Monday, September 21, 2015



Nintendo has unveiled its latest release, and it's a little less high-tech than you

Facebook to prioritise ‘trustworthy’ news

Facebook Inc will prioritise "trustworthy" news in its feed of social media posts, using member

10 things to look for while buying a smartphone

There are many choices when shopping for a smartphone these days, and the differences can

Apple plans new US campus

Apple Inc will open a new campus as part of a five-year, $30 billion US

Google to build 3 submarine cables

Alphabet Inc’s Google said on Tuesday it would add five regions and build

Explain battery slow-down, Shanghai consumer council asks Apple

The Shanghai Consumer Council has sent an inquiry letter to Apple over the

Google temporarily bans addiction and rehabilitation center ads

A week after it was reported that Google was cashing in millions from health referral

Indian rocket to make movies from space

A British satellite has gone into orbit on an Indian rocket to acquire full-colour,

Teen wins Facebook payout after nude pictures are posted online

In a landmark legal action, Facebook has paid compensation to a 14-year-old girl from Northern

Google techie held for molesting US woman

22-year-old NRI, working as a software engineer for Google, has been arrested for allegedly molesting

Store evacuated after smoke from iPhone

An overheated iPhone battery injured a repairman in an Apple store in Zurich and prompted

Facebook overhauls news feed

Facebook on Thursday began to change the way it filters posts and videos on its

Facebook to pay up for teen's naked pics

Facebook has settled a legal case involving naked photos posted on the social media platform

New 'emotional' robots aim to read human feelings

The robot called Forpheus does more than play a mean game of table tennis. It

Apple’s explanation on slowing iPhones sought

The chairman of a US Senate committee overseeing business issues asked Apple Inc

WhatsApp launches new video call feature

WhatsApp has launched a feature in its beta version that will let users switch to

Security patches slowing down MS PCs

Microsoft Corp said on Tuesday the patches released to guard against Meltdown and Spectre security

Profit from iPhone addiction

Apple Inc investors are shrugging off concerns raised by two shareholders about kids getting hooked

Winter Olympics 'targeted by hackers'

Hackers have attempted to steal sensitive data from groups involved with next month's Winter

Apple: Chip bug in all Macs and iPhones

Apple has said that all iPhones, iPads and Mac computers are affected by two

Children at 'significant' social media risk

Schools should play a bigger role in preparing children for social media's emotional demands

YouTuber apologises for video of suicide victim

American YouTube star Logan Paul on Tuesday apologised for posting a video of a suicide

WhatsApp stops working on these smartphones

Facebook-owned mobile messaging app WhatsApp has stopped working on smartphones that support 'BlackBerry OS', 'BlackBerry

Google doodle celebrates New Year 2017 with penguins, parrots

Today, Google celebrates New Year's Eve 2017 with a doodle featuring its "feathery friends". As

Phones set to get smarter in 2018 with futuristic tech

If 2017 was about dual cameras and

Apple apologises over slowed iPhones

Facing lawsuits and consumer outrage after it said it slowed older iPhones with flagging batteries,

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