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ZEE5, the largest global streaming platform for South Asians and beyond, announced its plans to take Bangladeshi entertainment content

Things to consider when choosing a career

"The education system of our country is now more advanced. We have expert faculties, who help students not


Returning from school, Russel noticed a strange girl sweeping the yard. He learned from his mother the girl

Teacher's import, Bangladeshis are best of foreigners!

Discussion and criticism of the education system of Bangladesh is done from all the quarters. Recently, the quality

How to be a 5-star rider?

At Uber, both riders and driver partners rate each other on a scale of 1 to 5 stars

How do citizens influence public policy?

We usually view policy as designating behavior of some actor or set of actors, such as an official,

Technological intervention to make Real Estate programes easier

Mark Nosworthy These days, you can get almost anything from or through the internet: jobs, apparel,

Increase capacity of Milk Vita to be self-sufficient in dairy sector

Kanij FatemaBangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman established the state-owned milk production company Milk Vita in 1974, aiming

Increased import duty to make milk costlier

Kazi TahminaThe government has proposed to increase the import duty on milk powder to 10% from

History, how far is the solution to the Rohingya crisis ?

The history of the RohingyaHistorically Rohingya is a Indo-Aryan population of Rakhine state in western Myanmar. According

Nazrul Sangeet devotee Sampa relentlessly surpassing herself

Nazrul's much adored song titled "Pravat Beena Taba Baje" is excellently tuned by Sampa. While singing the song

An interview with Svetlana Alexievich

Svetlana Alexandrovna Alexievich (born: 31 May 1948) is a Belarusian investigative journalist and non-fiction prose writer who writes in

The history of gravity

Andrew Zimmerman JonesOne of the most pervasive behaviors that we experience, it's no wonder that even

Globalization and its politico-cultural impacts on Bangladesh

The theory of globalization emerged in 21st century after the 2nd great world war. Theodore Levitt wrote an

Unsung heroes

Kingshuk ParthaWork is their religion. They work relentlessly for building up our nation. But they are

A powerful satirist in Bengali literature

Sukumar Ray was an Indian Bengali humorous poet, story writer and playwright who mainly wrote for children. Ray

An interview with A D Miller

Andrew Miller is a British journalist and author. He worked as a television producer before joining The Economist

Orphans oratory

Kingshuk ParthaAn orphan is someone whose parents have died, unknown or have permanently abandoned them. Commonly, only

"Sadhin Nari" and women's empowerment

Ashik  Al Mamun "Nations that invest in women's employment, health and education are just more likely

Holy Ramadan, honest businessmen and effective administration

Md. Sabur MiahSacred Ramzan is one of the main obligations of the people of Muslim religion. Religious

The invention of Gunpowder: A history

Kallie SzczepanskiFew substances in history have had as profound an effect on human history as gunpowder,

A poet of solitary struggle and human dignity

Bishnu Dey was a prominent Bengali poet, prose writer, translator, academic and art critic in the era of

How Dyson's supersonic hair dryer works

Tuan C. NguyenRegarding the hairdryer, renowned inventor Sir James Dyson had this to say: "Hairdryers can

A conversation with Marina Carr

Marina Carr (born 17 November 1964) is an Irish playwright. She is well-known for her play, By the

Wonderful performance by Rabinandan in Kolkata

Rabinandan, a well reputed school to cater to learning of Rabindra Sangeet, organized mellifluous, flawless and resounding rendition

An interview with Patrick deWitt

Patrick deWitt is a Canadian novelist and screenwriter. He was born on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and later

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