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Vanessa Hudgens is an actress popularly known to be High School Musical series (2006-2008) and the show Powerless (2017).

Shedding light on the study of Humanities

Centre for Advanced Research in Humanities, Dhaka University organized a two-day National Humanities Conference 2018 on 12th May. The

How to have an aesthetic instagram feed

You know all of those Instagrammers with to-die-for feeds. Today I'm going to teach you how to take and

Grylls and Sterling Brave the Colorado Mountains

Running Wild with Beary Grylls this episode features Sterling K. Brown from Black Panther fame. Brown played Killmonger's father

Mother's Day gift ideas

Mother's Day is almost here. Like other countries, Bangladesh will celebrate Mother's Day on May 13. It is observed

Michelle Rodriquez takes on Nevada Desert

Running Wild with Bear Grylls in this episode will be with the famed Fast and Furious star, Michelle Rodriguez.

Musings of a teacher of a peripheral university

"What the hell are you doing all these years outside Dhaka, even though you say it's a public university?"

Channing Tatum's adventure in Sierra Nevada

In this edition of Running Wild with Bear Grylls the famous survivalist is with Hollywood actor Channing Tatum. Channing

Get In The Ring (GITR) Dhaka got 12 finalists for grand finale

Top 12 Finalists have been selected for Get In The Ring (GITR) Dhaka 2018 Grand Finale. The finalist selection

Julia Roberts' adventure to reach Kenya

This episode of Running Wild stars with Academy Awards winner Hollywood actress Julia Roberts and Bear Grylls as they

How to make your kids more liable for real life

You love your teenager without expectations. All you want for her to is to be happy. But are you

Catskill Mountains are ready for Zac Efron's adventure

Zac Efron wakes up a bit dazed on a bench. He is ready to go on this adventure with

How to make interesting and fascinating conversation

The art of conversation is a necessary skill for almost everything in life. Conversations introduce you to people, important

Kate Winslet in Snowdonia mountain

The episode of Running Wild has Bear Grylls charting up the mountainous tracks of Snowdonia with Academy Award winner,

Seven ways to develop daily discipline

Many people wonder how I manage to stay so disciplined. They think my life must be very hard because

Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan's adventure

Bear Grylls Running Wild series hosts him going to the wild with a notable celebrity. Last week, we covered

Problems and possibilities

National University, Bangladesh is a parent university of Bangladesh that was established by a 1992 Act of Parliament as

Corruption tarnishing NU's image

National University (NU), country's largest institution for higher studies in terms of the number of students, is allegedly caught

Bear Grylls with Barack Obama

Running Wild with Bear Grylls is a show where Bear Grylls takes takes a noted celebrity with him through

Ways to build potentiality and belief in you

We all start out as kids with big dreams; we want to be movie stars, astronauts and sports superstars.

Super fun summer games and activities for teens

Are you dreading your teenager's summer break? Is the thought of your teen's endless arguments, tantrums and mood swings

Survival series with Bear Grylls

Internationally, he is known in the show Man Vs Wild and in the UK the show is known as

Strategies for conquering self-doubt

Have you ever been tormented by toxic thoughts like these? I have-more times than I'd care to admit. Such

Ways to lead a more satisfying life

Being satisfied and feeling fulfilled are what we all ultimately strive for. Happiness with our lives is the very

Self-queries that can bring changes in your life

Happiness, life satisfaction and the daily habits of the most successful people are topics which researchers love to study.

Get ready for a fantasy game on duty and legacy

SquareEnix's latest installment in the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XV, will be available in PC systems from March

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