Monday, September 21, 2015

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Covid-19 pandemic has thrown a big challenge to the accessibility of health and aid workers to the people in

It's never been too late to makeup relationship!


Corona Second Wave and Winter "Heart Patients at Risk"

Concerns about the Corona epidemic

Virtual platforms getting more popular during COVID-19 time

 In the last couple of years, the popularity of virtual platforms have hit new records in response to calls

Homeopathic remedies to cure sinusitis

 Sinus infection is a nasal problem caused by allergies, bacterial infections or colds. This problem is exacerbated during the

Not Too Distant! Not too Distinct!

               The world tourism sector has witnessed a devastating downfall due to COVID-19.  Due to COVID 19

Padma Bridge: The best award in 'Mujib Borsha'

 The Padma Bridge is the best award for the people of country during the celebration of Mujib Barsha.

Goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021

 In late February of 2020, The World Health Organization increased its risk assessment of the novel coronavirus to its

How acupuncture can help improve immunity and sleep

 As a traditional therapy applied for thousands of years, acupuncture has recently been attracting more and more investigators throughout

Launching first-ever Islamic Bond in Bangladesh

 It is a great news to know that Sukuk, a sharia-compliant bond-like instrument used in Islamic finance, would be

Climate change in the time of Covid-19

Professor Rayhan Ahmed Topader

Children's sexual abuse should be stopped

 Basically children's sexual harassment is generally familiar with us as child molestation. It is a very common affair

Why women tend to prefer Ridesharing

 According to the

The candle of my life

 A good guide marks our remarkable journey on a road not taken - this is one lesson that has

The Importance of biodiversity for our own safety

 Protecting biodiversity plays a crucial part in achieving the emissions reductions. The destruction of forest ecosystems is responsible for

Child abuse: An integral effort needs to address

 Hundreds of thousands of children around the country have been experiencing increasing threats to their safety and wellbeing- including

Causes and remedies for the increase in skin diseases in winter

Dr. Muhammad Mahtab Hossain Mazed

Audacity of distorting history

  The history of a country's birth, struggle and the chronology of its leaders and their leaderships are not

Digitalization-Blessing or Curse

 How far digitalization will move is a question of utmost curiosity. The day will come when National ID (NID)

The Abraham Accord: Alone we struggle, together we succeed

 If one marks the 1967 War as the starting point for thePalestinian-Israeli conflict, it has been ongoing for 53

Economic freedom after independence of Bangladesh

 Bangladesh has made significant progresses in its economic sector performance since independence in 1971. Now Bangladesh is one of

Plastic pollution: A threat of an Environment

 Plastic pollution is the accumulation of plastic objects and particles in the Earth that adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitual

Better than you

Somy Paudyal

Causes and remedies for the increase in skin diseases in winter

 Many of us may know that some skin diseases reappear as soon as winter comes. Which is not very

Second wave of covid-19 and thought of resistance

Nazmunnaher Nipa

Risks of ridesharing without the app

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