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Pitting a loosely rendered historical figure against a surly, vengeful fop resentful of her hard-won freedom, Harriet (as

'Anything Is Possible' is unafraid to be gentle

Elizabeth Strout's novel-in-stories, Anything Is Possible, is welcome literary salve for these alarmingly acrimonious, anxiety-inducing times. These nine

A rich and absorbing exploration of places

Strange Harvests is a book full of fascinating s.... It tells how, for example, in the middle of

Intriguing debut about life as a Ghanaian immigrant

Sarah GilmartinThe God Child is an intriguing debut novel from a writer eager to address issues

A heart-rending time-travel journey

The story is set in a mysterious coffee shop called Funiculi Funicula, which allows people to time travel.

'Knives Out': Sharp and pointed satire

Terence TohIf you ever find yourself becoming rich, here's a tip for you: don't ever live

A beguiling story of betrayal and pursuit

What do you do when you lose love? Do you let it go? Do you get over it? Do

Poetic vignettes on inter-generational trauma

In 2001, 16-year-old Melody descends down the stairs of her grandparents' stately brownstone in Brooklyn, New York, for her

Marriage Story is one of the best films of the year

I just have to accept that once every decade Noah Baumbach will rip my heart out, eat it in

21 Bridges: Juicy gunplay, but a bonkers plot

Much hilarity has already gathered around publicity claims that this nippy, silly cop thriller comes from "visionary producers Anthony

A brilliantly balanced equation

Sarah Gilmartin"I suppose I should warn you I tell a story like a woman: looping into

Ode to teenagers' forbidden romance

Seow Bei YiIt has been years since Philippe left his home town of Barbezieux in south-western

The Irishman: It's good, but it's no Goodfellas

Donald Clarke There is a temptation to sweep the word "autumnal" before any sombre late work

Find Me - a bold sequel to Call Me By Your Name

Barry Pierce"I would actually love a sequel to Call Me By Your Name. In fact I

Daughters of Jorasanko

Gargi Gupta The world may not know of Jorasanko, but to Bengalis it's the epoch of

Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding make 'Last Christmas' worthy of your heart

Katie WalshIn the past couple of years, it seems we've all admitted that those made-for-cable holiday

A superhero story about slavery

There has been a lot of debate of late over whether Marvel movies count as cinema. Now, American

Doctor Sleep: Like an evening in a shining theme park

Few are the films that have such a dysfunctional relationship with their sources and predecessors.  As you will

All The Light We Cannot See

In All The Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr paints everyday people so richly, it makes it possible to

The Addams Family : A lost opportunity

he Addams Family loses its way, ironically, chasing the outrageous when most ghosts are now to be found

Movie Reviews

Michael Cheang The past is littered with the corpses of failed Terminator sequels and reboots.It's a

Serotonin: Flat yarn from French darling Houellebecq

Eamon MaherThe French writer Michel Houellebecq is a publishing phenomenon. Two of his earlier novels, Atomised

The Wife: An insightful film packed with powerful performances

Anupama ChopraThere is a moment in The Wife in which the husband Joe Castleman, literary giant

The Hidden by Mary Chamberlain

Duncan Barrett Mary Chamberlain's latest novel is The Hidden, which focuses on the German occupation of

A stranger in my own land

Nirupama Subramanian Growing up Rohingya, an account of the horror that a narrow vision of nationhood

Travelling in a strange land: Grief and redemption in the bleak inter

Catherine TaylorThe novels and short stories of David Park, set primarily in Belfast, where he grew

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