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Laws prohibiting employers from asking job candidates about their past compensation before making a salary offer are gaining momentum,

Why yoga pants are bad for women

It's a new year and I've got a new gym membership. I went the other morning. It was 8

Why women's voices are scarce in economics

For decades, the number of women studying economics seemed to be increasing, easing the persistent scarcity of professional female

More girls are playing football. Is that progress?

More girls are playing high school football, even as the sport draws fewer participants overall in an injury-conscious era.As

Gender diversity in the music industry

Gender diversity in the music industry, it turns out, may be even worse than in Hollywood. Three years ago,

The women's march became a movement

A year ago, when millions of people stormed the streets in women's marches to proclaim their outrage and

Men dominate French theater, but talented women abound

A story of a fictional 16th-century female painter. Greek warriors laying siege to the walls of Troy. A couple

How sex Trumped race

Suppose that you were asked to assess the state of American society under Donald Trump, the essence of our

The women the abortion war leaves out

As a lifelong feminist from California, I have always believed in a woman's absolute right to make choices about

BLRC hosts Ian French in Toronto

Bengali Literary Resource Centre (BLRC) had the pleasure to host Canada's winning slam poet Ian French, otherwise known as

What we lose when we lose female reporters

It is a truth increasingly acknowledged that many men are paid more than their female counterparts. How much more?

You don't need a daughter to want a better world

Last January, Women's Marches around the world brought protesters to the streets in droves, unified in our opposition to

Why is fixing sexism women's work?

In 2013, in the stylish atrium of a Seattle ad agency, I moderated a panel for the 3 Percent

One female director for every 22 men: Hollywood's stark diversity problem

The film industry has had momentous upheavals over the last 12 months, but an annual diversity survey has found

Gracie Gardner wins prize for play with unprintable title

Gracie Gardner is the 2017 winner of The American Playwriting Foundation's Relentless Award.  On Tuesday the American Playwriting Foundation

'I'm struggling to survive'

Rahima's father never wanted her out of his sight. She and her sister were too young, too pretty, too

To be happier, women should try giving up on being good

A new NHS survey shows women to be unhappier than men for almost their entire lives - until their

End violence against women

Violence against women and girls is the most common violation of the human rights, in South Asia and beyond. 

Indonesian women combat 'epidemic' of street harassment

Tunggal Pawestri says she'll never forget being groped on a public bus while traveling to her high school in

Men and women are more different than similar

Men are tough; women are in touch with their feelings. Men are providers; women are nurturers. Men should punch

The pioneer of women's emancipation

Muslim society was submerged in various superstitions when Begum Rokeya was born. Specially Muslim women were deprived of the

My vision of an ideal university

IntroductionHaving taught at different universities and having studied contemporary research on teaching and learning, my vision of an ideal

The cost of devaluing women

My first job out of college in the late 1980s was at Salomon Brothers, a trading house of

Memories of my father

'Father', to us, is the name of shelter, love and motivation. Their guiding light shows us a bright

Meet 'Super girl,' the world's strongest teenager

Most days, Naomi Kutin, a high school junior from New Jersey, is a mere teenage mortal."Normally, my mind

This is a man problem

It is impossible to say too often or loudly how important a moment this is, when many women

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