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Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay was a famous Bengali writer. He was also actively involved with Bengali cinema as well as

An Interview with Karen Joy Fowler

Last summer, Karen Joy Fowler made me cry. On a homeward bound bus from New York City, I

What is extraterritoriality?

Kallie SzczepanskiExtraterritoriality, also known as extraterritorial rights, is an exemption from local laws. That means that

Chandranath temple, pilgrims & beyond

Kingshuk ParthaChandranath Temple is a holy place of pilgrimage for Hindus. It located on top of

Social and cultural implications of his works in our lives

Every year during the month of 9th day of Month all Tagore lovers based in India, Bangladesh and

An Interview with Jhumpa Lahiri

Cressida LeyshonNilanjana Sudeshna "Jhumpa" Lahiri is an American author. Lahiri's debut short story collection Interpreter of

Satyajit Ray-classical global Bengali after Rabindra Nath Tagore

There is a common saying that Rabindra Nath Tagore will remain immortal in the lives of Bengalis of

An exclusive interview with Man Booker finalist Hanya Yanagihara

Interview by Kiran Dass Thank you for fitting this interview in so close to the Booker

Contrasts of childhood

Kingshuk ParthaThe incomparable beautiful time in whole human life is childhood. In many cases, the child's

Wonderful presentation by Noto Drama group

Noto Drama Group, a newly formed drama group from Kolkata, staged a wonderful presentation by staging a drama

Jeet Thayil, 'Narcopolis is a love letter to Bombay'

Jeet Thayil is an Indian poet,  novelist, librettist and musician. He is best known as a poet and

Eulogizing Dr Tapan Kumar Sarkar, meritorious vocalist cum music teacher

Merit Fair Publications of Dhaka, Bangladesh has brought a remarkable book on Rabindra Sangeet and its rhythm and

An interview with Damon Galgut

Damon Galgut is an award-winning South African playwright and novelist. He was born in Pretoria, South Africa in

The invention of the saddle stirrup

Kallie SzczepanskiIt seems like such a simple idea. Why not add two pieces to the saddle,

Story of tea garden workers

Kingshuk ParthaBangladesh is the tenth tea producing and ninth tea exporting country in the world. The

Prof Anisuzzaman, a gem of the subcontinent

Professor Anisuzzaman, a gem of the subcontinent whose name is uttered not only in his country but also

An interview with Sebastian Barry

Sebastian Barry is an Irish playwright, novelist and poet. He is noted for his dense literary writing style

A global icon in the world of Rabindra Sangeet

Rezwana Chowdhury Bonya, a global icon in the world of Rabindra Sangeet spanning around four to five decades

An interview with Emma Donoghue

Emma Donoghue (born 24 October 1969) is an Irish-Canadian playwright, literary historian, novelist, and screenwriter. Her 2010 novel

A star in early modern Bengali literature

Dwijendralal Ray also known as D. L. Ray was a Bengali poet, playwright, and musician. He was known

Romila Thapar: 'The media today is not communicating reality but propagating ideology'

Interview by Siddharth VaradarajanRomila Thapar is an Indian historian whose principal area of study is ancient

Man Booker Prize Winner Marlon James: An interview

Interview by Michelle DeanIf you haven't yet read A Brief History of Seven Killings, by Marlon

Social exclusion in Bangladesh

Sheikh Muhammad Anwar HossainPoverty is a denial of choices and opportunities, a violation of human dignity;

The father of Bengali theatre

Girish Chandra Ghosh was a Bengali musician, poet, playwright, novelist, theatre director and actor. He was largely responsible

An interview with Maya Jasanoff

Maya Jasanoff is an American academic. She serves as Coolidge Professor of History at Harvard University, where she

Peacock throne of India

Kallie SzczepanskiThe Peacock Throne was a wonder to behold - a gilded platform, canopied in silk

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