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Teens & Twenties


What are you passionate about? Outside of your job, your education, or your internship, what's one thing you

Before pursuing a degree in Fashion

There are a lot of things to consider before pursuing a degree in fashion. People often think that

Help to save the environment

Do your part. The Earth's present deteriorating state poses harm to all forms of life and this is

Ways to improve your memory

 Johanna Teo Revise information in an engaging and meaningful mannerAccording to experts, the deeper you process

Self-defence for women

Dana KrookOur culture trades in fear. It's in the movies, the daily news and you're constantly

How to ace your first ACT & SAT

Caitlin KaletaACT and SAT sessions are drawing closer and, for many, have already happened. If you

Positive & negative effects of video games on teenagers

Teens and video games go hand-in-hand today. In fact, 97% of teens and kids in the US play

Easy skills that will improve any resume

In this day and age of job-hopping and career searching, it's beneficial to include universal skills on your

The power look you need to get ahead

Women are succeeding in their careers now more than ever. We're making our voices heard and our hard

Winning debates is easy - just plan ahead

Debating can enhance your ability to reason, to question and to adapt. If you're a newcomer, the prospect of

How to use an ATM and keep your money safe

Knowing how to use a banking service is one of the most important parts of adulting. But, if

Why success brings out the worst in people

It's a cliché that brilliant, successful people are often difficult jerks. Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, but he

Things you can do with a business management degree

A degree in business management can prepare you for a wide variety of job opportunities. Management skills are

Fish tank decoration ideas using everyday items

You can buy the standard sunken ship or plastic undersea plants at any pet shop, but if you

Youth Zest will start on 1st October

Youth Zest is a brand new concept of a platform that aims to provide younger generations of Bangladesh

Five ways to help teens feel good about themselves

No one wants to hang out with me. I'm a failure at school. All my other friends seem

Career options for law school graduates

A law school graduate is suited for a wide variety of careers, and not all of them involve

Do not brand you, you can be more than you imagined

The benefits of journal writing

Easy tricks to improve your IQ

A new young adult series with a diverse cast

I was actually skeptical of the movie. To say it any another way would be less truthful. You

Brooding: How to banish negative thoughts

Ruminating over your faults, regrets and resentments is bad for you. Here's how to change your thinking Brooding,

Family fun in your own backyard

It's the season your kids have been waiting for, so how will you maximize the long lazy days

Simple ways to be kinder to yourself

Life is full of ups and downs and often, they're out of our control. While we can't stop

15 things successful 20-somethings do in their spare time

We all define "success" differently, but most 20-somethings associate it with happiness, good health, a strong social network,

How to focus more on schoolwork & avoid distractions

Remember that goal you made to get Straight A's? You don't? That's probably because you're staring at Dr.

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