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Teens & Twenties


It can be so frustrating when people advise you, "Just follow your passion!" Yeah, sure, you'd love to-if only

Choose a career in digital marketing

Are you interested in a career that's fast-paced, ever-changing, and ripe with potential for advancement? Then consider a

Life at boarding school

If you're heading off to boarding school, you may have mixed feelings. You may be excited to make

Stay happy and positive no matter what happens

Nora MorkWith all of the problems that life presents us with, it's sometimes hard to be

Help teens to balance school and sport

Jeanne GoodesAs adults, we recognize the signs of stress and overscheduling and are able to control

Right to Information Act: An useful tool in investigate journalism

Dr. Md. Aliur RahmanRight to know, among all other rights, is the foremost right. It is

Make a good first impression

Want to be more memorable? These tips will help you have a lasting connection with anyone you meet. 

Common travel hazards for pets

You could get a dog walker or pet sitter. But sometimes it's much more fun to travel with your

Ignore negative criticism

Quite often, people love to give their opinions about your life, work and what you do, but there are reasons

Are you a fresher?

The very thought of having a career straight out of college can be an intimidating one. If you

My personal thought

What do you think of the moon? Dull, or maybe bright from its friend's light.  Used in many

Developing youth academic skills at NDC

Notre Dame University Bangladesh (NDUB) has initiated a programme entitled 'Developing Youth Academic Skills' where the youth will

Business case competition held at NDUB

Notre Dame University Bangladesh Business Club (NDUBBC) with the support of Dhaka Bank Limited organized an intra-university business

Rajshahi College Mirror Debating Club

Rajshahi College is a very prominent and well known institute for its continuous success in curricular, co-curricular and

Role of school in socialization

Children must gather knowledge through their life as they are in love with their life and more importantly,

Things you can do to boost self-confidence

"Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand brake on." -- Maxwell Maltz Nobody is born

Why fishing is a good hobby

Many people like to take part in outdoor activities such as sports, camping, or even something as simple as

Building a successful career in healthcare

Working in healthcare is a challenging job, but it can also be a very rewarding career at the

A 7th grader's worries

The chaotic school ground till echoes at the back of my mind. It was the day of our

Solve any problem using digital skills

Jess Amy DixonIf you've got internet access or a smartphone, you've got the world at your

Playing guitar is good for the mind and body

Mike Duffy Regardless of where stress comes from, it builds up and can negatively affect all

Self-defense: A skill we all must develop for our safety

Nikita RajpurohitSelf-defence means the use of physical force to protect oneself from the attacker. It is

Emotional intelligence for developing the youth

As Bangladesh is aspiring to become a developed nation by 2041, its youth must play the vital role.

Consider customer service

If you're a recent graduate, the job search can be daunting. Those first years in the workforce can

Travel: A heart that wanders

People always ask how travel has changed me. Looking back at myself before I began traveling and comparing

The best online tools for outsourcing

No matter where you are on your career journey, the thought of outsourcing can be scary. When your

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