Monday, September 21, 2015

Teens & Twenties


Is your child soon ready to hit the 'teen' phase? Are you worrying how to maintain a balance

A portrait of a modern poet

While reminiscing about a late professor, Professor Dr. Fakrul Alam would often quote this famous line from Chaucer's

Instead of complaining, remember these things

A faint but discernible dividing line separates achievers from dreamers. What makes the difference? Attitude. Achievers have a

5 toxic personalities successful people avoid

One of my favorite quotes is by Jim Rohn: "You are the average of the five people you

Simple ways to find joy in your everyday life

Stop waiting to be happy: Imagine life is like Grand Central Station, where happy times arrive around the

Principles for setting good goals

Goals! I just love goals! One of the most famous lines in theater history was written by Shakespeare

19-year-old builds the world's fastest production drone

At only 19 years old, George Matus has revolutionized the unmanned flight industry with what he calls "the Swiss

Five friends you need in your inner circle

Have you ever spent an evening with a friend who turned every positive emotion into something negative? I bet

Ways prosperous people take their sharp steps

Great decisions don't happen by accident. In this article, originally published on LinkedIn Pulse, Dr. Travis Bradberry shares a

Five steps to reinventing yourself

Are you serious about transformation? I'm not talking about polishing yourself, improving yourself, making things a bit better. I'm

Things happy people never do

Happy people do a lot of things.  They spend time expressing gratitude, cultivating optimism, practicing kindness, nurturing loving relationships,

How to stay away from your phone

Right now, the world feels a bit like a huge sociological experiment. Just 10 years ago, none of us

Surprising health benefits of gratitude

Now is the season to think about what makes you most thankful, but research supports making it a year-round

Ways to help teenagers make their decisions

As a parent, you would want your teen to make wise decisions. However, often it so happens that your

Graduation gift ideas for friends

If you want to find memorable presents for the people that meant the most to you during these past

Ways of forthright self-evaluation

Do you believe in yourself? In your abilities? Whether you do or don't, now is a good time for

Stay with real life perceptions to thrive

Coach Wooden used his definition of success not just as a mantra for life, but also as a

Traits of trustworthy people

Trust is valuable. It affects everything. Being trusted by others is one of the things you must have

Essential life lessons for growing teens

Life is an ongoing lesson in itself. As you grow, you experience and learn. This cycle is repeated

Don't let the hassle slow down your hustle

When we think about stress or adversity, we tend to think about the big things: getting that new

Ten principles of abundance and prosperity

My dream was to become a professional athlete. I worked harder than anyone else through high school in

Things successful people never waste time doing

As a mentor, people often come to me when they are overwhelmed, stressed and feeling like they're not

A short view of structural English

Structuralism in languages begins with the work of Ferdinand de Saussure; a twentieth century Swiss linguist and Semiotician

What stops you from using a Helmet?

You have probably noticed the increasing number of motorcycles not only in the streets of Dhaka but also

To be happy some habits need to delete

When you quit doing the wrong things, you make more room for the things that make you happy. 

Four things successful people don't do

Being successful in life is more about what you don't do versus what you actually do. Except most

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