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The Living City


Natore Rajbari (also known as Pagla Raja's Palace, Natore Palace) was a prominent royal palace in Natore, Bangladesh. It

Chakma Rajbari in Rangamati

Chakma Rajbari is one of the most beautiful Rajbari, which is located in Rangamati. This Rajbari was constructed by

Bandar Shahi Mosque

Bandar Shahi Mosque is situated in the Bandar Municipal area. It was built in 1482 AD (886 AH) by

Karpashdanga Neelkuthi in Chuadanga

During the British period in Bengal, farmers used to cultivate Neel. Karpashdanga Neelkuthi was used as the official administrative

Traditional Zamindarbari in Munshiganj

Mondol Bari is about 300 years old house, Closed to Pulghata bridge & Dao Bari, Abdullapur, Tongibari.It is an

The classical essence of architecture

Birulia is a very small village under Ashulia Thana of SavarUpazila. Legends say that Birulia was once a very

Halti Beel in Natore

Halti Beel is the part of a wide area of Piprul, Khajura, Madhnagar and Brahmapur Union of NatoreSadarUpazila. It

King Harish Chandra mound palace

Buddhist monastic remains have been found at least in three places in Savar. One of which is locally known

An important archaeological site located in Paharpur

Somapura Mahavihara is an 8th century Buddhist monastery and an important archaeological site located in Paharpur. It is one

BaradiLoknathbabar ashram

BaradiLoknath Babar Ashram is built based on Baba LoknathBrahmachari a saint and Hindu religion's spiritual philosopher in Bengal. The

Rocks Museum in Panchagarh

 The Panchagarh Rocks Museum is the first rocks museum of Bangladesh. It is located in Panchagarh Govt. Prof. NazmulHaque,

Magisterial Palace of Mymensingh

 Shoshi Lodge is located at the center of Mymensingh city which is also known as the residential Palace of

Royal palace in Natore

Natore Rajbari (also known as Pagla Raja's Palace) was a prominent royal palace in Natore, Bangladesh. It was the

Gour Gobinda Fort in Sylhet

Gour Gobinda Fort is one of the most recommended tourist spot in the hillside of Sylhet. The Gour Gobinda

Madhabkunda waterfall and Eco Park

Madhabkunda Waterfall and Eco Park is situated in Barlekha Upazila in Moulvibazar District of Sylhet Division. It is one

Murapara Zamindar Palace

Murapara Palace, also known as "Murapara Jomidar Bari" is located at the Rupganj of Narayanganj. The palace is situated

Sonakata Eco-park in Tengragiri

 Sonar char or Sonakata is located in Barguna district, 32 km from a beach in the Bay of Bengal

NijhumDwip: The island of silence and tranquility

 NijhumDwip is previously known as Char Osmani, Baluar Char, Golden Island, etc. which is located at HatiyaUpazila in Noakhali

Arshinagar park in Narsingdi

Arshinagar Park and mini zoo is next to Narsingdi Railway Station. Literally, Situated in the east side of the

Sonarong Jora Moth at Tongibari

Sonarong (means golden color) is a lovely village at Tongibari Upazila of Munshiganj district. This village belong a beautiful

Shalban Vihara and Museum in Mainamati

Salban Vihara in Mainamati is one of the best known Buddhist viharas in the Indian Subcontinent and is one

Basabo Buddhist Monastery

Dhaka is the city of mosque and we are blessed with myriad of mosques at this compacted town. Comparing

Modhutila Eco park at Nalitabari

Modhutila Eco Park is at Nalitabari, Sherpur. Modhutila Eco Park is also situated in the border. In the Indian

Alta dighi national parks

Alta dighi (also Alta Dighi) is a name of a large pond and also a less heard travel destination

The most popular place in Jaflong

 Songrampunji Waterfall is the main attraction of Jaflong. This is the big waterfall in Bangladesh. Songrampunji Waterfalls is located

Shyamnagar Zamindar Bari

 There are many historic places in Shyamnagar. Shyamnagar Zamindar Bari is one of them. The full name of Shyamnagar

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