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Bangladesh Railway is a state-owned and state-run railway transport company of Bangladesh.

Wastage at Pakistani Weddings

Khadija JavedAccording to the 2021 National Nutrition Survey, 36.9 per cent of the population of Pakistan

Shining light on a 50-year-old friendship: India and Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s PM, Sheikh Hasina, is set to make an official visit to

Ayaz Basrai: The custodian of futuristic design studio - The Busride

Siraj Ali Quadri

Lahiri Multipurpose High School is still shining after a century

Many things change over time. This change is a daily reality in the process of addition and subtraction. In

Fast Fashion Industry is lethal to Environment

Shoukhin JashimLife’s ebbs and flows always teaches us something, which if learned wisely can be used

Tattoo art in Bangladesh

 Syed Safwat Sayeed Today we are going to feature tattoo art and one of the

How entrepreneurs are affected by lack of resources and financial assistance

  A lack of resources and financial aid has a major impact on entrepreneurs, especially on young entrepreneurs.

Child-friendly parks and playgrounds needed

Book Review on Tamanna Islam's publications

 Tamanna Islam is born and brought up in Dhaka, graduated in Computer science and Engineering from BUET and

Popular Bengali British author, editor, and writer Anwar Shahjahan

Anwar Shahjahan was born in 1973, in a noble Muslim family of Rayghor village, Dhakadakshin Union, Golapganj Upazila, Sylhet.

Sex Work is a Decent Work and Sex Worker Rights are Human Rights

 HARC - HIV/AIDS Research and Welfare Centre, a non-government community-based organization based in Dhaka Bangladesh celebrated the International

Violence shown on screen has serious adverse impact our children

 Our children are indulging in various kinds of crimes after watching criminal films and movies in the media. Remedy

Our expectations in New Year 2022

 Let the latent patriotism hidden inside everyone be awakened in the welfare of the country and the nation, let

WHO costing millions of lives with e-cigarettes opposition – shock claim

By David Maddox  Clive Bates, the former

Journalism Through the Ages

 Journalism means collecting, analyzing, and reporting on recent events in newspapers and magazines, or editing and publishing news on

Discipline and awareness are essential to prevent road accidents

 Daily the procession of death is rising in road accidents. Roads and highways have become death traps. Countless lives

Why do students ' dreams fade?

 Currently, Dreams of students aspiring to study abroad have been fading when a financial issue comes up. Many brilliant

Brighter future for Bangladesh apparel industry

 Bangladesh textile industry has very bright future with its robust demand in garment sector. But it is true that

Plastic is one of the causes of water logging in the Dhaka city

 A small amount of rain caused water logging in the capital Dhaka. Water logging causes suffering to the common

Online Learning Platform for Students

  Today Bangladesh is now digitalized. But students can't develop their skills and participating in extracurricular activities. During pandemic

The pandemic that forced us to relinquish our privacy concerns

-Riffat Ahmed and Khaled Khan

Safeguarding children is everyone's responsibility

  Parvez Uddin ChowdhuryThe COVID pandemic has unprecedentedly shaken all aspects of our modern life. Like never

Virtual Weapons in 21st Century

The virtual world successfully attained that it is more potent than the real world. Besides, the cruel assault

Perspective of a 13-year-old About Covid-19

 I am pretty sure that you have seen plenty of interviews of people giving their views about the problems

A battle for saving nature

 Nature is our life-support system. It provides essential resources for our survival and enjoyment. Weather, mountains, oceans, and landscapes

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