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Sheikh Hasina University Bill-2018 was passed in the Parliament on January 28 last year. Then a project of tk

Arup Chowdhuri's role in global arena deserves appreciation

There needs to be expressed with high importance that an Indian national named Arup Chowdhuri is considered as

Remembrance Unique story of a torchbearer

Departure is the regular routine of nature. Someone before, someone after. The mortal body mixes with the soil

Trust and transparency in real estate

The complexity and legal formalities in real estate transactions are a hassle for consumers who want to buy

Corruption and development challenges

Every year citizens around the globe lose trillions of dollars in bribery, government malfeasance, and other forms of corruption.

An interview with Neel Mukherjee

The Indian author Neel Mukherjee is a judge for this year's Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award. His first

An extraordinary poet, lyricist and singer

Rajanikanta Sen was a Bengali poet and composer, known for his devotional (bhakti) compositions, as well as his

Industrialist Alfred Nobel invented the detonator for dynamite and nitroglycerin

The Nobel prizes was established by none other than inventor Alfred Nobel. But besides being the namesake behind

A versatile children's writer of Bengali literature

Sukumar Ray was an Indian Bengali humorous poet, story writer and playwright who mainly wrote for children. Ray

An interview with NoViolet Bulawayo

NoViolet Bulawayo is a Zimbabwean author and Stegner Fellow at Stanford University (2012-14). In 2012 the National Book

Real estate benchmarking supports the core business

Mark Nosworthy Along with the rapid development of the country, the real estate sector of Bangladesh

A conversation with Mia Couto

Interview by Gracie Jin.....António Emílio Leite Couto (born 5 July 1955), better known as Mia Couto, is

Cheating with the orphan!

Bangladesh, the number of people being victimized by fraud is getting more and more long. Farmers cheat on

Uber's road safety campaign in Bangladesh

As Bangladesh continues on its trajectory of growth, the role of road safety acquires immense importance. A combination

The beggar

Mehedi Hassan It was raining outside. After finishing my lunch in a cheap restaurant, I ambled

A conversation with Marina Carr

Marina Carr (born 17 November 1964) is an Irish playwright. She is well-known for her play, By the

Community apartment makes life comfortable

Living in a luxury apartment is a dream of many. They offer numerous advantages and a premium lifestyle

Truefitt & Hill opens its door in Dhaka

Having groomed the monarchs of Great Britain for over 200 years through nine consecutive reigns, Truefitt & Hill (T&H)

A phone call

As I was having lunch, sitting alone at the dining table, my phone rang and vibrated. So, I took

ZEE5 offers more entertainment

The numbers of internet users are rapidly growing across the world, including Bangladesh. The Internet World Stats has recently

Welcomes Hajj Guests from all over the world

Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA) is the national flag carrier of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  SAUDIA flies to more

Uber launches road safety campaign in Bangladesh

Uber authority provides their service over 700 cities worldwide. Uber has recently taken up some initiativesabout road safety

History of beds

Mary BellisA bed is a piece of furniture upon which a person may recline or sleep,

Inhumanity! No other conspiracy behind the rumor!

The country is going on a strange camel! All the stories going on are like stories. In our

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Intellectual Property Rights had been discussed for long days in various international forums like WIPO and UNCTAD. But

House renting is no longer a hassle!

Debashis NirobRenting a house in Dhaka city is very difficult for working people and anyone for

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