Monday, September 21, 2015


Overcoming beliefs on gender will be harder

Margaret Coker

Women, own your 'Dr.' titles

Julia Baird

Female Creators do not automatically mean a Feminist Text

It is not necessary that something having a female author, director or even protagonist will have feminist messages.

A worldwide teaching program to stop rape

Tina RosenbergMs. Rosenberg is a co-founder of the Solutions Journalism Network, which supports rigorous reporting about

Female athletes always gendered even before they perform

You hear certain stories that attempt to feign some form of concern only to know that it bound

Meghan Markle and how the British Monarchy became a Matriarchy

Helen CastorSix hundred and fifty-nine years ago this month, a younger brother of the heir to

'Vim presents Cookups Night Bazaar' featured

'Vim Presents Cookups Night Bazaar' was organized with vibe and vibrancy on Friday at the capital's MIDAS Centre.

How harassment is downplayed to keep women silent

The book Not that Bad (2018), edited by the well-known feminist, Roxane Gay, starts with the chapter "Fragments' by

Two projects helping female artists in Africa find their voices

In many African countries, where career paths for women can still be limited to practical fields like nursing and

Mary Shelley understanding the male ego and its ties with science

Mary Shelley published Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus in 1818. At the tender age of 18 she first began

Why men quit and women don't

This year's Boston Marathon, with its horizontal rain and freezing temperatures, wasn't just an ordeal unfolding amid some of

The Bengal Tigers and the Lion Hearts in Monica Ali's Brick Lane

For more than a few weeks in the summer of 2001, British Asian Muslim youths took to the streets

A fusion of learning and attachment

That evening I was surfing internet from my laptop. Wandering, I went to the website of National Academy for

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