Monday, September 21, 2015

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Under South Asia's only female prime minister, the country is investing heavily in its women and girlsThe World Economic

What to watch in 2018

Professional forecasters like to say that making predictions is difficult, particularly about the future. As we reach the

2018: Milestones to pursue

When we talk about New Year resolutions, we refer to some objectives and plans that we intend to

Space for everyone

If all goes well, on November 26th 2018 NASA's InSight unmanned spacecraft will slice into Mars's thin atmosphere

2017: A successful year for Bangladesh ICT sector

Bangladesh has tasted many firsts in the information and communication technology sector in the outgoing year. Among those,

Climate change policy and Bangladesh

So far, Bangladesh has done very well in the climate change arena. All along the country has shown

Christmas in classical stories

Authors and poets through ages and centuries have illustrated different aspects of Merry Christmas in their stories, novels and

Christmas: An invocation for peace

When I began to write this article on the theme of 'Christmas and peace', I was shocked to see

Celebrating Christmas in Bangladesh

As Bangladesh happens to be culturally harmonious in terms of religion - occasions of our other religious brethren such

Christmas Tree: The symbol of Christ

Long time ago, the evergreens were worshiped as symbols of immortality in pagan cultures, and used for warding off

Tale of Christmas Carols

As the austerity of medieval Christianity began to soften, a kind of renaissance took place and carols merged with

The legend of Santa Claus

The legend of Santa Claus can be traced back hundreds of years to a monk named St. Nicholas. It

Diversity in Xmas traditions and customs

The holiday season is here and people all around the world are preparing for the occasion. While the date

Jesus "the Emmanuel God with us"

Today we celebrate the feast of Christmas remembering the first coming of Jesus Christ among us. It is the

And God said. . . 'LET THERE BE LIGHT!'

It is time to sing old songs. It is time to reflect on the miracle in Bethlehem. It is

Sustainable finance for building a green Shonar Bangla

Following the global agreements on Sustainable Develop-ment Goals and how to address Climate Change, the world is now focusing

Minds without fear, heads held high

The year 2017 is not the year 1971. The middle-aged citizen of today is no more the youth of

Painfully fresh in the mind

"So, what were you doing in December 1971?" asked a friend the other day. Every year at this time,

Final blow and victory in the Liberation War

With Pakistan's invasion of India on December 3, 1971 and a joint command of Indian Army and Bangladesh Mukti

Judging present Bangladesh with homage to martyrs

Time has arrived to assess to what extent we have been able to materialize the dreams, aims and desires

The fall of a nation and the birth of a new nation

Lt. Gen. Jacob landed at Dacca by helicopter around 1 p. m. on 16th Dec. 71. He brought a

The immortal slogan of Joy Bangla

"Joy Bangla" is such a slogan having great power, force, potency or effect and also most patriotic slogan for

The triumph of good over evil

God, as the Hindu religion says, being almighty can simultaneously stay manifested concretely in different images and remain

Militancy, terrorism, communalism and extremism

Peace and harmony are two prime prerequisites fora nation's development and prosperity. No doubt, Nation State and Democracy

Worshipping Kumari: Heavenly scene of Durga Puja

Kumari Puja was started in West Bengal by Ramkrishna Paramhansa. It is done on eighth or the ninth

How Autumnal Durga festival became popular

In earlier times, people would generally observe Durga Puja during the month of Chaitra or the season of

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