Monday, September 21, 2015

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Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury was a famous Bengali writer, violin player and composer, technologist, entrepreneur and a pioneer of Bengali

An interview with Frances Hardinge

Frances Hardinge (born 1973) is a British children's writer. Her debut novel, Fly By Night, won the 2006

A versatile children's writer of Bengali literature

Sukumar Ray was an Indian Bengali humorous poet, story writer and playwright who mainly wrote for children. Ray

Avoiding phishing & scams

Part of Facebook's mission is to give people the power to share and make meaningful connections - be it

Online marketplaces provide suitable spaces to create employment

Full of new and innovative ideas, the younger generation is always trying to do something new. Many young

A prominent figure in the Bengali Muslim reawakening

Ismail Hossain Siraji was a Bengali writer, poet, orator and peasant leader. He was born in 1880 in

Puja Plans - make Uber a part of it

The festival of color, grandeur and yummilicious food-Shyama Puja is just around the corner! Puja celebration is one

Real estate to provide better facilities

Public facilities are basic needs of city dwellers for healthy and smart living. They are also related to


ne afternoon, sitting at a tea-stall at TSC, I asked Diba in a feeble tone, "Would you like

A poet of solitary struggle and human dignity

Bishnu Dey was a prominent Bengali poet, prose writer, translator, academic and art critic in the era of modernism,

A conversation with Marina Carr

Question: To start off, do you consider your works tragedies? What meaning do you attach to that word?Answer: I

How Dyson's supersonic hair dryer works

Regarding the hairdryer, renowned inventor Sir James Dyson had this to say: "Hairdryers can be heavy, inefficient and

Corporate governance practices in Bangladesh

Corporate governance is the system of rules, regulations, practices, and processes, by which a company is directed, operated,

What is this!!

This inspiration to organize this unique exhibition on Growth Mindset & Brainology came from the spontaneous participation of

E-commerce to intervene in the real estate industry

E-Commerce, the new sunrise industry in Bangladesh, is one of the much-talked about economic issues of recent times.

The supreme being as female form

The worship of God as Supreme power and as Mother of the Universe is as old as the

What is Dharma?

Let me, first, do a bit of deliberation on what is called Dharma: then I would like

Durga Puja latest fashion trends

Durga Puja means new fashion trend. Every year new trends are observed. For teenagers fashion in dress means

Technology to propel real estate industry to new phase

Real estate constitutes over 50% of the world's assets. Housing is a vital human need and the commercial

Inhumanity! No other conspiracy behind the rumor!

The country is going on a strange camel! All the stories going on are like stories. In our


One evening, on a busy highway in Dhaka city, a Turag bus rammed into a Suprobhat bus that

Interview of Vice-Chancellor of Sheikh Hasina University

Sheikh Hasina University Bill-2018 was passed in the Parliament on January 28 last year. Then a project of tk

Arup Chowdhuri's role in global arena deserves appreciation

There needs to be expressed with high importance that an Indian national named Arup Chowdhuri is considered as

Remembrance Unique story of a torchbearer

Departure is the regular routine of nature. Someone before, someone after. The mortal body mixes with the soil

Trust and transparency in real estate

The complexity and legal formalities in real estate transactions are a hassle for consumers who want to buy

Corruption and development challenges

Every year citizens around the globe lose trillions of dollars in bribery, government malfeasance, and other forms of corruption.

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