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How do you react when you see a fellow

Scholarships and MBA in Canada for Bangladeshi students and professionals

Harry and Meghan bring rain to drought-stricken Outback town

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were jokingly thanked for bringing England's notoriously inclement

India actresses in US 'prostitution' racket

The arrest of an Indian couple in the US who allegedly ran a prostitution

First celebrated wedding in Rohingya refugee camp

The Man in Our Computers

hat if I tell you, one of themost successful dropouts of all time is a man called William

Break between resistances, endurance training sessions can boost performance

The advice from James Cook University sports scientists comes after the team

Remembering legendary actor of Bangla cinema ‘Mahanayak’ Uttam Kumar

Uttam Kumar remains the biggest hero of Bengali cinema till date –

Man dresses up as dead sister for 20 years for sake of mentally-ill mother

Talk of selfless love and this Chinese man could well be the

Remembering Edmund Hillary on his 98th birthday

Edmund Hillary was an explorer and mountaineer  and  he was the first to reach

Language lessons for your baby may start in womb: Study

Love to speak to your unborn baby? Well he or she can

[WATCH] People who capture Cox’s Bazar memories

Nelson Mandela: A man inspiring to change for a better world to live

 July 18, 1918 is the date of

[WATCH] Lion cub rescued from 80-feet well in Gujarat

A two-year-old female Asiatic lion cub, who had fallen into a 80-feet

No religious animosity with sculptures, artworks

The propaganda spearheaded by the fundamentalist parties of Bangladesh about art and sculptures is totally misperceived and fallacious. These

Does God exist? some scientists think they have proof

The question of whether a god exists is heating up in the 21st century.

Bride of ISIS: From 'happily ever after' to hell

Islam and Ahmed met online, looking for their "happily ever after" through a Muslim

India's anti-harassment squad : Helping or intruding

In Uttar Pradesh, a special police squad has been set up to fight eve

Why did Trump decide to attack Syria?

Just days before the New Hampshire primary last year, a must-win contest

A Mexican man was cleared of raping a girl because he didn’t enjoy it

For months after he learned in 2015 that his 17-year-old daughter was kidnapped outside a club

$27,000 melons? Unwrapping the high price of Japan's luxury fruit habit

It looks like a jewelry shop with its high-end exterior. 

1st Japan birth achieved via egg

A woman unable to become pregnant with her own eggs due to illness has

Texas teacher arrested for sexual relationship with student

A science teacher was all smiles when her mugshot was taken on Monday (20 March), despite

Baby born with extra legs thriving after surgery

Doctors say a baby girl from Africa who's recovering from a risky surgery at

India gives Ganges, Yamuna rivers same rights as a human

An Indian court has declared the sacred Ganges and Jamuna rivers living entities, giving them the

Cannes Film Festival

With two months to the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival, The Asian Age takes  a look back at the

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