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Davin Arul Kills so slick, stylish and merciless that the press preview audience burst into applause

Trust Exercise: A bold novel that might leave you feeling cheated

John BoyneOnce in a while, a novel's plot takes such an unexpected turn, breaking the unspoken

'Late In The Day' is extraordinarily good, within its limits

Martin Spice Tessa Hadley is very well regarded in serious writing circles in Britain. This is

'Ami Sirajul Alam Khan: Ekti Rajnoitik Jeebonnalekho'

Sirajul Alam Khan (SAK) is an intellectual and personal lodestar, an inspirational model of truly humane scholarship, an

Salt Slow: Impeccably honed writing in a debut collection

Joanne HaydenTowards the end of one story in Julia Armfield's debut collection, a woman begins to

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Donald Clarke "This is the single greatest disaster in human history!" Steady on there, newsreader. It's

When conflict and empathy are at play

Sophocles, the master of Greek tragedy, of drama at its most eloquent, had written "Antigone" centuries ago. In

'Ami Sirajul Alam Khan: Ekti Rajnoitik Jeebonnalekho'

Dear Bangladesh, the book has incorporated many invaluable notes of an undocumented and unsung living bright son of

Aladdin: Will Smith makes the magic happen

Rohan Naahar Despite being one of the most unambitious tentpole films of the year, the live-action

Landscape of the mind

Nausheen RahmanRuskin Bond is not known as "Our very own resident Wordsworth in prose" and "one

A new classic following the Colombian drug trade

Donald Clarke Once in the bluest of moons, we encounter a freshly minted classic that feels

Temptations at Indian bookshops

Daryaganj on Sunday is a reader's delight. And you will know if you happen to be in Delhi,

Suzy Suzy: Everything a great book should be

Julia Kelly"My mam doesn't really look at my dad any more. Like maybe she never did

Vox Lux: A monstrous star turn from Natalie Portman

Donald Clarke In the eight months since its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, the second

The Cabin at the End of the World

Liam LeonardThirty pages into The Cabin at the End of the World-right before the book turns

Women are more than muses in Taylor Jenkins Reid's novel

Olivia HoThere was a time American author Taylor Jenkins Reid was inadvertently somebody's muse. Once, she

Hellboy- Over populated, largely superficial and gory mayhem

Johnson ThomasDavid Harbour's performance lacks the confident stamp of authority that Ron Perlman's did. Even the

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Olly RichardsTim (Justice Smith) may be the only person in the world who doesn't love Pokémon;

Entertaining insight into animal emotions

Martina EvansFrans De Waal blends meticulously researched arguments with common sense and humour. "Any academic who

'Love Is Blind' is a good guide to the human heart

Martin Spice William Boyd is one of those writers that I return to with enthusiasm from

Cape May: Desire and betrayal

Sarah GilmartinAn affair is fertile fictional terrain, a loaded gun that offers intrinsic suspense for novel

The pinnacle of all superhero movies

Michael Cheang I wish Stan Lee had lived long enough to see this. That was the

Bo Burnham's startlingly portrayal of growing up

Donald Clarke It's too early to identify a new movement, but a number of recent films

'Fire And Blood': Deep dive into the history of House Targaryen

Michael Cheang Game Of Thrones has ruined Game Of Thrones for me. More specifically, the Game

The old man and the sea and the boy

Sarah GilmartinDoggerland, an area of land that connected Britain to continental Europe, was flooded by rising

A grindcore variation on cops and robbers

Tara Brady As Dragged across Concrete arrives after his brilliant Bone Tomahawk and Brawl in Cell

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