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Liz FordUp to 9.5 million women and girls could miss out on vital family planning services

Empowering Indonesia's women farmers

Dewa Made Agung"If you teach a man to farm, his family will eat. If you teach

AfDB approves gender equality trust fund for empowering women

Nelson MandelaThe Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) has approved a new

An ambitious year for climate is a big year for women's empowerment

Frank Rijsberman and Ingvild SolvangThe combined ambitions of these targets should match the urgency to strengthening

Skill development: Key to inclusive growth

Aishwarya MahajanBeing the second-most populous country in the world after China, India faces the massive challenge

Awareness for women's mental health through FB

A person's emotional and psychological well-being depends on his or her mental health condition.  A person's mental health condition

Google celebrates international Women's Day with a new doodle

Kristen Rogers and Brandon GriggsGoogle's doodle for International Women's Day celebrates the achievements of women of

How this Danish brand is empowering incarcerated women

Erin FitzpatrickWe write about female designers, models, activists, and actresses on a daily basis here at

Women bikers and empowerment

Haya Fatima Sehgal"How is riding a motorcycle empowering for women? I'm trying to understand", wrote a

Japan's ambassador to Egypt Masaki

Noke and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Gozour Foundation Training Center, Ali Mokhtar, witnessed the signing

Women's empowerment is part of Emirati culture

Mohammed Jalal Al RayssiThe UAE has strengthened its regional and international leadership in women's empowerment, and

Miss Rwanda: To represent your country is the greatest honor a girl can have

Jolly MutesiThis calendar year is a year of transition. It's the year our country is closing

Gender justice and male mindsets

Kalyani Shankar  The recent Supreme Court ruling granting permanent commission to women on par with men

Fiscal policies for women's economic empowerment

Stefania FabrizioMaking sure that opportunities to enter the workforce are fair and rewarding for women benefits

How small water enterprises are transforming women's work

Rebecca Root In low-income countries, women are often shouldering the responsibility of managing household water supply.

New location, new class family martial arts offers women empowerment

Josephine MooreThe New Year is often seen as a time for fresh starts, and that goes

Women's education: A contrast between the colonial and contemporary period

Mudita PantEducation is the most important aspect of the developmental process of a person. It enables

Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and a dad teaching his daughters about beauty

Baltimore sunThe Super Bowl's halftime show has left me reeling. To be clear, I am a

Climate crisis is increasing violence against women

Fiona Harvey  Climate breakdown and the global crisis of environmental degradation are increasing violence against women

Body shaming is more dangerous than you think

Jessicha Valentina Twenty-two-year-old Esther Agustine Mangunsong and 27-year-old Tika Lestari are strangers to one another. They

Significant areas of real estate transactions in chattogram

Tanzil Zia Chattogram, the second-largest city of Bangladesh, has immense potential in the real estate sector

Saudi Arabia named world leader for reforms advancing economic role for women

Saudi Arabia has been named as one of the world's most transformative nations for advancing the economic role

I spent a year at women's empowerment conferences: Hear me roar

Flora Tsapovsky Here's one thing I never thought I'd do: drive an expensive race car at

Ensure programs not merely on paper

 Sri Danti Anwar An attack by a couple of men against the former chief security minister

Advocates for women and children unite to rethink child care

Catherine Cheney Many working moms in Nairobi's slums walk through winding alleyways to drop their children

The milestones of women empowerment in 2019

Donah MbabaziThe empowerment and self-sufficiency of women is highly significant. This is why in the past

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