Monday, September 21, 2015

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 Bangladesh textile industry has very bright future with its robust demand in garment sector. But it is true that

Plastic is one of the causes of water logging in the Dhaka city

 A small amount of rain caused water logging in the capital Dhaka. Water logging causes suffering to the common

Online Learning Platform for Students

  Today Bangladesh is now digitalized. But students can't develop their skills and participating in extracurricular activities. During pandemic

The pandemic that forced us to relinquish our privacy concerns

-Riffat Ahmed and Khaled Khan

Safeguarding children is everyone's responsibility

  Parvez Uddin ChowdhuryThe COVID pandemic has unprecedentedly shaken all aspects of our modern life. Like never

Virtual Weapons in 21st Century

The virtual world successfully attained that it is more potent than the real world. Besides, the cruel assault

Perspective of a 13-year-old About Covid-19

 I am pretty sure that you have seen plenty of interviews of people giving their views about the problems

A battle for saving nature

 Nature is our life-support system. It provides essential resources for our survival and enjoyment. Weather, mountains, oceans, and landscapes

Ensure Justice for Migrant Workers

 Bangladesh is one of the top labor sending countries of the world. In the last decade, the number of

Side effects of some antibiotic drug

 Antibiotic is a type of anti microbial substance active against bacteria. It is the most important type of antibacterial

Impact of COVID-19 on BD's Environmental Economy of mortgage valuation

 Bangladesh economy has evolved with transition from controlled economy to nearly free market economy through policy changes. We have

Zakat and economic importance

The Arabic word zakat means "sanctity" and "development." A person's mind is cleansed of greed for money and miserliness

Need to conserve forest to enrich biodiversity

  In the country, forests are an inexhaustible source of biodiversity. Forests increase oxygen, reduce toxic carbon dioxide, cause

Economic disasters caused by poor valuation standards

The impact of real estate valuation on the economic growth of a nation is doubtlessly significant. An inflated valuation

Poor countries need more vaccine

Herd immunity occurs when a large number of people in the community have developed immunity either by getting

The world's slow emergence from a global pandemic

  We are going through what by every measure is a great crisis, so it is natural to assume

The month of Ramadan Full fasting Good health for pursuit extremely necessary

 Ramadan is one of the five religious foundations of Muslims. Devout Muslims fast, worship, and offer Tarabi prayers during

COVIT-19 becoming a beast

 Our Bangladeshi citizens are not aware of COVID 19.They are going out without mask and they are not paying

Power sharing can help to establish the rule of law

 The United States is committed to withdrawing its last 2,500 troops from Afghanistan less than 10 weeks from now,

Victim of cyber bulling

Subsequently, cyberbullying comes in various forms. It doesn’t necessarily

Donating convalescent plasma to COVID-19 patient

COVID- 19 cases are interestingly increasing suddenly!

A prayer for green future

 Creator, Thank you for the waters of the earth, for the life-sustaining rains, lakes, and deep oceans. Keep

World Health Day

Dr. Muhammad Mahtab Hossain MazedWhile

Bangabandhu is the architect of Bangladesh

Bangabandhu’s leadership qualities, supreme dedication, aspiration and sacrifice made

Coastal Regions The foundation of a sustainable economy

The coastal region of Bangladesh is rich in natural resources. It’s always the first and

Civil War and Domestic Politics in Syria

 The Syrian civil war that has decimated the country for 10 years now, provoking a regional humanitarian crisis and

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