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Nisar Ahmad KhanEven a decade after its formation, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Commission on the Status of

Tap into your potential: Women's empowerment

There's international consensus on the importance of promoting gender equality and women's empowerment. The UN's Sustainable Development Goal

International forum set to bolster women's empowerment, startup funding in Indonesia

Nur YasminWomen's empowerment in small businesses and a finance system for startups will be discussed during

'People with scars suffer in silence and are forced to hide away'

Natalie MorrisFor many women, 'strong' is a problematic label - it comes with a stigma and

What happens when men try to write a strong female character!

Alexandra OssolaIn this mini-series, we return to movies and TV we've loved to see how they

Stories of Strength celebrates women

Noel Dsouza Women are often known to be the strong backbone that helps the family run

Why hijab is a symbol of strength in today's West

Wazeer Murtala GattaFROM Boris Johnson's condescending "letterboxes" and "bank robbers" jibes to the dramatised and sensational

Squamish women put the power in power lifting

Keili Bartlett The way powerlifting is judged makes the sport a great equalizer. It's no longer

In praise of loud women - the joy and power of being noisy and female

Viv GroskopNo one wants to sit next to a loud woman. I know this because someone

Empowering women and girls through sports

Beatriz RiosWorld champions and Olympic athletes are helping empower school girls through sports to become leaders

Women's empowerment as a key to unlocking food security

Sara HenderyAgricultural production is only one of many factors that impacts global food security. A Virginia

Women empowerment in Egypt long history, gov'tal strategy

Aya SamirEgypt's women have always been its trumping card. For so many years Women have played

The secret to women's empowerment is women

Keemia FerasatRecord numbers of women are making their voices heard in Congress. There are almost 75

The guy who said that I had grey hair

Yasif Ahmad FaysalA man was eyeing me curiously from the other side of the glass and that was

Marguerite hails 'empowering' female-only spaces as key to fighting gender equality in the arts

Ella Wills "In an ideal world, we wouldn't need all-female spaces of any kind… But all

Women leaders show the way

Aditya Narayan MishraWay back in 2001, Serena Williams struggled hard to cross the quarterfinals in the

'Female empowerment and inner strength'

Sue SuchytaAuthor Yasmin Mogahed captivated the crowd Jan. 26 at a KBK Relief Foundation event in

Empowering women with access to healthcare information

Faith NixonIn recent decades, women's equity has been increasingly recognized as a crucial component of achieving

More women in the workplace could boost economy by 35%, says Christine Lagarde

Larry ElliottEmploying more women and tackling sexism in the workplace is the key to making the

Women 'Stood Up'; now it's time for men and companies to follow

Linda SmithAt the beginning of the #MeToo movement, women saw clearly that there is strength --

Int'l Women's Day: Artists to exhibit dangers of women abuse

Risikat RamoniAs part of activities to commemorate the 2019 International Women's Day, Cameroon, Benin Republic and

'Be authentic in your message, stay vulnerable'

Alexandra GibbsFrom what began with some scissors and a pair of pantyhose, entrepreneur Sara Blakely's "Spanx"

Women's hormone fluctuation plays role in strength training

By Missy CorriganMore and more women are adding weight training to their exercise program as a

Mental strength and inner peace: How and why should all women aim towards it

By Victoria LimValentine's Day is behind us and the International Women's Day is almost here, so

Policy and advocacy expert speaks on the impact of women empowerment

By Momina TashfeenLast Wednesday, Asako Osaki, a policy and advocacy expert specializing in gender mainstreaming and

'Women empowerment events need to be more inclusive'

Bee QuammieThere was a definite buzz in the air. The new co-working space in downtown Toronto

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