Monday, September 21, 2015

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 Following the global agreements on Sustainable Development Goals and how to address Climate Change, the world is now

Did COVID-19 strengthen authoritarianism in Southeast Asia?

 David HuttIt was a reasonable endeavor when the COVID-19 pandemic struck to consider how the crisis

Global views of Biden's Democracy Summit

 Zainab Usman, Erin Jones and Elisa Lledó, Maiko Ichihara, Oliver Stuenkel, Aqil Shah, Ashley Quarcoo, Frances Z. Brown

Bangladesh at 50: On the path to becoming a middle power

 Asif Muztaba HassanBangladesh at 50 is a transformed Asian tiger that is looking to build on

Bangladeshi women are rising-onwards and upwards!

 Mercy TembonLast February, I met Chaya Rani Das, a very talented woman with extraordinary leadership skills.

The BRI in Bangladesh: Walking the tightrope between Beijing and Delhi

 Jacob MardellFor smaller powers like Bangladesh, China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) represents an opportunity to

2022: A new year under the shadow of the pandemic

 Seema GuhaNo one will regret the passing of 2021, but will the New Year be any

Vision-2041: Bangladesh turns a developed country

 Abul Quasem HaiderThe present government has been putting its efforts for last several years to build

2022 look ahead: Arms race will dominate U.S. - China competition

 James StavridisAdmiral James Stavridis was 16th supreme allied commander of NATO and 12th dean of the

Delhi-Dhaka: A model for the neighborhood

 The relationship has its roots in history, but both States have ensured continuous engagement, crucial for contemporary South Asian

5 global climate actions to watch for in 2022

 Rachel KyteHow much the world achieved at the Glasgow climate talks - and what happens now

Welcome to 2022: The year of living dangerously with China, Russia and Iran

 Frederick KempeBrace yourself for 2022, a year of living dangerously. Many of the world's most profound

Pandemic might give way to an era of delocalization

 A post-Covid world? The thought seems to belong in the realm of fantasy. Most of us can barely

ICT in Bangladesh: The future and challenges towards world

 The first computer in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) was installed in 1964, a IBM Mainframe 1620. It was

Global demand for coal could hit all-time high in 2022

 Jillian AmbroseCoal power is on track to hit a new global record this year after an

As Afghanistan falls, what does it mean for the Middle East?

 Tony WalkerIn the 19th century, the phrase "The Great Game"was used to describe competition for power

Current trends in the US-China rivalry

 In the recent few years, the world's two biggest powers, the United States and China have been at

Bangabandhu's vision of democracy

 The young Mujib realised even as a political student activist of the pre-partition era the dangers of doing

Bangladesh ahead of Pakistan in many respects

 Bangladesh celebrates 50 years of independence. Today, we use the word 'celebration' to express our joy. But the

Bangladesh at 50: Achievements and challenges ahead

 50 years ago Bangladesh was born as an independent nation and since then, the developmental growth it has

Prospects and challenges of Bangladesh's foreign policy

 Bangladesh is celebrating its golden jubilee of independence on the back of incredible economic growth and remarkable success

Independence golden jubilee and a glance ahead

 Time has arrived to assess to what extent we have been able to materialize the dreams, aims and

A story of a golden touch

 My motherland is celebrating its golden jubilee of independence this year. So, my mind and thoughts are full

Bangabandhu, Our Community-chauvinism and State

 My brain fails as I try to think about our people'scommunity-chauvinism. We lost, we say, the 'Founder of

Minds without fear, heads held high

 The year 2021 is not the year 1971. The middle-aged citizen of today is no more the youth

Bangabandhu was charismatic and genial: Sir Mark Tully

 Mark Tully, former BBC bureau chief in India is a renowned journalist and needs no introduction. Covering the

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