Monday, September 21, 2015

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It all started with a goat. The unfortunate animal was born in the rnNetherlands in the spring of 1939 –

Not just Bali: Indonesia hopes to develop more tourism sites

Hundreds of tourists, many of them young Westerners, sat on gray stone steps atop

Versace apologises after T-shirt draws China ire

Luxury brand Versace has apologized after an image on one of its T-shirts appeared

Drinking three cups of coffee a day may increase migraine risk, says study

Drinking three or more cups of coffee daily may

Foods to eat (and avoid) if you have dengue fever

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by

Toni Morrison was a 'literary mother' to countless writers

When author Angela Flournoy was asked to dress as her favorite literary character for a magazine shoot four years ago,

Zahid wants all to develop book-reading habit

Bemoaning that people these days are not that much willing to read books, State Minister for Youth and Sports Zahid

Flyboarding Frenchman crosses English Channel

French inventor Franky Zapata has made the first-ever successful Channel crossing on a jet-powered flyboard, reports the BBC.Mr Zapata, 40,

Plastic bottles sales banned at San Francisco airport

San Francisco International Airport is banning the sale of single-use plastic water bottles.The unprecedented move at one of the major

Organizers finally cancel troubled Woodstock 50 festival

Woodstock 50 is officially canceled.Organizers announced Wednesday that the troubled festival that hit a series of setbacks in the last

India's tiger population rises to nearly 3,000 animals

India's tiger population has grown to nearly 3,000, making the country one of the safest habitats for the endangered animals.Prime

Learning new skills can make older people's brains 30 years younger

Learning new things can make older people's brains 30 years younger in just six

Oral health in crisis due to sugary foods, experts warn

 Tooth decay and other oral diseases present a major

Two pairs of panda twins born on same day in Chongqing

Two giant pandas in a zoo in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality gave birth to two pairs of twins on June

For a creative chicken salad, get inspiration from Morocco

For a creative chicken salad, we were inspired by the flavors of Morocco: apricots, lemon and warm spices.To give our

Thai farmers race their buffaloes in show of gratitude

Farmers in eastern Thailand have celebrated the start of the sowing season by racing their buffaloes, whose usual duty is

Rewilding Bangladesh: Scott Trageser’s wildlife photos at Art Café

US-based wildlife photographer Scott Trageser’s solo exhibition ‘Rewilding Bangladesh’ commenced Saturday evening at city’s Art Café. Creative Conservation Alliance (CCA),

Traveling with a group? Here’s how to plan and stay friends

From bachelor parties to family reunions, group trips are opportunities to explore the world with the people you love. They

Writing the perfect auto-response email

When Lisette Sand-Freedman, 42, took a four-day family trip to the Dominican Republic in February, she chose her out-of-office email

Know the wonders of rice water for your skin and hair

Popular in many Asian cultures for its varied uses, rice water is known to be a natural cleansing option that

6 hospitalized after slow fifth bull run in Pamplona

One person was gored in the arm and five others were injured during

From Nazis to hippies: End of the road for Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen is halting production of the last version of its Beetle model this week at its plant in Puebla, Mexico.

From eggs to salmon: foods that help ease muscle soreness

Strenuous exercising can sometimes lead to

Gram flour: the wonder beauty ingredient for all your skin woes

Gram flour has been used in recipes all over India since time immemorial. In fact, I can think of very

Japanese collector returns ancient artifacts to Cambodia

Millennium-old Cambodian artifacts displayed in a Japanese collector's home for two decades have been returned to the Southeast Asian country's

Sargassum: The biggest seaweed bloom in the world

A floating mass of seaweed stretching from West Africa to the Gulf of Mexico is now the biggest seaweed bloom

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