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Farmers have become happy over their newly harvested mustard seed yield in the region including its vast Barindrntract

Food safety practices for your home

Toby Amidor It's the simple things we forget to do in the kitchen that can cause

Treatment of thalassemia with herbs

Cindy Ell Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder. If you have thalassemia, your body makes an

Coconut laddoo

Ingredients 1.    2 cups grated fresh coconut2.    1 cup gur grated3.    1/2

When your immune system needs a boost

Kathy IandoliWe are now in the midst of flu season, which for most people is a

Coconut sandesh

Ingredients1.    Shredded Coconut - 3 cups2.    Sugar - 1 ¼ cup3.    Cardamom

Potato cultivators in Rajshahi are happy

Both yield and market price have made the potato growers happy in the region including its vast Barind

Record maize production likely in Rangpur region

An all-time record production of maize is likely in Rangpur agriculture region where the farmers exceeded its fixedfarming target

Boost your immune system naturally

Cheyenne Buckingham Even some of the most health-conscious people fall victim to illness from time to

Suffering from sinusitis?

Lisa AntaoHow do you know if you're suffering from sinusitis? Just answer the following questions: When

Improve your sleep hygiene

*    Jackie Veling*   Sleep is extremely important for our health. According to the Centers for Disease

Sicilian spicy pasta

Ingredients:  1 Cup Penne (spaghetti or any other form of pasta), boiled * 2 tsp Garlic, chopped *

Cream of broccoli soup

Ingredients: 200 gm broccoli-chopped fine * 2 Tbsp butter/oil * 2 Tbsp sifted flour * 1/4 tsp powdered

Ways to treat sore muscles

Emily Shiffer We all secretly love sore muscles. It's proof you put in serious work at

Simple tips for fitness success

Kyle MelerskiCongratulations on taking a forward step to get in shape and feel great. Many people

Instilling good habits in a picky eater

Bethany Frazier In a recent visit with my pediatrician, I expressed frustration with my child's picky

Besan laddo

Ingredients*    Besan/Lentil Powder/Gram Flour - 1 cup *   Ghee /Clarified Butter - 1/4

Mishti Doi

Ingredients *    1 liter full cream milk*   300 gm palm jaggery*   2

Dental care on the move

Amanda N. WegnerTaking care of your teeth and gums isn't just important for a healthy mouth

Foods that fight anxiety

Klara Mudge Anxiety can be caused by several internal and external factors, but there's a natural

Jujube pickle

Ingredients: Jujube  1 kg * Akher Gur/Suagr cane jaggery 400 gms * Panch Phoron 1 tsp (to temper)

Sports day: Nutrition tips for young athletes

Jill CastleHave young athletes in your family? Feeding them requires knowledge and planning. Not only do

What are antioxidants

Chris Heuer "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," and if modern food packaging is

Floating strawberry gelatin dessert

Ingredients: For the Vanilla Layer: * 1/2 cup Cream Cheese * 3/4 cup sweetened condensed milk * 1

Roasted cauliflower with shallots and green beans

Ingredients: 2 baby cauliflowers * 3 banana shallots, quartered then sliced length ways * 150g fine green beans

Europe's food makers find green palm oil hard to stomach

Europe, the world’s second-biggest buyer of palm oil, is set to miss a 2020

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