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"She's from a countryside in Sweden. And I'm from the bustling city of Bombay. She's not religious at

What Dhaka is talking about(20.06.2018)

Fb page Dhallywood24 posted about new Bangladeshi movie 'Bhalo Theko' featuring actor Arifin Shuvoo in lead role. Fans

Worldwide waffling(20.06.2018)

Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman received the Best Hero award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards and

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For many of you, this might not be such a big deal. Here's a food booth at a

What Dhaka is talking about(15.06.2018)

Fb user Joshi Sifat uploaded a video on Facebook. The video features a little girl singing a Nazrul

Worldwide waffling(15.06.2018)

A 19-year-old man from Broadmeadows has been charged with the rape and murder of aspiring Melbourne comedian Eurydice

Diner Sheshe(15.06.2018)

"Pieces of my life, no matter how scattered, are being stitched together and reflect in my work. The

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From today I will stop mentioning how I've completely failed to maintain this blog, how I think every once

What Dhaka is talking about(14.06.2018)

Fb user Sheikh Abid Siddique uploaded a video that has been viewed a plenty of times. The video

Worldwide waffling(14.06.2018)

A raccoon that captivated St. Paul and the internet on Tuesday after scaling a skyscraper was starting to

Diner Sheshe(14.06.2018)

"The three of us lost our husbands around 20 years ago, and we've been running the show ever

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Ramadan - Islam's holiest month - is upon us once again, and like most of the Islamic world,

What Dhaka is talking about(13.06.2018)

Fb page Radio Padma News posted a photo that features a boat market in Bangladesh. In the photo,

Worldwide waffling(13.06.2018)

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad seemed to walk back from an earlier decision regarding the High Speed Rail

Diner Sheshe(13.06.2018)

"I was born chubby… I've always been on the heavier side. In school, people shouted things like 'If

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What an opportunity to meet my old and dear classmates! I went to Bangladesh on a very short

What Dhaka is talking about(12.06.2018)

A photo posted on the Fb page Evergreen Bangladesh has received huge reaction. The photo features a group

Worldwide waffling(12.06.2018)

Spanish professional tennis player Rafael Nadal would love to surpass Roger Federer's men's record of 20 Grand Slam titles

Diner Sheshe(12.06.2018)

"Since I was a child, my father and I had the best relationship. We were poles apart --

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How many of you own more than one SIM? I can bet that all of you have raised

What Dhaka is talking about(11.06.2018)

Fb user Nk Nazrul Islam Prodhan posted a photo featuring three farmers cutting jute plant in a jute

Worldwide waffling(11.06.2018)

After years of anticipation, action role-playing video game Kingdom Hearts III has now been given a firm release

Diner Sheshe(11.06.2018)

"I was in the Philippines when we became friends on Facebook. I used to virtually tease her through

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A whirlwind trip it was. First to India. Bombay. Land of rickety "volvo" buses, rustic rest stops, deep

What Dhaka is talking about(10.06.2018)

Fb page Bangla Funny Videos uploaded a video that is receiving huge reactions. The video features a rural

Worldwide waffling(10.06.2018)

Anthony Bourdain, the TV celebrity and food writer who hosted CNN's "Parts Unknown," was found dead in his hotel

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