Monday, September 21, 2015



It may be the global day for pranks but with the world under assault

Trump tricked with prank call on Air Force One

A comedian claims to have spoken for several minutes with US President Donald Trump by

Trump's joke on Cristiano Ronaldo falls flat

US President Donald Trump cracked a joke about Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo running for

Kangaroo stops play during Australian women's soccer match

The Australian soccer team competing at the World Cup is called the Socceroos. But

Faux pas: France’s Macron says Aussie PM’s wife ‘delicious’

Was it a Freudian slip by French President Emmanuel Macron?

Naked Trump statue goes for $28,000 at auction

A naked statue of Donald Trump, complete with a distended belly and jowly sneer, is

Dog statue of Donald Trump in China mall is tickling the world funny

A mall in northern China has installed a

Trump mocked for drinking water 'Like a 4-year-old'

He just can't seem to catch a break. The latest in a line of

Charles Manson Dies, But People Mourns Marilyn Manson Instead

With his vampish pallor and supernatural appearance, it’s

[WATCH] Computer game addict bride is dragged to her own wedding

Hilarious  footage shows a gaming-addict bride being wrenched

Pet parrot mimics owner, orders gift boxes worth $13.50 online

Parrots are known for their intelligence and their incredible

Parrot goes online shopping after mimicking owner

A pet parrot managed to place an online shopping order by mimicking its owner

Trump's latest nickname 'Rocket Man'!

With President Donald Trump, a good enemy deserves a good nickname.

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