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The Living City


Rubber Forest is not just a forest to look over, it's a popular place now a day for tracking,

Sadullapur flower garden

Sadullapur is very near from Dhaka and it's a very ideal place for a day trip. A large quantity

Panchari Shantipur Aranya kutir

Khagrachhari is a district in south-eastern Bangladesh. It is a part of the Chittagong Division and the Chittagong Hill

Nijhum Dwip in Noakhali District

Nijhum Dwip is previously known as Char Osmani, Baluar Char, Golden Island, etc. which is located at Hatiya Upazila

Himchari National Park

Himchari National Park is a major national park and nature reserve in Bangladesh. The park is located at Ramu

Rampal Dighi in Munshiganj

Rampal Dighi is one of the most ancient Dighi(large pond) in Munshiganj District. It is about 1500m long from

Bikrampur museum in Munshiganj

After the migration of Jogunath Babu, a piece of land of his belonging was taken by the government and

Zingsiam Saitar: The wonderful waterfalls in Bandarban

Zingsiam Saitar is one of the wonderful waterfalls at Ruma Upazila in Bandarban. The unique feature of Zingsiam Saitar

Amazing picnic spotbuild by Humayun Ahmed

Nuhash Polli was founded in 1997. Initially it covered 22 bigha of land. Now it covers around 40 bigha.

Kasing waterfall in Khagrachari

After enjoying the second step/lower falls of bewitching Toiduchara Waterfall you can pass through an adventurous cliff and reach

Shaheed sagor in Natore

At the North Bengal Sugar Mills Ltd. at Gopalpur in Natore district, about one hundred innocent people, officers, laborers,

Kasing waterfall in Khagrachari

After enjoying the second step/lower falls of bewitching Toiduchara Waterfall you can pass through an adventurous cliff and reach

A concocted letter to mislead the publication sector

A concocted letter has been circulated among Banglabazar based publishers mentioning 'some 98 publishers are associated with the politics

Hakaluki Haor in Moulvibazar

Hakaluki Haor is a marsh wetland ecological system of Eastern Bangladesh in an area bordering Assam, India. It is

Purakhali Baor in Jessore

Purakhali Baor holds an area of 78 hectors in general, where in rainy season, the size enlarges to 94

Khoiyachhora waterfall in Chittagong

Khoiyachhora waterfall is a magnificent waterfall of Chittagong. On this trail there are few more big waterfalls which are

Baba Adam Shahid Mosque

Baba Adam Shahid Mosque is an archaeologically significant mosque situated in Munshiganj District.Baba Adam's Mosque shows all the decorative

Nayabad Mosque in Dinajpur

Nayabad Mosque is located in the bank of the river Dhepa, just 1.5 km south-west of the infamous Kantaji

Isha Kha Jongolbari and Mosque

Jungle-bari is mainly a fort that is located at the Jungle-bari of KarimganjUpazila of Kishore-ganj. It was the second

Somapura Mahavihara in Paharpur

Somapura Mahavihara is an 8th century Buddhist monastery and an important archaeological site located in Paharpur. It is one

Horinmara Kundo waterfall

HatuBhanga waterfall is nearby the beautiful Horinmara Kundo waterfall. It is just a five to ten minutes of slow

Tajhat Zamindar palace

Few of the attractions in Bangladesh are as stately, large and beautiful as the TajhatZamindar Palace. This historical palace

Teota Zamindar palace in Manikganj

Teota Zamindar Palace is located at the ShibalayaUpazila of Manikganj District. This palace is locally known as TeotaRajbari and

Mata Sagar: The large tank in Dinajpur

Mata Sagar is a large tank of Dinajpur. This is near to the "DinajpurRajbari". MataSagor is situated at the

Chalan Beel: The enormous wetland in Bangladesh

ChalanBeel is a wetland in Bangladesh. It is a large inland depression, marshy in character, with rich flora and

Kaptai National Park

Kaptai National Park is near about 5464 hectares. The park is adjacent to Kaptai Bazar in the north-eastern corner

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