Monday, September 21, 2015

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 Today is the great martyr's day and the international mother tongue day. Today, all the ways will come together

Military tyranny shattering democracy in Myanmar

The state army of Myanmar, popularly known as Tatmadaw, declared one year state emergency on February 1, 2021 through

‘Go home’, says the heart

When I sleep these days, there are not many dreams that come to me. Perhaps that is a sign

My Language is my identity

 February is a month of inspiration for the Bengali nation, especially for the younger generation. Because those who led

Vaping is a safer alternative to smoking

Health experts and physicians are consistently advocating that vaping is helpful in quitting

Viral Infectious Smallpox "Remedy for the problem ''

 Spring is a viral disease. This disease mainly occurs at the junction of winter and spring. That is, its

Why are we facing an impending water crisis?

 The world’s freshwater resources are under increasing pressure yet many still lack access to adequate water supply for basic

Tour to Iswardi

 Tour means a journey for pleasure in which several different places are visited. I had gone to a tour

Tale of Date Molasses

 Winter has come to Bengal with the change of days. It is a time of change in people's lives.

2021 Could be the year of digital shopping and advertising

 The breakout of Covid-19 had brought new challenges for SMEs, big businesses, and everyone alike. Shops and marketplaces that

A global concern for tomorrow's environment

 E-waste is now one of the fastest-growing waste streams. It comprises of a multitude of components, some containing toxic

Whitening black money but how log

Every year at the time of the announcement of the national budget, the issue of black money being transformed

Digital Bangladesh 2021

 "Digital Bangladesh" means an ICT based Bangladesh where information will be available online and where digital technology will

How Yoga can help during corona virus pandemic

Dr Sunil SapkotaYoga is

Daily Challenges for children and teenagers

Fostering youth to reap demographic dividend gainfully

 Our planet Earth is now Covid-19stricken and this tremendous

Excessive noise is extremely harmful

Externally, noise pollution does not seem to be harmful, but it is extremely harmful to humans. According to the

Human-caused climate change and Covid-19

Coronavirus may only be the beginning of global pandemics a future scenario in which climate change may also play

Shameful tenure of Trump and mayhem at US Capitol

No doubt, Donald Trump

It's never been too late to makeup relationship!


Covid-19 world humanitarian causes

Covid-19 pandemic has thrown a big challenge to the accessibility of health and aid workers to the people in

Corona Second Wave and Winter "Heart Patients at Risk"

Concerns about the Corona epidemic

Virtual platforms getting more popular during COVID-19 time

 In the last couple of years, the popularity of virtual platforms have hit new records in response to calls

Homeopathic remedies to cure sinusitis

 Sinus infection is a nasal problem caused by allergies, bacterial infections or colds. This problem is exacerbated during the

Not Too Distant! Not too Distinct!

               The world tourism sector has witnessed a devastating downfall due to COVID-19.  Due to COVID 19

Padma Bridge: The best award in 'Mujib Borsha'

 The Padma Bridge is the best award for the people of country during the celebration of Mujib Barsha.

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