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The Living City


Korapur Mia Bari Mosque is an old mosque from the Barisal district. The mosque is located at the Mia

Baliati Palace in Manikganj

Baliati Zomidar Bari is located at the Saturia Upazila of Manikganj district. Name of the village is Baliati. It

Ornamental flowering plant

Dadmardan flowers blossom in all warm zones. From this flowery plant many kinds of rural medicines for the

Tagore Lodge

Tagore Lodge is located in Mohini Mills, Kushtia Sadar, Kushtia. Nobel Laureate Poet Rabindranath Tagore would live in this

A medicinal plant

A small thorny plant with light green leaves that attains a height of 1 to 2 meters. Its

Chandra Mohol Eco Park, Bagerhat

Chandra Mohol Eco Park is located at Chandra-Mahal Road, Bagerhat. This is the only amusement park listed in Bagerhat.

Bhawal Rajbari, Gazipur

Bhawal rajbari is located at the Joydebpur of Gazipur district. Bhawal Estate was a large zamindari estate in Bengal

A medicinal herb

Vringaraj is s a small plant with a life span of one year. It is also called Vimraj.

Hinda-Koshba Shahi Mosque

Hinda-Kasba Shahi Mosque is located at Khetlal, Joypurhat. Besides this landmark, there are six more landmarks listed in Joypurhat.

Ramna Park: A place of greenery

Ramna Park is a very large and nice park. It is a traditional and historical park. This park

Dinajpur Rajbari: Ancient heritage

Rajbari means Palace and the Dinajpur Rajbari is the remains of what was once a great sprawling palace

Evergreen creeper plants

This flower plant is a kind of winding parasite. It survives by winding itself along large trees. That

Oxford Mission, a century old church in Barisal

The Oxford Mission Church, one of the most elegant looking churches in Bangladesh, is also a heritage structure of

Creeper plant

A plant called Choto Akanda is a plant of creeper type and it has two varieties, one white and

A wonderful waterfall

Bangladesh is a country with abundant nature, from beaches to forests and waterfalls. There are many amazing and exciting

Traditional royal palace: Haripur Zamindar Bari

Haripur Zamindar Bari is situated on the bank of Titas river at Harinber village of Haripur union, Nasirnagar upazila.

Climbilng plants of Bangladesh

It is a creeper type of plant and is seen in the hilly regions of Bangladesh. It

Limestone Lake of Sunamganj

Limestone Lake of Tekerghat is located near the Tanguar Haor, so close to Indian border. Once upon a time

An antique mosque

Thakurgaon district police station on his way to the airport from the city across the sibaganjahata pirganj and from

Sensitive plant

Lajjyaboti is a creeper type of plant with branches. Its tough thin branches are full of thorns. Its

Teknaf Peninsula: Ecosystem beach

Teknaf Peninsula or Teknaf Sea Beach is one of the longest sandy beach ecosystems (80 km) in the world.

Dactyloctenium aegyptium

One finds Marka all over Bangladesh. It would be seen by the side of grass on abandoned land,

Narail: S M Sultan Memorial

Narail is one of the small districts from Bangladesh. But this district is always known by the name

Lakshindarer Gokul Medh

The Gokul Medh is also known as "behular bashor ghor". The name Lakshindarer Gokul Medh is taken from

Tanguar Haor: Portrayal of a unique wetland

Tanguar haor located in the Dharmapasha and Tahirpur upazilas of Sunamganj District in Bangladesh.  In 2000, the Tanguar

Nine-Dome Mosque in Bagerhat

The Nine Dome Mosque is a remarkable mosque in Bagerhat of Bangladesh. It is located at Bagerhat Sadar,

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