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The Living City


Somapura Mahavihara is an 8th century Buddhist monastery and an important archaeological site located in Paharpur. It is one

Horinmara Kundo waterfall

HatuBhanga waterfall is nearby the beautiful Horinmara Kundo waterfall. It is just a five to ten minutes of slow

Tajhat Zamindar palace

Few of the attractions in Bangladesh are as stately, large and beautiful as the TajhatZamindar Palace. This historical palace

Teota Zamindar palace in Manikganj

Teota Zamindar Palace is located at the ShibalayaUpazila of Manikganj District. This palace is locally known as TeotaRajbari and

Mata Sagar: The large tank in Dinajpur

Mata Sagar is a large tank of Dinajpur. This is near to the "DinajpurRajbari". MataSagor is situated at the

Chalan Beel: The enormous wetland in Bangladesh

ChalanBeel is a wetland in Bangladesh. It is a large inland depression, marshy in character, with rich flora and

Kaptai National Park

Kaptai National Park is near about 5464 hectares. The park is adjacent to Kaptai Bazar in the north-eastern corner

Shuvolong waterfall in Rangamati

Shuvolong Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Rangamati. The only available path to reach at the waterfall is through

Pailgaon Zamindar Bari

Pailgaon Zamindar Bari is one of the remarkable old structures of Jagannathpur in Sunamganj. This 300 years old palace

Madhnagar Rath Bari in Natore

Madhnagar Rath BariĀ  is the largest and oldest Rath Bari of this subcontinent. In 1867, the famous Zamindar Zamini

Sholakia Eidgah in Kishoreganj

Sholakia is a locality near Kishoreganj town in Bangladesh. It is famous for its Eidgah where the largest congregation

Monu Mia zamindar house in Narsingdi

Monu Mia zamindar house, a massive Palace with two conjunctive complex located very near to the Ghorashal Bus-stand of

Dayarampur Rajbariin Bagatipara

Dayarampur Rajbariis located in Bagatipara Upazila, inside of the Qadirabad Cantonment under the administration of Bangladesh Army. After taking

Tengor Shahi Jame Mosque in Munshiganj

TengorShahiJame Mosque is a single-domed square shaped mosque and built entirely of brick.Through the analysis of an Arabic inscription,

Kuakata Buddhist temple

It is the largest Buddhist statue in South Asia. If you visit this Buddhist Temple, you'll witness the statue

Folk art and craft museum in Sonargaon

There is a folk art and craft museum for the visitors & tourist travelling in Sonargaon. Sonargaon Folk Art

KarpashdangaNeelkuthi in Chuadanga

During the British period in Bengal, farmers used to cultivate Neel. KarpashdangaNeelkuthi was used as the official administrative buildings

Richhang waterfallin Khagrachari

Richhang is another natural waterfall and one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Khagrachhari District of Bangladesh. Not

Zamidari house of Rabindranath Tagore

It was the parental Zamidari house of Rabindranath Tagore. It contains belongings of the famous poet such as dishes,

Rampal Dighi in Munshiganj

RampalDighi is one of the most ancient Dighi(large pond) in Munshiganj District. It is about 1500m long from north

Prominent royal palace in Natore

Natore Rajbari (also known as Pagla Raja's Palace, Natore Palace) was a prominent royal palace in Natore, Bangladesh. It

Chakma Rajbari in Rangamati

Chakma Rajbari is one of the most beautiful Rajbari, which is located in Rangamati. This Rajbari was constructed by

Bandar Shahi Mosque

Bandar Shahi Mosque is situated in the Bandar Municipal area. It was built in 1482 AD (886 AH) by

Karpashdanga Neelkuthi in Chuadanga

During the British period in Bengal, farmers used to cultivate Neel. Karpashdanga Neelkuthi was used as the official administrative

Traditional Zamindarbari in Munshiganj

Mondol Bari is about 300 years old house, Closed to Pulghata bridge & Dao Bari, Abdullapur, Tongibari.It is an

The classical essence of architecture

Birulia is a very small village under Ashulia Thana of SavarUpazila. Legends say that Birulia was once a very

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