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The Bangladesh Liberation War was territorially a small one confined as it did to about fifty- six thousand

When democracy goes wrong

Democracy, we are repeatedly being told and quite properly too, is a reflection of people's ideas about how

Hefazat chief's comments call for action

Dr Kamal Hossain speaks for everyone who believes in the secular spirit of the nation's history. His call

Problems and prospects of Bangladeshi migrant workers

Migration is one of the significant instruments for globalization. Over the last decade, migration of labor has seen

Republicans play 'Israel card' and fail

As this past week began, with the shutdown of parts of the United States government entering its third

Rohingyas and security in camp areas

We have already expressed our deep concern over the destruction having been made on regular basis by the

Improve the ease of doing business

It is disturbing to note that even though the government claims that it has taken up reform measures

Risks to the Global Economy in 2019

As Mark Twain never said, "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what

Our countryside needs saving

The most alarming news for Bangladesh is the brisk disappearance of its arable lands. Noticeably, growing industrialisation, rapid

Celebration of historical days and our youths

Since Pakistan got independence from the British colonial rule, the Easter province was forcibly being controlled by its

The imperatives about our forests

Forestry has an embryonic relationship with the environment and ecology; and 20 per cent or above area of

Way forward for furniture industry of Bangladesh

A study (PKSF, 2013) on Bangladesh, observed that furniture sector has a growth rate of 19% per year

A bit of history

Every nation has some days which are inscribed in the pages of history in letters of gold. These

Should international bodies and initiatives be weakened?

In this Trump era, everything, it seems, is going to be tribal and at most national. Internationalism is

Girls' education … and medieval clerics

We need to focus on Bangladesh's girl child, for girls in this country happen to be rather neglected.

People's expectations of new government in New Year

The New Year 2019 has already started. Meanwhile Bangladesh has experienced a happy beginning, as Sheikh Hasina has

Colorism and the Subcontinent: An anthropological study

When talking about discrimination, usually the topic that is widely discussed and studied is racism or the practice

The problems in doing business

Not long ago, businessmen came up with lots of complaints regarding problems they have to face regularly during

Loan defaulting and new finance minister

We welcome Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal's stance on the issue of bank loan defaulting, a problem that

No abatement in Indo-Pak ties

There does not seem to be any abatement in the existing ties between India and Pakistan. Words of

It's education, gentlemen!

Notwithstanding that all of us, including the government, acknowledge that only a purposeful and adequate investment in the

Return of the mafia state

Systems of governance that are seized by a tiny cabal, or a seemingly insignificant plot, are equally destined

Ensure better use of remittance

Remittances sent by Bangladeshi nationals working abroad have been a major pillar of foreign exchange earnings for the


Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman remained busy throughout his political career in steering this nation towards its destined shores. In

Ministers in oath: A test that must be passed

The Prime Minister has watched, listened and done what she felt was necessary in her own wisdom in

Bangabandhu was our window to the world

On 10 January 1972, the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, came home to his liberated

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