For doing business hassle-free

Businessmen often come up with lots of complaints regarding problems they have to face during doing business and

The poor state of waste management in Dhaka

The point at issue is poor garbage management system in Dhaka city. Even though this has long been

Open letter to my next city mayor

Local government is generally defined as the lowest tier of public administrationwithin a given State. In unitary States

Corporal punishment has no virtues

2020 is the centenary year of Bangabandhu's birth and the 9th Anniversary of the banning of corporal punishment

He made history . . . he is our history

The theme of Mujib Year is the narrative we must emphasize as we prepare to observe the centenary

Extrajudicial killing and lawlessness in Bangladesh

On the eve of January 15, 2020, I found three different incidents of 'rape' were reported in a

In defence of secular pluralism

There is little question that the economy has been doing very well under this government. On the social scale,

Jyoti Basu and the light of Marxism

A century and six years ago he opened his eyes to the world. Ten years ago he passed on.

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