Monday, September 21, 2015

The Connected Age


A family photo featuring prominent Bangladeshi cricketer Mohammad Mushfiqur Rahim and his wife along with their child was posted

Worldwide waffling ( 20.04.2018)

An Italian professional wrestler Bruno Sammartino, who fled his Nazi-occupied hometown before emigrating to the US where he became

My new colorful mobile

As everyone can recall me a matching and also colorful girl, this time I preferred to buy a colorful

Diner Sheshe

"Shahrukh Khan ruined my life! Since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of having the 'perfect proposal'

Worldwide waffling (19.04.2018)

Former US first lady Barbara Bush died at the age of 92, triggering an outpouring of praise for

What Dhaka is talking about (19.04.2018)

On the Fb page Evergreen Bangladesh, user Md Rasel posted a photo featuring a little boy having fun

Diner Sheshe (19.04.2018)

"I've travelled to 20 countries, but the high of globe-trotting wears off after a while. You come back

I was wrong about me

From teen age I realize people likes me. Where ever I go people wants me to make their daughter

Worldwide waffling (18.04.2018)

Harry Anderson, an American actor who starred as the kindhearted, zany Judge Harry Stone on the long-running NBC

What Dhaka is talking about (18.04.2018)

A photo featuring a group of rural people boiling a drying paddy was posted on the Fb page

Passage to me

A whirlwind trip it was. First to India. Bombay. Land of rickety "volvo" buses, rustic rest stops, deep fried

Diner Sheshe (18.04.2018)

"I volunteered in slums for a school program- like any other student I went in with the sole

Worldwide waffling (17.04.2018)

Actor R Lee Ermey, known for his role as foul-mouthed Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Vietnam War film Full Metal

Diner Sheshe (17.04.2018)

"I'd always wanted dreadlocks -- I thought they would add character to my personality. Plus I'm a drummer, so

What Dhaka is talking about (17.04.2018)

Fb page BanglaMag posted a photo featuring a farmer carrying two bunch of paddy seedlings in traditional way. Facebookers

Of lungis and national pride

"Choli ke piche kya hai? (What's behind the blouse?)" was a song that sent India into a tailspin in

Worldwide waffling (16.04.2018)

Popular Indian actress Sonam Kapoor tweeted protesting the brutal gang rape and murder of an eight-year old girl namely

What Dhaka is talking about (16.04.2018)

Fb page BanglaMag posted a photo featuring a group of village people having food sitting in a field as

Diner Sheshe (16.04.2018)

"Everyone around me was deciding on their career paths while I had no idea what I wanted to major

Treasure in old blanket

The Chinese people are known to enjoy life in brief breaks and live for the future, by the future

Worldwide waffling (13.04.2018)

Indian male wrestler  Rahul Aware on Thursday grabbed the 13th gold medal for India in Men's 57 kg

What Dhaka is talking about (13.04.2018)

Fb user Delower Dilbar posted a photo featuring two rural children running with a wheel in a village

Diner Sheshe (13.04.2018)

"My brother is getting married to a wonderful girl in just a few weeks. I feel like it's


Yesterday i was talking with my cousin sis Urmy on phone.. She was saying me, 'try to call on

What Dhaka is talking about (12.04.2018)

Fb user Muhammad Mofazzal Hossain posted a photo featuring two rural children having fun climbing on wall of a

Diner Sheshe

"If you were the Prime Minister of this country, what would you change?""The basti I live in is a

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