Monday, September 21, 2015

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Richard WisemanEveryone has something to be happy about (although you may also need to rethink what

Jewelry for men- What suits the best, what does not...

Doc HandsomePerhaps you're more comfortable with the phrase "masculine adornments" than "men's jewelry," but whatever you

Small living room ideas to make the most of space

Marina Resto Many small living room ideas revolve around tricking the eye into making the area

New York Times picks 'The American Dream' as most featured novel

Bangladeshi-American citizen Jasim Uddin's novel "The American Dream" got prestigious recognition from the New York Times. The influential

Hair mistakes that make you look 10 years older

Leesa Suzman So, you've invested in every anti-aging skincare product on the market but still think

Promote wellness at home

Monique Valeris    It's no secret that your environment can have a direct impact on your overall

Live life big

Nafiza MouLife is made up of an infinite amount of choices. Most decisions, such as what

Ways to rejuvenate your look

Lea AkikiThere are some simpler and easier solutions than Botox, face lifts and tucks to maintain

Bring more luck into life in 2019

JR ThorpeThe New Year is rife with superstitions around bringing more luck into the following year:

Ways to create a more welcoming guest room

Chanel Parks Your overnight guests don't expect hotel-like accommodations and amenities from your spare room, but

The ultimate ring buying guide

Shelley Brown Engagement ring shopping isn't exactly the secretive process it used to be. More than

Dahlias - the new "IT" flower for winter

Roger MarshalDahlias, with their brilliant-colored flowers in a variety of sizes and styles, are relatively easy

How to introduce your girlfriend to your friends

Sophia BenoitFour ways to ensure eternal harmony between your friends and lovers. Congratulations, you got someone

Keep skin soft and glowing in winter

Britta AragonWinter weather is not fun for skin. Cold weather and low humidity levels result in

Decorating tips for first place

Valerie Ott Whether you rent, recently moved into your first home, or just have a limited

Being single can improve your life

Candice Jalili Being single isn't always a walk in the park-especially when movies and television shows

How to apply shimmer powder on face, body

Jenny SeyfriedShimmer powder is an incredibly versatile makeup that can provide an all over glow and

Flower's fragrance of winter

Nafiza MouAs my the student  life  is just over and we are living now a machine

Ways to clean your house fast

Mady DahlstromWith the holidays fast approaching, guests will soon be flooding in and out of your

Feeling neglected? What to do if your partner takes you for granted

Karen Gordon Feeling neglected or lonely in a relationship can be painful - and is often

Self-grooming tips for girls

Ayesha Raza Self-grooming tips for girls. In young age of years, we acquire numerous things that

How to decorate room with pictures

Melissa MichaelsOne of the best ways to express your personality and style at home is through

Camping hacks for couples

Melanie Buer The great outdoors nurtures romance and connection-if you're prepared. My boyfriend and I love

Easy ways to add greenery to your small apartment

Becca EndicottWhile it's still too early to have a lazy picnic in the park, there is

How to apologize after a fight

What is minimalism, exactly?

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