Monday, September 21, 2015

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A degree in business management can prepare you for a wide variety of job opportunities. Management skills are

How to focus more on schoolwork & avoid distractions

Remember that goal you made to get Straight A's? You don't? That's probably because you're staring at Dr.

The game that details abuse and questions blind obedience

The game seems innocent enough. It actually isn't. Even in its simplicity it evokes powerful messages. Loved is

Five tips to help tweens and teens clean up their social media feeds

You know that girl from TV - the one whose Instagram always looks perfect even with #nofilter? Or

Workshop held at Jagannath University

Institute of Modern Language (IML) of Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh organizedĀ  a day long workshop onĀ  "Study of

10 smart moves every 20-year-old should make

With many of us taking much longer than our parents or grandparents to finish our education and settle

Become more positive with these 5 tips

History has shown that those with an optimistic outlook on life are the ones who usually find the

Social issues teens struggle with today

Advances in technology mean today's teens are facing issues that no previous generation has ever seen. While some

Cool fashion tips for teen boys

For a teen, being fashionable is rather important. This importance has led to quite a surge in the

Common problems of adolescence and their solutions

14-year-old Kevin was coming home late from school almost every day. He also seemed moody and distracted at

Important and safe driving tips for teenage drivers

Is your teenager getting behind the wheel for the first time? Do you want to ensure that she

Exploring gaming and how it cannot replace reality

Usually, I don't read or watch media based on video games, which is funny as I am a

Here's how to handle life's crazy challenges

Because lift doesn't always dish out smoothie bowls. Whether it's friend drama, school stress or the seemingly impossible

Adulting 101: How to handle criticism

No one enjoys receiving criticism, no matter how valid or constructive it may be. You may have heard

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