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Teens & Twenties


Sharon Penn It takes a long time to become proficient at golf, but the rewards are

Why the freelance life isn't for everyone?

Sania GuptaThe grass will remain greener on the other side, no matter what stand you take 

What I wish I'd known before getting a tattoo

Suzannah WeissDue to my absurdly low pain tolerance, getting a tattoo was always one of those

Coaching centers: Disrupting the normal flow of education

In recent years, it has become a norm to attend coaching classes, especially from class nine. Most of

School life

From the day the world was a clearer view to me and I began seeing the blurred colors

Awesome startup ideas for young minds

 Entrepreneurship can be a tough challenge to tackle.  Along with the challenge can come many hardships and setbacks, but

Body language secrets put on the road to a million dollars

There's a reason "The Room Where It Happens" is one of Broadway hit Hamilton's standout songs: the track's

Teen birthday party planner

Go through the planner below, dividing the jobs as you go. You should also discuss any other rules

How to overcome fear of speaking a foreign language

As a language learner, I'd often become self-conscious if I had to speak. I hated speaking. Why? I was

How to become a medical transcriptionist

Working from home, having a flexible schedule, and earning a good living are great benefits to consider when

Don't study hard, study smart

You are at your desk, typing furiously on your laptop trying to finish your term paper due at

Mistakes to avoid while starting an online business

Starting an online business begins with filling a need and building credibility, but the factors that go into

Coaching centers harm our society

growth of coaching centers is mushrooming in our country. The Government of Bangladesh has taken several steps to

Interview with Sharif Mustajib

Sharif Mustajib is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of 'International Affairs', an online magazine. He is also the founder of

Reflections of an educationist

Riffat Ahmed is an educationist to the core. She is a bibliophile and a keen reader of history.

Slowing down will make you more successful

Go faster. Do more. Hustle. Hustle even more. Sound familiar? Social media is full of influencers, entrepreneurs, and

Nurturing your teen's artistic expression

When I joined the drama club in high school, I finally felt like I had found my people.

Do you have imposter syndrome?

Have you ever aced a school assignment, but instead of celebrating you told yourself it must be some

Common career mistakes you must avoid

You've probably thought about what you should do to get ahead in your career. But as it turns

Take your outfits to next level

Being confident is very important to success, both in your personal and professional life. In fact, stats show


As soon as I had stepped out of the hotel's shade, the first thing I had my eyes

Change happens-how adaptable are you?

Sheila groaned when she read the email message announcing the decision to replace an electronic medical record system

Make your study process more effective

Bryan Davis:Making a good plan

Reasons why you should study abroad

Jelena Tiu:

What to do when you feel left out at work

Katie HeaneyPiece of Work is a weekly column about workplace behavior and feelings: everything that happens at the office,

How to manage the everyday chaos

Kim O'Connell : Starting a new school year is, in many ways, starting with a clean slate-a chance for teens

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