Monday, September 21, 2015

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A prominent name in Bengali fairy tales and children's literature

Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumder was a celebrated Indian writer in Bengali of fairy tales and children's literature. His major

Who invented Karaoke?

For those looking for a good time, karaoke is right up there with other popular pastimes such as

An extraordinary poet, lyricist and singer

Rajanikanta Sen was a Bengali poet and composer, known for his devotional (bhakti) compositions, as well as his

An interview with Svetlana Alexievich

Svetlana Alexandrovna Alexievich (born: 31 May 1948) is a Belarusian investigative journalist and non-fiction prose writer who writes in

Trace the earliest history of astronomy

Astronomy is humanity's oldest science. People have been looking up, trying to explain what they see up there

Eighth anniversary of IGCC with a mesmerizing evening

The Indian Cultural Center in Dhaka was formally inaugurated at a ceremony on 11th March 2010 by Dr. Karan

The girl with expected lifetime of 13 years!

Taqlima Jahan Nitu, a 10.5 years old girl is suffering from Progeria, a rare genetic condition. She was born

The origins of the term 'Horsepower'

Today, it has become common knowledge that the term "horsepower" refers to the power of an engine. We have

The magician of metrics in Bengali literature

Satyendranath Dutta is a Bengali poet, is considered the wizard of rhymes. Satyendranath Dutta was an expert in many

The history of the zipper

It was a long way up for the humble zipper, the mechanical wonder that has kept  our lives "together"

An interview with Adam Zagajewski

Adam Zagajewski (born: 21 June 1945) is a Polish poet, novelist, translator and essayist. He was awarded the 2004

An interview with Carol Birch

Question: Where did the inspiration for Orphans of the Carnival come from?Answer: It sprung from Julia Pastrana-I saw her

Global campaign on education rights of disable children

With the theme'All Children Are Welcome to School, Including Children with Disability`,eight thousand students, with disabilities and without disabilities,

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