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The Journey of Sajia Tonny

Sajia Tonny, known for her dynamic presence on Maasranga Television and other major news channels

Emran Emon listed as the best writer of South Asia

 Prominent writer, researcher and columnist Emran Emon has been added to the list of South Asia's

Rural Women in Baramulla Discover Joy in Making Jam

"Grassroots Innovation Augmentation Network, a non-profit, is helping the women of TY Shah village in Kashmir to produce and

Excursion with Enthusiastic Content Creator Ashraful Alam

If you have the ideal plan, traveling will become more affordable. Travel focused content creator 'Go with Ashraful' strives

Arunachal: Ziro Festival unveils spectacular lineup for its 10th anniversary edition

Ziro Festival, Northeast India’s most iconic and anticipated contemporary festival, is proud to

A hilly village where littering invites steep penalty

Roads and other public places littered with garbage are often found in various

Naheed Abidi, the author who impressed Modi, Kalam with her Sanskrit brilliance

Naheed Abidi, probably the first Muslim Muslim woman to work as a lecturer

Exploring enchanting borderlands - North Kashmir's LoC vicinity becomes tourist magnet

"In a remarkable turn of events, the serene and once-restricted territories along the Line of Control (LoC) in North

Scientists of IIT Roorkee discover oldest fossil of plant-eating dinosaur in Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer

"The findings of the study indicate that India was also a major centre of dinosaur evolution. Prof Bajpai revealed


In an era where the concept of imprisonment is undergoing a paradigm shift, the Central Jail in Chümoukedima stands

Nagaland: Ruza, a traditional water harvesting system for the water-scarce mountains

“Rainfed agriculture in India is a risky enterprise, owing to uncertainties in rainfall,” reads a World Bank article published

How Indian Ice Hockey Goalie Saves Ladakh’s Centuries-Old Scroll Paintings & Heritage

"Noor Jahan and her cousin Wajeeda Tabassum co-founded Shesrig Ladakh, an art conservation practice that restores and conserves ancient

Buddhism in the 21st Century: A Modern Sanctuary for the Soul

In the pulsing heart of a busy city like London, a city of immense historical significance and contemporary prowess,

Empowering Village Women - Asiya Jan's Beekeeping Revolution in Pulwama

Hailing from Gangoo village of south Kashmir's Pulwama district, 25-year-old Asiya Jan's desire for financial independence sparked right after

Rajouri Chikri Woodcraft, Mushqbudji Rice Secure GI Tags in Jammu-Kashmir

An air of jubilation and local pride permeates the picturesque landscapes of Jammu and Kashmir's Rajouri and Anantnag districts

Ancient Buddhist Archaeological Gem Pilak Joins India’s New Tourism Circuit

Nestled in the enchanting landscapes

Amarnath Yatra surpasses previous year's number of pilgrims

This year’s Amarnath Yatra has received an overwhelming response as the number of

10 years of Ziro: How it became Northeast’s biggest music festival

"When it comes to music festivals in the northeast, it is difficult to look past the Ziro Festival, which

Amarnath Yatra resumes on Pahalgam route after 3 days as weather improves

The Amarnath Yatra has resumed after being suspended for three days due to bad weather. Over 6,000 pilgrims were

Training in self-defense for marginalized and vulnerable children, including adolescents

 Build confidence and reduce mental stress of marginalizes and vulnerable children and adolescents through self-defense under the leadership

Mechukha in Arunachal Pradesh: A Serene Haven

Mechukha, nestled in the newly carved district of Shi Yomi in Arunachal Pradesh, is a captivating high-altitude valley that

INSPIRING CHANGE: Meet Life Coach Vanthunglo Murry

Vanthunglo Murry is a certified ‘Life Coach’ from Nagaland who has been steadily

Diner Sheshe(05.06.2023)

 "I was 48 years old when they let me out. Twelve years of incarceration. The HIV medication had

Blog Blog koro na!

 Inspired from the responses of my post comparing free bibliographic tools, I planned on posting few more articles

An important archaeological site located in Paharpur

 Somapura Mahavihara is an 8th century Buddhist monastery and an important archaeological site located in Paharpur. It is one

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