Monday, September 21, 2015

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Menstrual irregularities can be caused by a host of different factors, be it pregnancy, hormonal

Steve Jobs résumé fetches $174,000

A one-page job application filled out by Steve Jobs more than four decades ago that

Say goodbye to insomnia

Insomnia or sleeplessness can be taken care of by following natural remedies. Here’s what the experts

Vatican magazine denounces nuns' servitude

 A Vatican magazine is denouncing how nuns are often treated like indentured servants

Pakistan bans Valentine's Day

Pakistan has banned events marking Valentine's Day, and media coverage of them, for the

Vaping and e-cigarettes could ‘increase risk of cancer’

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, can increase the risk of heart disease and cancer, as well

Sheikh Hasina enjoys cooking this holiday

it rarely happens that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gets to spend the all of

Hijab-wearing British blogger stars in L’Oréal Paris hair campaign

L’Oreal Paris caused an international frenzy after it featured hijab-wearing model Amena Khan in their

Consume right amount of fluid while working out

Fluid intake is very important for a runner. Hydrate yourself before, during and after the

Gucci turns to fine dining

Luxury labels are accustomed to tempting fashionistas, and now they're stretching from haute couture

Sleeping less than 8 hours a night increases risk of depression: Study

Sleeping less than 8 hours a night is linked to intrusive and repetitive thoughts like

Study shows the way alcohol may cause cancer

Alcohol damages the DNA of stem cells responsible for producing new blood, according to a

Rare pink diamond falls short of record price

A large oval-shaped diamond known as the "Pink Promise" was sold to an anonymous

McDonald's introduces mobile lockers to put phone away

When was the last time you had a meal with someone without spending time texting

Ivanka, Trudeau continue their chummy relationship

Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau made another memorable appearance together Tuesday night at the Fortune

Drinking plenty of water helps prevent UTIs in women

American researchers may have found a simple way to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs), finding

6 things never stop asking for in your relationship

Relationships are give and take. You give your time, thoughts, consideration, care and love

Gender of Ronaldo's unborn baby 'REVEALED'

The gender of Cristiano Ronaldo's unborn baby has been accidentally revealed.

Tattoos move into cultural mainstream

Mothers shopping with teenage children and parents pushing baby buggies joined the crowds of

How to recharge when you have a 9 to 9 job

There are 9 to 5 jobs and then, there are jobs that start when

Etiquettes for peaceful journey on air

Avoid carrying your luggage or handbag on the sides or storing your bags in

'Fashion doesn't need to kill animals'

British fashion designer Julien MacDonald has apologised for using fur in his past collections

Oops! Wedding guests in fashion faux pas

For many women, turning up to a 'do' in the same dress as someone

Smartphones are addictive, can be injurious to kids' mental health

Although invented with the aim of making life easier

People fallen out of love with their partner for dream

A third of British couples admit they have fallen out with their partners over

Soldier gives his girlfriend the surprise of her life

Bec and Mike met at an outdoor gym on the Gold Coast three years

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