Monday, September 21, 2015

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Floral ingredients have been one of the mainstays of beauty and skincare from time immemorial now. Age-old cosmetic

Grow your own herbs at home

You're cooking a recipe that requires fresh herbs, and then realize you have to stop everything you're doing

Make a relationship work when you are opposites

According to a popular cliché, opposites attract. Sure, they do, because in terms of qualities these ends of

Exfoliate your face without hurting your skin

Brooke Shunatona The tricky thing about exfoliation is it can either work wonders for your skin,

Tale of henna artists

IffatKaniz Fatema KosmiIn 2016, I've opened a page named Kaniz's Mehendi. That time it was

Make your home safer for an elderly parent

Lucy Maher For many adults today, having a senior, often ailing parent, means moving them into

Choose a blush to match your skin tone

Diana CrisanA little rouge goes a long way - at least that's what our grandmother tells us

This is the story of Anonna Aziza

IffatAnonna Aziza, a teacher by profession, businesswoman by passion. Since 2012 she has emerged as a

How to dress classy

Vanessa Rodriguez Is it time for you to change up your style? Add a bit of

Beat hair loss with home remedies

Dr Seema Nanda Hair is our crowning glory and it adds charm and beauty to our

Rooms with a view

Alice Welsh DoyleImagine being transported to a verdant garden, no matter the season, by walking only

Munira Mujib and tales of Linus

Iffat Munira Mujib, the owner of Linus who sells various types of stylish handbags.  To her,

A new career: Being makeup artist

Iffat These days' Bengali women are much more concerned about their looks than any other time.

Bonsai exhibition begins

The first annual Bonsai exhibition of bonsai artist and founder of 'Bonsai Jagat' MD. Sulaiman has begun in

Achieve the perfect nail shape

Komal Kaviliga Well manicured nails say a lot about a person. It's the best accessory one

Rustic wedding ideas that'll inspire you

Allix Cott A sophisticated blend of country, vintage, and ethereal wedding styles, a rustic affair is

Shajgoj booms in Bangladeshi beauty platform

Iffat     Shajgoj, the leading beauty content and e-commerce platform in Bangladesh, has recently closed its

Head scarf styles for bad hair days and beyond

Abby Hepworth Some days my hair feels gorgeous, clean and beautiful enough to star in a

Managing in-law relationships

Michelle LeeWhen it comes to managing your relationship with your spouse's family, pick your battles wisely.

Master the natural no-makeup look

Tess DiNapoliAchieving the trendy no-makeup makeup look may seem like a challenge, especially if you love

Gardening: Landscaping without water

Zahrah NasirXeriscaping is a fancy word for gardening with as little water as possible or, depending

Fashion etiquette for women

Debby Mayne Do you ever wonder if the latest fashion trends are appropriate for you? Have

Look cool with beards

Farizaa SabreenBeard becomes a trend from last couple of years. But it is the symbol of

Accessories every bedroom needs

Michelle UllmanA bedroom is not a bedroom without a bed and not much of a bedroom

Focus on the good of your partner

Hayley LewisAs relationships deepen, it becomes easier to grow annoyed and aware of the flaws of your

Slash your morning beauty routine in half

Jenn Sinrich Aside from the rare variety of people who pop out of bed in the

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