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By Momina TashfeenLast Wednesday, Asako Osaki, a policy and advocacy expert specializing in gender mainstreaming and

Women's hormone fluctuation plays role in strength training

By Missy CorriganMore and more women are adding weight training to their exercise program as a

Mental strength and inner peace: How and why should all women aim towards it

By Victoria LimValentine's Day is behind us and the International Women's Day is almost here, so

'Women empowerment events need to be more inclusive'

Bee QuammieThere was a definite buzz in the air. The new co-working space in downtown Toronto

Amalgamating the cross-roads that is women empowerment and gender diversity

Vidya RamakrishnanAccording to 2016, Monster Salary Index on gender, India at 25.8% has the second widest

What's the impact towards women's empowerment?

Donah MbabaziBeauty contests have always been a subject of controversy. Some see them as platforms used

‘A promising artist and craftswoman’

Iffat Ara MuniaAdity Mrinmoyee is a promising artist and a craftswoman, who is currently studying fine

Who really benefits from corporate-run women's empowerment programs?

Linda A. Thompson In Mozambique, 800 female farmers were recently given access to new irrigation technology,

The ghost statistic that haunts Women's Empowerment

Kathryn MoellerThe obvious is often obscure, it seems. The state of affairs regarding women's rights has

Women empowerment reforms

Salman SufiAt the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland, in 2012, the Times columnist Nicholas Kristof

The current challenges of women's work

Shilpa Phadke and Diana BoeschThe rosy economic narrative that the Trump administration often touts glosses over

Women's talk: Why language matters to female entrepreneurs

Sue Stockdale"Wanted - successful women entrepreneurs running fast-growing companies". You would think that an advert like

Why education is a crucial ingredient in the Global Empowerment of Women!

Fazreen Razeek"If you educate a man you educate an individual; however, if you educate a

Witnessing through dialogue, education and women's empowerment in the Holy Land

The Lutheran World FederationPlease tell us something about yourself, and your church?I was born

Accelerating women empowerment: What should be the focus in 2019?

By Donah MbabaziGender equality has proved to be a sound factor in hastening development in society

Bollywood's idea of women empowerment in films

Saumya BansalAlmost every other Bollywood film starts with introducing its male leads having a particular profession

2018 was the Year of Women

Sunil DhavalaEvery day we consume a mixed bag of news stories from around the world. Like

2018, a milestone for women empowerment

Arundhuti BanerjeeFrom showing a pregnant woman in her early 50s at centrestage in a mainstream film

Women's economic empowerment gets a boost with passage of legislation

Adva Saldinger The US Senate last Wednesday passed a bipartisan bill aimed at improving the US

Indian society, politicians still hindering women's empowerment

Pushkar RajWomen in Indian society and politics continue to be pariahs, as events related to Sabarimala

Celebrate women's empowerment

Lynn DictorChoices, the Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando's largest annual women's philanthropy event, celebrate its 25th

Gender equality at work more than 200 years off: WEF

Women may be shouting louder than ever for equal

Dowry: Understanding cultural barriers to women empowerment

Donah MbabaziDowry has always been an essential part of the Rwandan culture.  In the past, during

This indomitable woman didn't let patriarchy, sexual abuse or multiple sclerosis defeat her!

Lekshmi Priya Sanal Life hadn't been too considerate to Swarnalatha when she was growing up. One

'The View' co-host stresses listening to each other, women's empowerment

Gloria Gonzalez Abby Huntsman co-hosts the television show "The View," which for more than 20 years

'I love being a mother' - it's just the word that bothers me

Natasha PearlmanOver the past few months, every time I've tentatively raised the subject I'm going to

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