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Most days, Naomi Kutin, a high school junior from New Jersey, is a mere teenage mortal."Normally, my mind

The cost of devaluing women

My first job out of college in the late 1980s was at Salomon Brothers, a trading house of

Memories of my father

'Father', to us, is the name of shelter, love and motivation. Their guiding light shows us a bright

This is a man problem

It is impossible to say too often or loudly how important a moment this is, when many women

In search of beauty in tranquility

"She has a world of ready wealth,Our minds and hearts to bless--Spontaneous wisdom breathed by health,Truth breathed by

Who will mourn teen vogue?

When Women's Wear Daily reported Thursday morning that Condé Nast would shutter Teen Vogue in print, the overwhelming

How 6 women changed the New York City marathon forever

In the fall of 1972, the New York City Marathon organizer Fred Lebow contacted The New York Times.

'Theresa May's silence on women's issues is deafening

Women's Equality party leader hits out at government over lack of action on pay transparency, childcare and social

Should age bar for women continue?

In our society a man needs to be educated and get a job before getting married because he

Lovers, prospectors and predators

The world seems full of sexual predators these days. But I don't think good men wake up one

Girls, don't become Boy Scouts

The news arrived on Oct. 11, a day - as Facebook reminded us - designated as the International

Raping skimpily-dressed girls is patriotic duty: Egyptian lawyer

An Egyptian lawyer has sparked a public outrage for saying raping

18 Escaped Girls, 18 Interviews

I was driving down the street in Maiduguri, Nigeria, not long ago when a billboard caught my eye.

Women vs. Women vs. Men

It's a natural quality for women to nurture, and we should hold on to that generosity of spirit.

Celebration of 12 years of glorious journey

The core function of Jagannath University is the pursuit of academic excellence. Muktijoddher Prostuti, a sculpture on the

Military women, too, should serve unmolested

It was 2004 and I had been in the Army for only three months when I first began

Media should reflect all society, not just a typically male ruling class

A hunch five years ago that the front pages of British newspapers were dominated by men prompted research

The society where a man is never the boss

Imagine a society without fathers; without marriage (or divorce); one in which nuclear families don't exist. Grandmother sits

My mother speaks through me

I was looking forward to having my friend Tamara over for dinner last year, since she had hosted

Pregnant refugees must have access to better care

Pregnant refugees who have fled across the Mediterranean to Greece are at risk of harm to themselves and

Trump takes away fundamental health care for women

The average American woman spends just three years pregnant or trying to become pregnant, and a full 30

How did women fare in chaina's communist revolution?

My grandmother likes to tell stories from her career as a journalist in the early decades of the

Women make less than men straight out of college and it's getting worse

The gender pay gap is actually widening for some, a new report finds. The difference between what male

In Angela Merkel, German women find symbol, but not savior

Just 9 years old when Chancellor Angela Merkel was first elected in 2005, Kristin Auf der Masch cannot

Seminar 'An Ode to Neruda', poetic drama staged at NDUB

A seminar in memory of the literature Nobel laureate on his death anniversary, entitled 'An Ode to Neruda',

The ruthless truth about women

It was almost mid night, suddenly I heard screaming of a woman and children. The woman was crying

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