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Bloggers want traffic. It feels good to know that hundreds and thousands of people are reading what you

Teen Depression: How much concern do we have?

Nowadays we just ignore the fact whether our irritated and unhappy adolescents might experience the depression which is

Create learning experiences in the garden

You've probably heard that all play and no work during the summer puts Junior's brain on the summer

Summer camp safety

The long lazy days of summer will soon be upon us and that calls for pool parties, barbeques

Ideas for a brain-boosting summer break

You can't see it, and sometimes you may wonder if it's working. But your teen's brain, weighing in

Impact of future technology

From the world I currently live in, with selfish, kind, cold, sweet, crazy, normal, sarcastic and much more

Climate change

It is vital that the world receives the attention it's supposed to; for example the better use for tar,

Is it better to spend your time or invest it?

Amazing career lessons can come from the most unlikely places. For evidence of this, look no further than

Simple ways to improve your self-esteem

How you see yourself has an enormous impact on the rest of the world sees you. Feeling confident

Managing expectations in the workplace

Managing expectations (and your stress levels) is the single most important skill you'll learn in the workplace. "Back

Coed teen birthday games

Coed birthday parties are exciting for teens, but parents might worry about what could go wrong. Plan a variety

Need to express yourself? Tips for starting your own diary

With school, extracurriculars, and family scrambling for your attention, you may convince yourself, "I just don't have time

Solve crossword puzzles

A good crossword puzzle solver doesn't necessarily know all the answers but what she/he does know are the

How to discover your core values

Businesses and corporations promote their core values all the time to make sure they stay focused and driven.

Exhibit of the culture of Bangladesh

asna means spring in Russian language. Vasna is the traditional festival of Russia. Almost every state of Russia

How to start investing money even if you don't have any

You've got your best friend's wedding coming up, rent, student loans, car payments...who has the money to invest

Today, not tomorrow: Ways to stop procrastinating

That back-burner project that your boss asked you to tackle-six months ago? That semester-long term paper that you

Combining music and studying a good idea?

Wherever you are, you'll see people listening to music. All the music genres included. The funny thing is,

Blazing life need peace

Imagine going to a mall with your friends and family for a long-awaited occasion coming up; you are

Ways to set achievable goals

Feeling overwhelmed or confused on your current path or in your current career? You're not alone. But we

Common career mistakes you must avoid

You've probably thought about what you should do to get ahead in your career. But as it turns

The unhealthy truths about vaping

First, the good news: Teen smoking isn't as cool as it once was. Over the past 40 years,

Your time is precious

We hear about 'hacks' all the time. We're told that we should hack our productivity, health, and spending

Ways to decorate with stickers

So, it's March. There are only a few months left in the school year and your supplies are starting

How to stop being jealous of your sister

Your little sis brings home an A on a test she didn't study for and you bring home

Ace your exams

A new research from the University of Texas found that the?mere presence of your smartphone could have ?a

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