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Saudi Arabia has been named as one of the world's most transformative nations for advancing the economic role

I spent a year at women's empowerment conferences: Hear me roar

Flora Tsapovsky Here's one thing I never thought I'd do: drive an expensive race car at

Ensure programs not merely on paper

 Sri Danti Anwar An attack by a couple of men against the former chief security minister

Advocates for women and children unite to rethink child care

Catherine Cheney Many working moms in Nairobi's slums walk through winding alleyways to drop their children

The milestones of women empowerment in 2019

Donah MbabaziThe empowerment and self-sufficiency of women is highly significant. This is why in the past

After empowerment, freedom and dignity

Ram MadhavThe problem with some policies is that they are at least a decade behind the

Gender gap: Build core competencies of women

Gender remains a critically important but largely ignored lens to view development issues across the world. Gender inequality

Men and women fight poverty together in Cambodia

Near the bottom of Rogniev Island, in the middle of the Mekong River, there is a little sand

Kangana Ranaut speaks about women empowerment

Kangana Ranaut has been a symbol for women empowerment as she has spoken about it at various occasions. The

Cricket Association for Blind in India backs women empowerment with first national tournament

The bowler runs in from one end but lo! He lets his arm rip as in a bowling

Children's beauty products spark controversy

Controversy is rising over 'high heels for children' and other fashion goods aimed at children as the children's

Beautiful Italian import combines fashion and charity

Len Lear Simonetta Lein, 36, is that rare combination of beauty, intellectual achievement and humanitarian good deeds

It's time for large-scale investment in girls' education across Asia

Educating girls is one of the most effective ways for countries to achieve their economic potential, improve health, reduce

A vital step forward for women's football in Asia

As the Nippon TV Beleza players held the trophy up to the sky, their joy was palpable. The

Model Imaan Hammam on why you should celebrate extraordinary women

Growing up in an Arab household with a Moroccan mother and Egyptian father, Imaan Hammam loved raiding her mom's

Female empowerment with wedding beauty and travel prep

 J.Q. Louise The beauty industry has seen lots of changes and growth over the past decade.

Beautiful Italian import combines fashion and charity

Len Lear Simonetta Lein, 36, is that rare combination of beauty, intellectual achievement and humanitarian good

Women empowerment in J&K: Course set, now build up the momentum

Jaibans SinghThe foregoing is very much in the realm of possibility considering the massive boost to

Blue Sky Shipping committed to women's empowerment

 Joel Bailey BLUE SKY Shipping Limited revealed that one of the reasons they committed to becoming

Patch Magtanong wants to break barriers

Krissy Aguilar Philippine bet Bea Patricia "Patch" Magtanong underscored the need to break barriers and standards

What happens to Afghanistan's left-behind women as the Taliban rise?

 Fariba HousainiOn a bitterly cold day, Tahira sits in her rented room in Kabul. She has

The edible craft artist - 'BAKED by Jaifrin'

Iffat Meet Jaifrin Ahmed, founder of 'BAKED by Jaifrin', which is an online designer cake boutique

'Time is right to discuss women empowerment'

Fabian KohThe empowerment of women will be a hot topic at an upcoming regional convention here

No woman should be slapped for screaming as she gives birth

Respectful maternity care is a universal human right due to every childbearing woman in every health system around the

Indigenous women continue to play key role in development of football in Australia

One of the most striking parts of Saved!!!, a children's book written by Matildas goalkeeper Lydia Williams, is not

Why Anne Nicholas brings her husband to women's empowerment talks

Anne Nicholas, NBC's vice president of affiliate marketing, has a unique approach to instilling career empowerment in young women:

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