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The Living City


Beauty of Narayanganj

Murapara Palace, also known as "Murapara Jomidar Bari" is located  in Rupganj of Narayanganj. The palace is situated

Flowering shrub

A tree of middle category, it has many little spread all around. It reaches a height of 2 to

A blend of natural beauty

Ramsagar is the largest man-made lake of Bangladesh situated in the village Tejpur, eight kilometers south of the Dinajpur

Khoiyachhora waterfall in Chittagong

Khoiyachora is a hill Waterfall which is situated on the hill of   Mirsharai, Chittagong, Bangladesh . Other than the

Tropical pitcher plant

It is a creeper type of plant and is seen in the hilly regions of Bangladesh. It winds itself

An ecofriendly tourist destination

Madhupur National Park is one of the earliest national parks of Bangladesh. It is situated in a forest of

UNESCO world heritage site

Shatgumbad Mosque is the largest of the Sultanate mosques in Bangladesh and one of the most impressive Muslim monuments

Leonurus sibiricus

Usually this plant grows along the side of homesteads and roads on high land. It has green leaves and

An initiative for national interest

The National Museum of Science and Technology in Dhaka,Bangladesh, was established in 1966 by the government of Pakistan. It

The world of Humayun Ahmed

'Nuhas Polli' is a charming & beautiful place situated in Gazipur which is created by famous writer Humayan Ahmed.

The parasite shrub

It is a parasitic plant. It winds itself around the top branches of tall mango and wood- apple trees,

Green leaf eco tourism

Madhobpur Lake is a lake in Sreemangal, Maulvi Bazar District, Bangladesh. It is one of the popular tourist spot

Rajshahi attraction: Varendra Research Museum

Varendra Museum was the first museum to be established in East Bengal in 1910. The museum started out as

Butter Tree

There are small Mahua trees as well as large ones. The Mahua tree has widely spread out branches. In

The first safari park of Bangladesh

Dulhazara Safari Park is located at Dulhazara union of Cox'sbazar. It's around 1.5 to 2 hours road journey from

Buddha Dhatu Jadi: Place of Peace and Power

The Bandarban Golden Temple belongs to the Theravada Buddhism order, which is practiced by the Marma indigenous people, a

A species of flowering shrub

A tree of middle category, it has many little spread all around. It reaches a height of 2 to

The natural beauty of Bandarban

The Sangu River is only the river born inside Bangladesh and runs through Bandarban. This river is also known

Lawachara National Park: A nature reserve in Srimangal

Lawachara National Park is a major national park and nature reserve in Bangladesh. The park is located at Kamalganj

Merrmia umbellate

Shada Kalmi is basically a hill flower. One sees them in Bandarban, Ranganati, Khagrachhari of Chittagong Hill Tracts and

Khania Dighi Mosque

The Khania Dighi Mosque, also known as Chamchika Mosque & Rajbibi Mosque in Chapai Nawabganj district of Rajshahi division,

Somapura Mahavihara - A UNESCO world heritage archaeological site

Due to its geographical situation the entire region of Bengal, including the Paharpur Buddhist Vihara, has been one of

An ornamental plant

Duranto or Kanta Mehedi is a plant of small to medium size with yellow and green tiny leaves. Violet

Tajhat Palace - Majestic architectural masterpiece

The flamboyant and delightfully maintained Tajhat Palace is arguably one of the finest king houses in Bangladesh. Tajhat Palace

The mysterious waterbody: Boga Lake

Boga Lake, also known as Bagakain Lake, is the most beautiful natural lake in Bangladesh. It is 18 km

Perennial flowering plants

Lantana flowers are known in many countries of the world as wild flowers but to lovers of flowers and

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