Monday, September 21, 2015

The Connected Age


"Some of my friends and I are currently

What Dhaka is talking about(18.02.2019)

American superstar actor andĀ  professionalĀ  wrestler Dwayne The Rock Johnson posted a picture on his FB page. The

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Whenever I talked of becoming an entrepreneur, I was laughed at. When I attended a networking event, I

Diner Sheshe(18.02.2019)

"Dhanashree's father was an alcoholic. He'd already tried to burn her mother alive. She had scars all over

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Fb page World Photographic Forum posted a photo that has received a plenty of reaction. The photo features

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Germany's constitution defines as "safe countries of origin" the ones "in which, on the basis of their laws,

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It is almost irresistibly attractive - you get to wear a gorgeous white-clad uniform, you are regarded highly

Diner Sheshe(17.02.2019)

"I was born in Sultanpur in Brahmanbaria. I got hurt in the head while being delivered by a

What Dhaka is talking about (15.02.2019)

Popular Bangladeshi actress and model Bidya Sinha Saha Mim posted a picture on her FB page. The photo has

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As we celebrate 140th Birth Anniversary of the Nightingale of India, Sarojini Naidu, we remember the power of

Diner Sheshe (15.02.2019)

''My father passed away when I was in class seven. He was a marine biologist. Being an active

To Listen, To Sense, To See

As much as I want to prepare myself in some way, I can't. I've checked out books about

What Dhaka is talking about (14.02.2019)

Bangladeshi star batsman and wicket keeper Mushfiqur Rahim posted a photo on his FB page. The photo has received

Worldwide waffling (14.02.2019)

The theory of "learnt helplessness" developed by the American psychologist Martin Seligman suggests that creatures stop trying to

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