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The 71st Cannes  Film Festival ended on May 19th, with the President of the jury, Cate Blanchett handing

Pahela Baishakh: Celebration or Consumerism?

It has been less than a month the whole nation celebrated the forty-fifth Independence Day of Bangladesh. Now the

The secular spirit of Pahela Baishakh

Pahela Baishakh, the Bengali New Year's Day is characterized by its vibrant cultural content and secular social integration agenda

How Akbar invented the modern Bengali calendar

Today is the Bengali New Year, known in Bangla as Pohela Boishakh. A number of Indian calendars, of course,

Boi-Sa-Bi: A festival of spirit and harmony

When I mention the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), the first thing your mind might turn to are the steep

A festival of national integration

It can hardly be thought of the existence of a nation without addressing its national culture that lays the

Thoughts on Pahela Baishakh

Esho  he boishakh, esho eshoTaposho nishshao baye, mumurshero dao urayebotshorer aborjona dur hoye jakjak puraton sriti, jak bhule jaowa

Culture, tradition and celebrations

The turning of the calendar in Bangladesh from the old year to the new is as much a purification

The forgotten fighters of 1971

Liberation war of Bangladesh, still after 46 years later occupies a large part of the political imagination of

March 1971: Renewing the old pledge

It is March again.And these are thoughts that well up from somewhere deep in my soul. They rise,

The birth of a nation

A nation takes birth in the collective human psyche which is the realm of consciousness and feelings, a

Why Pakistan should apologize to Bangladesh

It was reported in the media that the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh HasinaWajid, turned down an officialinvitation

Bangladesh’s gratitude to India

The political and personal role of the former Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, in the Bangladesh Liberation War

The declaration of Bangladesh Independence

The unhealthy controversy with regard to the declaration of Bangladesh independence is still nagging us. We have grown

Significance of Independence Day

March 26 is our Independence Day, the birthday of Bangladesh. On this very day in 1971, the independence

Bangabandhu, the poet of politics

Bangabandhu is dead. Long live Bangabandhu. Every year August 15 appears as the darkest moment in the history of

His life, struggle

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was born on 17 March 1920 to Sheikh Lutfur Rahman and Shahara Khatun in village

Bangabandhu and the freedom of Bangladesh

OUR nationalist movement that led to the War of Liberation began soon after the creation of Pakistan. Since inception,

Bangabandhu's prison diary

Karagarer Rojnamcha has three major sections, the first of which provides a comprehensive account of jail customs and conventions.

Bangabandhu, the liberator

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, also known as Bangabandhu, will live forever in Bangladesh - the country he founded.  One can

Bangabandhu . . . very much the family man

For a political leader who spent almost his entire youth in incarceration, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman did not let

The profile of a leader

One of my favourite leadership quotes, which I came across some forty years ago, is from Vince Lombardi, who

The role of women leadership

Women's leadership role in political spheres as well as development activities remains a serious concern worldwide. Recognition of the

'Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives'

We are at a pivotal moment for women's rights. The historical and structural inequalities that have allowed oppression and

Violence against women still exists

Bangladesh is a small South Asian country which borders India, Myanmar, and the Bay of Bengal. Since it gained

A speech that created a nation

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's speech of March 7, 1971, will remain as a milestone in the history of independence

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