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The third side of the coin

-Tasneem Hossain

Why is Vitamin C a hyped-up ingredient now a days?

In today’s time Vitamin C is a blessing as it is the most potent ingredient to get rid of

Ridesharing helps working women

 Working women in Bangladesh are no less than superheroes. They wake up even before birds. Do household works, make

Mohammad Shahriar Khan Icon for the Entrepreneurs

Due to his father occupation he spent his childhood in Azimpur areas sowing seeds of imagination. Today he

A Journey to green economy

 In the modern business environment, sustainable development is largely achieved through the implementation of the concept of the

Year 2020 - Agree to Disagree?

 The Year 2020. A year that many were looking forward to. A year that many thought would be

Three globally distinguished figures join Awareness 360

Legendary NBA Referee Bob Delaney, Iconic CEO of Royal Charity The Diana Award Tessy Ojo CBE, and Renowned British

Benjir Abrar builds "Excellence Bangladesh" for youth careers

"Excellence Bangladesh" has been working with country’s youths in a very different way. Main members of the organization are

Naimul Razzaque, an enlightened personality

Naimul Razzaque has been nurturing a creative mind since his childhood. After completing his LLB and LLM degrees from

Mohammad Nayem Says Why "Yeager Digital" Is Your First Choice For Digital Marketing

 Yeager Digital was born out of the constant effort of the CEO-founders, Mohammad Nayem and Co-founders Tanjid Ahmed.

Kazi Reaz Rahman: A fighter against the Covid-19 pandemic

Kazi Reaz Rehman, the founder of Mastul foundation, has relentlessly working for the

Remembering the former football stars in the game

 It has been 15 years since famous football player Momen Munna passed away. This star footballer is still alive

Avijit Bagchi is Breaking the Stereotypes as a Doctor and Young Entrepreneur

 Avijit Bagchi, whose dream since childhood was skyrocketing. On 8th June 1999, he was born and then raised

Facebook turns into a business venture

 Nishat Tasmin, founder of Papri's Dream, wanted a better life for her family as her mother was the sole

Al Mamun Rasel is a successful Bangladeshi writer & motivational speaker

 Al Mamun Rasel is a writer, motivational Speaker and lawyer. He is also involved in various social organizations.

Organic fertilizer needed to boost production

  Agriculture is one of the main driving forces of Bangladesh's economy. The development and future of our

Story About Razon Nakti one of the most Successful Musical Artist from Bangladesh

 Razon Nakti Is an 27 year old Musical artist, entrepreneur & Digital Marketer who started his career studying

Tanjid Ahmed of Yeager Digital is Changing People’s Through Strategies in Business

 Tanjid Ahmed is a Bangladeshi Entrepreneur who resides in Dhaka, he is a blogger, youtuber and a C0-

Meet an underrated Bangladeshi Entrepreneur - Shahadat Hossainn

 The statistics show that most entrepreneurs start their business between the ages of 40 and 60. But in

Gender inequality increases in media during pandemic: IFJ study

A survey published by International Federation of Journalists showed that gender inequalities in newsrooms

How to be a smart netizen

 If you can be anything, be kind. If you've been around the internet long enough it's extremely likely

Empowering Indonesia's women farmers

Dewa Made Agung"If you teach a man to farm, his family will eat. If you teach

Coronavirus crisis may deny 9.5 million women access to family planning

Liz FordUp to 9.5 million women and girls could miss out on vital family planning services

AfDB approves gender equality trust fund for empowering women

Nelson MandelaThe Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) has approved a new

An ambitious year for climate is a big year for women's empowerment

Frank Rijsberman and Ingvild SolvangThe combined ambitions of these targets should match the urgency to strengthening

Skill development: Key to inclusive growth

Aishwarya MahajanBeing the second-most populous country in the world after China, India faces the massive challenge

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