Monday, September 21, 2015

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 There's no doubt, COVID-19 will have an enduring impact on society long after lockdown is over. Sure, we have

Fiscal policies to protect people

COVID-19 has governments at all levels operating in a context of radical uncertainty, and faced with

Public transport workers and the current reality

Chattogram Dairies: Stories that designed lives

The joy of learning in mother tongue education is unbelievable, especially if employed in academic learning. I

Extra Curriculum Activities during COVID-19

Corona epicenter is now Europe and America

 Since the first traces of coronavirus were detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December last year, the

The twists and turns in English

 There are people who will cheerfully tell you that English is a dynamic language. You can't disagree with

Climate change in the time of Covid-19

 We cannot and must not forget the ever-present crisis that only gets worse with each passing year that of

Business Leaders of Bangladesh

 Syed Humayun Kabir: Champion of Social CauseSyed HumayunKabir (1931-2015) is one of the country's most respected

Medical waste: How we can manage it properly?

 At present waste management has become a great concern for us. The waste can be divided into different categories.

Global economy is deteriorating Fast…

As President Trump intensifies his trade war with China, and as factories slow in major industrial nations, world

Regular activities in this lockdown

Now days it has become too risky to move from one place to another due to this covet

Education and manner of Children during Corona virus

 Everyone knows that the role of parents and relatives is the most important way to develop any child

"Don't forget to smile ": Intertextualities in Todd Phillips' Joker

 The basic difference between a book and a film is that: for a book, one needs to imagine

How words reflect change of human mindset

 How words reflect change of human mindset is very interesting. When have we started to use the term

Eid-ul-Azha amid Covid-19 crisis

 Eid-ul-Azha is the second biggest Muslim festival after Eid-ul-Fitr in which Muslims sacrifice cattle including sheep, goat, bull

Climate change in the time of Covid-19

We cannot and must not forget the ever-present crisis that only gets worse with each passing year that

Pandemic, Food Security and the Farmers

We were in Rangpur, the northern district of Bangladesh in last February (2020) for an evaluation work on

When it rains in Sravana . . .

 In the season of Sravana, it pours.When it rains, I think of lonely ancient cemeteries and decaying bodies

Consumer behavior during Novel Corona

 On the ground of Novel Corona pandemic, people mainly of 1st world struggled for non-food items like toilet

Corona virus, global economy and Vaccine hopes

 Corona virus spread has left businesses around the world counting costs and wondering what recovery could look

Coronavirus pandemic threatens the livelihoods

 The recent outbreak of Covid-19 is an unprecedented global issue, leading many to contemplate difficult questions that are

Life or livelihood: Which is more important in corona virus pandemic?

 It is not yet right time to comment on when the Corona epidemic will end, so we are

Songs of Lalon Shah: Abu Rushd

 I did not remark about the book of Abu Rushd as the translation of Lalon's songs into the

Surveillance and human security of Covid 19

Pandemics are for the most part disease outbreaks that become widespread as a result of the spread of

The upcoming challenges for Bangladesh

Bangladesh has to face different upcoming internal & external challenges in near future in the era of this

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