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Amy DriscollA well-heeled Wall Streeter, generally considered a good guy, agrees to throw a bachelor party

Transit: Intriguing tale follows a refugee's deception

Michael Phillips"There aren't any old times," Joseph Cotten says with a grind of boundless optimism in

Whimsy and absurdness at play in' Labels And Other Stories'

Rachel Au-Yong Labels And Other Stories is a slim collection of 14 tales. But brief though

An exuberant adventure for everyone

Put under a microscope, any kids' show is at least a little bit weird. The long-running animated "Dora the

How to be both by Ali Smith The art of grief

Like was the last novel of Ali Smith I tried to read before this one (which I actually read).

A King Alone by Jean Giono

Jean Giono's 1947 novel, A King Alone, concerning a spate of mysterious disappearances and the eccentric French policeman attached

Starling Days: A novel about depression that doesn't depress

Stuart KellyThe classics never really go away. But, though there have been excellent novels by people

'Hobbs & Shaw': Overkill in overdrive equals wild, fun ride

Davin Arul There is "too much", and then there is the Fast & Furious universe's interpretation

Bina: A novel in warnings

John SelfHere is a book you must read but you can't. You can't because the new

Brandon Sanderson's 'Skyward' is superbly crafted

 D.L. PhilipsOne of the joys of reading anything by fantasy and sci-fi author Brandon Sanderson is

Ben Is Back: Mother-son addiction drama cuts to the bone

Alan Scherstuhl For about three minutes at the start, Peter Hedges' age-of-opioids melodrama Ben Is Back

Something to Live For: Meaningful end for all the lonely people

Sarah GilmartinRichard Roper has crafted a compelling mystery in this clever and uplifting debut Here's a

Understanding of 'The Duchess of Malfi'

Shaikh Reza Haider John Webster has been regarded as one of the great tragic writers in

'Crawl': Gore and gators galore in this fun thriller

Terence Toh There are a lot of things to worry about during a hurricane. Deadly winds.

Fake Like Me: Enjoyable art world murder mystery

Sarah GilmartinBarbara Bourland's takedown of the art world in her second novel Fake Like Me falls

The morbidity of circumstances

How do you write about a book that is so very intense that it seems to freeze the blood

A majestic but recycled circle of life

Michael Cheang Let me just start by saying I love The Lion King. I've watched it

Impeccably honed writing of Avik Rahman

The Box is the debut of Avik Sanwar Rahman. It tells the story of a man who lost himself.

Lee Child's 'Past Tense' puts lots of tension in your present

Davin Arul After  two solid but not very memorable Jack Reacher tales (Night School and The

Elizabeth Gilbert's new novel is all sex, no drive

Hillary Kelly"You will never be an interesting person," the glamorous, accomplished, 50-something theater actress Edna Parker

Happy ever After? Not in this cliched teen romance

Sandra HallAfter is a direct descendant of the romance comic. Remember it? Its heroines spent much

A passage through time

I bought "Harilal & Sons" by Sujit Saraf on a friend's recommendation. The bulk of the book was

Lydia Kwa's Oracle Bone is magical historical fiction for adults

Oracle Bone, the new novel from Singapore-born, Vancouver-based writer Lydia Kwa, is at once richly imaginative and deeply

'Plus One' is the charming rom-com

 Nell Minow "Gee, I get a lonesome feeling/When I hear the church bells chime/ Those wedding

Unicorn Store- Brie Larson's directorial debut isn't weird enough

Karl DelossantosI can see what Brie Larson saw in Samantha McIntyre's screenplay that made her want

Of reading and conversations

If you want some rollicking reading with some off-beat characters, "Those Pricey Thakur Girls", is the book for

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