Monday, September 21, 2015

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"I came to Bombay when I was a young girl to look for work. I worked as domestic help,

Worldwide waffling (21.01.2018)

Two out-of-control blazes burning through the Royal National Park in Sydney's south have been downgraded to Watch and Act

What Dhaka is talking about (21.01.2018)

Prominent Bangladeshi cricketer Mohammad Mushfiqur Rahim was live on facebook. Through the video, he shared his feeling about his

Three days with the station children

This article was written by Ludivine, a volunteer from the organization Missions Etrangères de Paris (Foreign Missions from Paris).

What Dhaka is talking about (19.01.2018)

On Facebook, popular Bangladeshi actress and model Jaya Ahsan posted reminiscing about popular Bangladeshi playback singer Shammi Akhter

Worldwide waffling (19.01.2018)

Indian international cricketer named the ICC Cricketer of the Year at the ICC Awards on Thursday. Kohli was

Diner Sheshe

"My wife and I live in London, but are here because of a family emergency. My brother in

Blog Blog koro na!

One of the major complaints about Facebook is the Application Request Queue that keeps getting longer and longer

Worldwide waffling (18.01.2018)

Washington State quarterback Tyler Hilinski has died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. The 21-year-old Hilinski was discovered in

What Dhaka is talking about (18.01.2018)

Fb page BanglaMag posted a photo that has become the point of attraction to the Facebookers. The photo features

Diner Sheshe (18.01.2018)

"I grew up in the slums and my entire family was squeezed into 1 small room and a kitchen.

Long time.....

Whew ... A long break.. Well rather saying a break, I should say a new start. It's been more

Worldwide waffling (17.01.2018)

Serbian professional tennis player Novak Djokovic returned to action for the first time since Wimbledon with a one-sided win

What Dhaka is talking about (17.01.2018)

Fb page BanglaMag posted about a poor father who is a widower and has made his son graduate doing

Diner Sheshe (17.01.2018)

"I grew up on the streets. I was a very naughty child -- I remember a group of us,

Why cooking is so interesting to me?

I love my profession as a cook. I like to taste different cuisines from different continents. That's why when

Worldwide waffling (16.01.2018)

Former England international footballer Cyrille Regis has died aged 59. He scored 112 goals in 297 appearances for the

What Dhaka is talking about (16.01.2018)

Fb page Beautiful Bangla Foundation posted a photo featuring a toy car that is available in different village fairs.

Diner Sheshe (16.01.2018)

 I didn't get accepted into any of the universities that I wanted, and I ended up going to a

The Life that is peace corps

The four month point is rapidly approaching, and I have read way too many books. I never really considered

Worldwide waffling (15.01.2018)

A 23-year-old photographer claims she was "violated" during a date with American actor, comedian, and filmmaker Aziz Ansari. The

Diner Sheshe (15.01.2018)

"We actually met on Facebook. He found me through someone mutual and sent me a request -- I took

What Dhaka is talking about (15.01.2018)

On the Fb page Evergreen Bangladesh, user Mento Kachua added a caption to a photo that features some farmers

Experience in Netherlands as a test engineer

It's been more than two years since I am in Netherlands, working for a company named CIMSOLUTIONS as a

Worldwide waffling (14.01.2018)

American professional soccer player Landon Donovan is set to come out of retirement for the second time to join

What Dhaka is talking about (14.01.2018)

Fb page Beautiful Bangla Foundation posted a photo featuring two rural children playing riding game with betel nut branch.

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